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May 22, 2013

Donna asks…

Is it hard or easy to get an apartment in Miami with bad credit?

Do they have weekly rental apartments at a fair price?
Is Miami or city close to Miami dog friendly?
Which cities are the cheapest that are close to the Miami area?

Administrator answers:

Sweety… Miami is extremely expensive….

I would recommend to stay away unless you have tons of $$$ or a job with a high salary waiting for you.

The cheapest areas are horrible neighborhoods. (Overtown, Little Havana, Opa-Locka) and it still expensive for what you pay for.

Miami Gardens is a little bit more affordable and safer. Don’t expect anything less than $1000 unless you live with roommates.

Miami Beach, Hialeah, Miami Lakes, (and most parts of Broward County “Fort Lauderdale area”) are nice area but even more expensive.

Miami is not Dog Friedly except in family neighborhoods out west.

Susan asks…

good apartment complexes in miami? areas and apartments to avoid?

i am trying to move to miami from minnesota. can anyone recommend good apartments in miami that are cheap (like $700 or less per month?) also, can anyone recommend areas to avoid, streets to avoid, and bad apartment complexes? thanks!

Administrator answers:

Ok miami is way different than minnesota. I’m going to tell you right now that you are not going to find an apt for $700 in a good neighbornood unless you have a roommate. There are a few places you should avoid in miami: Liberty City, Carol City, Opa-Locka, some parts of Hialeah and some parts of the beach can be slummy. Those are the most dangerous parts of Miami. There are some good areas too, Miami LAkes is nice, Aventura, Doral, Kendall. I would aim for those areas. Pembroke Pines is a nice area too but thats in Broward County not far from Miami. They can be pricey though. Try looking for a private landlord. They tend to be a little cheaper than managed complexes. If you want to go the managaged route then I would go for any of the Graham properties in the miami lakes area. To me they have the best quality and customer service. Good Luck. Hope this helps.

Mark asks…

is fort lauderdale area a good place to live?

any surrounding cites of ft. lauderdale would be good too?

Administrator answers:

The answer above mine is true. Life here is very cut throat. Houses and apartment are super expensive. (rent or buy) The job market is not too good either unless you people. Its Miami is very over populated. I’m used too it because I’ve been here all my life, but I can also see it from an outsiders point of view, And if you want to live in the nice neighborhoods where they have to good schools, that’s even more expensive. As far as Fort Lauderdale, its the same as Miami but less populated, still alot of people though. It has its good and bad parts to it as well. One good thing, sales tax in Fort Lauderdale is cheaper, cause its part of Broward County. So, I guess you just have to look at where your coming from and think to yourself if you think you will be able to adjust.

William asks…

Moving to Miami? Where should we live?

Hey guys. My husband and I are planning to leave NYC to move to Miami with our 4 months old baby. Could you tell what the most affordable areas are, as well which areas are good and which ones are not so good, what about the suburbs? Do we need a car there or it’s a good city to walk? is it expensive (like NYC)? Any info would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Since you have a baby I recommend moving to Kendall they have nice houses and great schools and not too expensive at all, a great family place to live. You most definitely need a car here, there is no way around that one. Prepare yourself for the road rage and old people driving horribly. Miami is definitely cheaper than NYC, the amount you spend paying rent for a small apartment there you could pay a mortgage with here for a nice home. Another option is moving north of miami to broward county, definitely safer and probably a better transition from NYC if you don’t speak spanish.
Good Luck!

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