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September 3, 2012

Paul asks…

Which U.S. cities are expensive in terms of price?

Whenever I look up the top 10 most expensive cities in the U.S., Cost of living is determined by average price, income and taxes. I live in Honolulu, HI and it was ranked 2nd most expensive city in the U.S. I agree that food and other goods are more expensive here but housing can be about the same or even cheaper compared to some cities on the mainland. Although our local income taxes are high property taxes are really low. My family’s property taxes for 2011 was $3,750 for a 1,200,000 dollar home which is low compared to California which would be taxed more than $10,000 for a home of same value. Sales tax is only 4.172% in Honolulu while its 9-10% in a lot of big American cities. What makes life in Hawaii hard is the lower salaries that we have compared to other major U.S. cities. I am planning to move to Seattle and people say Seattle is cheaper than most major cities in California. I did my research and groceries and dinning out are actually more expensive in Seattle compared to California. What makes California more expensive in terms of cost of living is the endless taxes they have. In California they even tax you on the value of your car annually. In Seattle there is no state income tax. I just want to know which is more expensive by price, for example if I were to move and bring all my money with me, where in America would it last the shortest.

Administrator answers:

Anything in Alaska or Hawaii will be expensive because everything has to be shipped in
other places that will be similar will be Martha’s Vineyard MA, Nantucket MA and the San Juan Islands WA, the fact that those three are also touristy will add ton the price tag

nice major cities will also be expensive too
examples include:
Boston MA
New York City
Chicago IL
Washington DC
Portland OR
San Francisco CA
Seatle WA
San Diego CA

San Jose and LA are also very pricey because of the high paying jobs (that are now drying up)

other expensive areas are touristy spots that have nice scenery including places like Aspen CO, the Hamptons NY and North Conway NH

and there there are your upscale suburbs :
Marin Co, CA
Greenwich CT
Weston MA

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