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May 9, 2012

Laura asks…

tenant-based section 8 waiting list, how do I get in? Or are there any cheap places to stay in chicago?

Hello, I was told that they are no longer accepting applications for tenant based section-8, that would be where I could move to any apartment in the chicago area and have the government pay part of my rent. There is no way I am going to live in a section 9 project home. So does anyone have any idea of a place I can stay for a low income person in chicago like me. I am 24, have a job but make very little money, I am a very clean person, but I do have bad credit history. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Administrator answers:

This question has gone 6 days without an answer. Since you are a Yahoo user, why not try:

Good luck with your search.

Susan asks…

housing according to income…?

i live in the chicago area, are there any programs that charge rent according to your income? for instance, low income but not dealing with section 8? i am a mother of 2 and trying to find an apartment. well any info would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

You’ll have to go through social services to qualify and get locations

Carol asks…

How do I find a great apartment with bad credit?

My boyfriend and I are looking to find a place ASAP in the downtown Chicago area. We have lived together in an apartment for the past 3 years in Old Town. We are looking for a newer, more upgraded place. We have a combined income of $100,000+ and our bills are fairly low. We can definitely afford to spend $1600 or more for rent. The problem is, nearly all places expect to see a credit report. Neither my boyfriend or I have very good credit. I ran into problems with credit cards in college, and as a result, had to declare bankruptcy about 6 years ago. All of the unfavorable items on my credit report are about 6 years old. I just haven’t gone through to get it all “cleaned up”. Nothing unfavorable on the report is recent. My boyfriend has also had issues in his past. Is there any way we could get a potential landlord to overlook our credit? We could offer employment/income verification, pay an additional deposit, or get a letter of recommendation from our current landlord

Administrator answers:

Try – & good luck to you!

Michael asks…

is anyone out there that can help me out?

i need help in finding a house or apartment for rent from a private owner. i have four children and a single a parent all i just want the best for my children. is there anyone can help please have a heart and help me i applied for section 8 low income i have no luck so can someone please help i live in chicago il

Administrator answers:

Start your search here in Craig’s List. These are the current listings for apartments and houses for rent by owners. Http://

Call and ask about sec 8

Lisa asks…

What city sites can I go on to find subsidized housing?

I am a 25 year old mother to a 6 month baby boy. We are one month away from being homeless. We live in Chicago. I tried calling from a list of subsidized and low income apartments. Every list was closed. I tried CHA. That listing was also closed. I tried calling the Illinois Housing Department. They gave me the list I already have.
I don’t have a problem leaving the state, as long as it’s somewhere my son and I can be comfortable. So if anyone has info that can help me, that would be great. I want to know if there are apartments I can apply for online. Working is not enough for me to pay market rent.
Thank you!
I know being on a list could take some time. I need to find a list that’s not closed. I know my options. I’m looking for some one who lives in a city that knows of a list thats open or even section 8.

Administrator answers:

No matter where you go, you’re going to find waiting lists for subsidized housing. Some cities have closed their waiting lists because they have far too many on the lists already. It is extremely doubtful that you will find any sort of subsidized housing in time for you to avoid being homeless. Time for you to look into sharing with roommates or similar until you can find subsidized housing. Waiting lists are generally YEARS long.

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