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March 16, 2012

Nancy asks…

Is it cheaper to build 2 studio apartments on one floor or one studio on top of the other?

I’m looking for a basic construction technique. I want to be able to say, “generally it is/is not cheaper to build this or that way”.

Administrator answers:

I agree 1 story is the bargain.take a 2 car garage shape,divide it down the center of the roof line.plumb kitchens and baths back to back and you have a budget structure that can produce income for a half century.

Richard asks…

Where can i find cheap studio type or apartment for rent near EDSA/MRT-Boni in Mandaluyong?

Hey guys, my sister and me are looking for cheap apartments or stuido type to rent near EDSA area preferrably in MRT-Boni/Mandaluyong area? Both of us are working and it would be best to have our own place rather than rent a room as we are doing now. Thanks.
Well, cheap would be around 4thou to 6.5 thou siguro for the meantime…my sister and I would really want to have the place as our own and avoid having housemates around as it is right now in our place where we are renting a room.

Administrator answers:

Try to check out the ff sites:

sites that offers apartments, condos, etc around the metro, either for sale or rent. Pictures are sometimes uploaded and contact infos are available.

Helen asks…

What would be the price of a cheap, studio or one bedroom apartment in LA?

I am saving to move from the UK to LA, has anyone else done it, and how much did it cost to move there? How much for a studio or one bedroom apartment in LA a month? How much a month in food etc, in LA? I really want to be as prepared as possible! And do I have to re-do my driving test in LA?? thanks xx

Administrator answers:

Most people who ask this question are unprepared, unrealistic, with no money, no experience, no skills, and no plan.

If you are outside the United States, you will need a visa. The nice folks in the immigration forum can help you with that , but it’s virtually impossible unless you have a needed skill (doctor, scientist, A-list entertainter, etc).

You need a plan: First item on the agenda is rent. A decent 1BR apartment in LA currently goes for $1200, give or take. A studio generally runs around $900. Nicer areas and areas closer to the beach are much higher. Don’t expect to move to Santa Monica and get an apartment on the beach for that much. Or Toluca Lake, or Beverly Hills. Unlike many metro areas, LA is unique in that it extends for nearly 100 miles in every direction. There are no open spaces between towns. So the price tends to stay high until you are 70-100 miles from Los Angeles.

Next, you will need a car. Los Angeles is VERY spread out, and train service is extremely limited. If you don’t have a car, you will have to take a bus, which takes 3 times longer to get anywhere than a car.

All told, it generally takes about $3,000 per month to live here. If you don’t have a job that pays that much or skills that can get you that kind of job, stay where you are. If you are unskilled and work for minimum wage (or for tips like bartending or waiting tables), you’ll only make about $1200 per month.

And speaking of jobs, they are rather hard to come by now. College grads seeking employment are having a very tough time of it right now, since the job market is flooded with experienced people who were laid off. Unemployment is over 12% right now. Not exactly the kind of job market you want to move into.

Finally, you will need money. Landlords want first month’s rent and a security deposit up front. You’ll need money for food, transportation, utilities, etc. The consensus in this forum is that you need about $7500 to start out.

So there’s your plan. And please don’t tell us that you have dreams of being an actor or singer. That sets off another alarm. We already have a million (literally) wannabe actors in this town. Don’t even get me started.

If you are looking for safer areas, go look at and read the maps.

Mark asks…

Are studio apartments supposed to be cheaper than regular apartments?

I’m just asking because im looking at some Studio apartments, they’re small. yet some go for $1,000 a month and they look like crap?

i know people who live in two bedroom apartments and they are quite nice and only go for about $600-$700 a month.
I’m looking in MIAMI AND NEW YORK

Administrator answers:

Location has a lot to do with pricing. In the same area, a studio will be less expensive than a larger unit. However, if the studio has a far more attractive location than does a regular apartment, the studio could easily be far more expensive. As example, check the price of a studio in downtown Manhattan vs the price of a much larger unit out in Queens or similar.

Mary asks…

Where can I find a cheap studio apartment in the Washington D.C. metro area?

i am lookink in the range of about $500- $675

Administrator answers:


Lizzie asks…

any cheap apartments/studios in or near San Jose ca?

i need to find and apartment or studio quick b4 i loose my and my boyfriend are in a tight budget the most we could spend on rent would be around 500 i know its hard but not impossible.we don’t have any pets and don’t have any bad if you know or have lived any where near San Jose and paid around that amount please leave an address or phone #.thanks in advance : ) oh if you have any suggestions as to where to look online or something that would be of great help also.

Administrator answers:

I don’t think you are going to find many places in or around San Jose where even a studio apartment rents for only $500. The typical price is $650-$800, depending on size and location. Check the San Jose Mercury News online and see what ads you can find there for rentals. Craig’s list is one of the most popular places to find rentals online today. Lastly, pick up a free copy of the local rental magazine at Safeway, Lucky’s or at many roadside stands. However, it is just the larger complexes that advertise therein, but at least it gives you a baseline for comparison.

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