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March 23, 2012

Paul asks…

cheap apartments in montreal near mcgill university ?

hey any 1 living near mcgill ???looking for a studio apartment for my finding apartmernt within $300 is tough in he said.i have seen the websites for room space wasnt helpful…if u know or want to provide room space plz tell me so. or email at

Administrator answers:

Look in the area of Blvd. Saint-Laurent — it is close proximity to the McGill ghetto area — a good
10 minutes walk. — I am sure you will find lodging in the price range you suggest.

Nancy asks…

Anyone know of any cheap studios or 1-bed apartments that are close-in?

I’ve tried looking on-line and just randomly driving around and have not found much. So if you know of a place that is in a somewhat decent neighborhood or know of a better resource for apt. listings other than Craigslist it would be much appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I’ve always used or

The apartment I’m living in right now I found using Then, after we moved in they sent me an e-mail saying “claim your $100 reward” so I followed their instructions and, no joke, about 3 weeks later I got a VISA debit gift card in the mail. Been using it to buy gas, groceries, and beer!

Helen asks…

Are there any 1 bedroom, efficiency, or studio apartments in Tampa or St Pete for under $500?

I checked on craigslist and everything listed is very expensive. Can anyone recommend a cheap apartment in Tampa or the surrounding areas? I don’t want to live more than 30 minutes outside of Tampa. I’m relocating from Louisiana. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

There are surely some areas of Tampa-St. Pete that are cheaper, but some of those areas aren’t all that safe.

You might try Palm River, Dover, or Seffner out east of town. Not ideal areas, but certainly more affordable and less than 30 minutes from Tampa. Seffner has some duplexes that are a bit cheaper. You might also look near the universities…they often offer the cheapest housing, for obvious reasons. $500 is low, though, for a one-bedroom. You’re not going to find Louisiana prices anywhere else, you know.

Sandy asks…

Where can a grad student find a cheap apartment near Columbia, MD?

I am going to be attending graduate school in Columbia, MD next year and I’m looking for a cheap studio apartment in a safe neighborhood near Columbia. I am willing to go 20-25 minutes outside of Columbia if it will save me some money. I’ve searched sites such as and, and it seems like areas such as Catonsville and Windsor Mill are more affordable, but I have never been to these areas and am not sure what the neighborhoods are like. Can anyone suggest a town or building to look into? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Your best bet is to get a copy of the local newspapers or look around on CraigsList for people looking to rent apartments, rooms or wanting to share with a roommate. Ask them about the neighborhoods and so forth and then come back here and ask for second and third opinions.

William asks…

Where can i find a cheap bedsit/studio apartment/hostel in europe where i can stay for 2-6months?

I live in england and i have really poor health and im only 24. My lifestyle is breaking me and theres not much i can do about it without giving up everything i enjoy. It has to be as cheap as possible because i cant work much so i dont wanna be saving for years. I want to save up for somewhen next year and find somewhere in europe(because the flights are cheaper) where i can get a private room with a bed. If i could have a all in one bedroom kitchen bedsit that would be ideal. Even bed and breakfast. I really dont know where to start with this but it wouldnt be so much a holiday. I just want to get away from england. Get up early every morning do my physio and just live my days eating healthy and being relaxed, will be my rehab. I cant see my life going much further if i dont change myself. I am in a rutt. So any help would be great. The cheaper the better. Then i can stay there longer. I wouldnt want it much over a thousand pounds but then im probably being silly but i dont need anything fancy. A bed a wardrobe a sink and a loo and a tv being a bonus but not nessesary. I would be awefully greatful to anyone who can point me in the right direction. How much do you think i would need to get away from uk(anywhere) though hotter than here would be nicer on my bones/muscles. Rent a small room for atleast 2 months but upto a year if possible. Anyway sorry for the mish mash of a question but im clueless with this. Thank you.


Administrator answers:

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Maria asks…

how much is the cheapest studio apartment in manhattan newyork city?

Administrator answers:

Door man, studio in Manhattan easily 2K and up

Susan asks…

where would i get studio apartment in san antonio, tx cheap?

i am only available to afford a studio apartment at the time. i was just wondering how much they usually run about. please help me.

Administrator answers:

There is a website its and i think you have to mae an account. But anyways all you do is get on there and click a location. And then choose the number of rooms or whatever then you choose your price limit. It should pop up with options and prices. Good luck

Thomas asks…

which one is cheap? Studio or Apartment?

Administrator answers:

It can depend on location, style and condition of the building, but generally a studio is smaller (often one room!) and will be cheaper.

Ruth asks…

very cheap decorating tips to spurce up a studio apartment???

Administrator answers:

The cheapest way to spruce up any room is a coat of paint. You can change the whole feel of a room simply by changing it’s color.

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