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May 24, 2013

Donna asks…

Moving to Key West -any ideas?

Im 25 year old female from NJ looking to move there in February -basically to get away from the cold and also it looks amazing there! Ive never been before so if anyone has information on what area would be good to rent apartment in (safe areas/ decently priced/ close to bars/restaurants/downtown etc.) I will not have a car so would def like to be able to walk or clse to transportation. Any info you have will be a great help thank you so much!!!

Administrator answers:

Here’s the real scoop.

You should expect to spend a minimum of $800-1000 a month on rent. That will be for a very small place. All landlords want at least one month’s rent and deposit up front. Most also ask for last month. You can usually negotiate terms on the last month’s rent and have a little time to come up with it. The best places to rent here are found via word of mouth. Same with jobs. You have to learn to network as soon as you get here.

Transportation is easy. Key West is a very small island and many who don’t have cars get around on a bicycle or scooter. The closer you live to downtown, the more expensive it is. However, for a 15 minute bicycle ride, you can save a bundle on rent. Oh, and the poster who said the majority of rentals are for tourists is wrong. In order to rent to tourists for short term rentals, one must have a transient license. They aren’t cheap, there are no new ones available, and a property owner has to buy one on the open market. The last price I heard was around $40K. Therefore, it really isn’t economically feasible to rent to tourists. The vast majority of rentals go to residents.

There really aren’t any “bad” areas of Key West. Bahama Village is often cited as our “hood”, but I have never felt unsafe there.

As far as seeing drunks vomiting in the street I will tell you that most locals don’t go to Duval St. EVER! That’s where the tourists go and frankly, I HATE going to Duval. I will do so occasionally, but I am never out till the bars close at 4 am. That’s when you see the idiots.

Key West is a great place to live. I would caution you that since you have never been here, I would encourage you to come and spend a week or two before you move. It can be a tough place to live. Many get “Key’s Disease” and spend every day in bars thinking they are on vacation. It’s a hard psychological thing to beat. Then,. All of a sudden, they wake up one morning (afternoon?) and realize they are broke. Then they leave. It is also hard to find a job as a newbie because employers also know about “Key’s Disease” and many won’t hire you unless you’ve been here a year or so. Once you have lived here for two years, then you can say you have beaten the odds and “made it”. I’ve been here for 7 and love it.

The people here are super friendly and extremely laid back. No one cares how much money you have or if you even have any. Well, except for bartenders and servers when it comes time to pay the tab! LOL There are a lot of “characters” in Key Weird and people watching is a great spectator sport here.

Good luck. If you have any further questions, feel free to email me.

Edit: When I first moved to Florida, I lived in Palm Beach County for a while and also spent a lot of time in Broward County (Ft Lauderdale). I HATED it. Snobby people. All in too big of a hurry and looking down at those who don’t drive the “right” car or live in the “right” house. WAY too much traffic. Too many concerned about how they look and what kind of impression will they make on others. The home of dime-store millionaires driving Mercedes and Beamers and carrying Gucci handbags they can’t afford. Maxed out on their credit cards so they can keep up with the Joneses. Contrast that to Key West. There are people here who are multi-millionaires who you never know are multi-millionaires. Everyone pretty much looks the same while riding a scooter or bicycle wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. And THAT is the “uniform” of Key West. If you wear heels, a flowered shirt, or socks with your boat shoes, everyone knows you are a tourist right away. I can spot a tourist a 10 paces even if they think they are fooling people by wearing the “uniform”. Haha

George asks…

Questions regarding New Yorkers and places to live in South Florida?

Hi There,

My husband and I are from NY/NJ and are seriously considering moving to the Miami metro area.

To folks originally from Jersey and New York – Do you really like living in/near Miami better than up north? What are some of the pros and cons? How does Miami compare to NY/NJ (cost of food, people, way of life, etc.)? Do you feel you made the right move?

Also…what would you consider nice areas to search for an apartment? We will continue to own up here, but would rather rent in a nice neighborhood with water (lake, ocean, etc.) views, dog-friendly parks, close to shopping, low crime rate – but still close enough to get to South Beach quickly, etc. Do you really have to speak both English and Spanish to land a corporate job? How long did it take you to find your job?


Administrator answers:

I would recommend that you reconsider Miami/Miami Beach area and take a look a little north to the Bal Harbor area (very upscale) and Aventura area, you’ll be close to Dade and Broward County and there are a lot of NYers there; it offers you plenty of ocean, shopping and restaurants and a better atmosphere than South Beach (too young and over-rated). You can also keep looking north to Deerfield Beach, Lighthouse Point and Boca Raton.
These places are vibrant and offer you a better fit. As far as Spanish goes, you won’t need them at any of these areas; and there is low crime and you can walk your dog and get to the beach quickly. As far as jobs go, I don’t know your field or industry but get ready to see a smaller paycheck, as pay scales are lower here. Cost of living has been increasing so Florida is no longer inexpensive as it once was in the 90′s. Car insurance rates are very high, and you might need to commute to your job. I recommend that you start working with a recruiter and advance the prospects of a job; its cheap to come down for an interview and fly back up to NY. That way you’ll be able to arrange your lifestyle and location much nicely. Corporate jobs are all over the coast, you never know where you’ll find the one that suits you best. Remember the west coast of Florida is also a nice area to live, and though there are not as many NYers it is still a very nice option to consider.

Steven asks…

Moving to Miami Area. Need Advice?

HI! I am 14 years old, in eighth grade, and helping my mother with the decision of moving to the Miami area or Lauderdale. In the 80s, after the revolution in her country, a ton of our family moved there, so I have quite a lot of family in that area. Lately, we have been having a ton of financial and family issues here in Boston, and we want to move to the Miami area. I am at the top of my class at one of the top schools here and really want to continue a good education and become a dentist (lol future planning already) or some type of medical professional. I have braces so I need health care or whatever lol.
What would be a good/ decent area with access to acceptable schools that will allow me to obtain my goals and will be a somewhat nice and quiet areas with openings for jobs. I have family in Homestead, Kendall, and Coral Gables. Where would be a good area or at least decent with cheap prices because we are quite poor but live in a rich snobby area (which I really hate btw). I don’t mind being with “ghetto” kids as some might say because a ton of my friends live in the “ghettos” and i can deal with them and take all ap/ honors classes. What would be an acceptable school and area and would a cheaper catholic/ charter/ private school be accessible and what is it? I’m going in a few weeks to look around, and we will most likely rent a townhouse/ apartment. It is just my me and my mother.
Sorry this is long but veryyyy important; I’ve been researching for a while. Thanks!
and sorry I couldn’t decide on a category…

Administrator answers:

Coral Gables is a really good area. Umm it really all depends on you. After h.s. You can apply to Nova Southeastern. They have a really good dentist program and if u go right after h.s. They r really good w scholarships and very helpful! I think Broward County (just north of Miami dade) is better with jobs and have nice people. You could look in the cooper city area and pembroke pines and miramar area. Cooper City hs is very good (or recently was. I think its still an a or b school but and not positive). Also, Miami lakes (where i just moved from, is very good, close to the places i mentioned, and has catholic churches and schools around). Pembroke pines also has a charter school.

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