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August 18, 2013

Donald asks…

Is there any way to make my house any cooler?

its summer right now and it’s just too hot both inside and outside. I live in an apartment in los angeles and temperatures outside can reach 85-95F. My room temperature during the summer is an average of 80-89F. Occasionally our room temperature is above outside’s. Our apartment does not allow window air conditioners.
Is there anything I can do to make my living space more comfortable? Its way too hot in my house.
sometimes there no breeze outside and my room stays at 80F even during the night.

Administrator answers:

Keep the sun out.

Use fans. Box fans are good.

If you put some ice, maybe big bottles, in a container and put in front of the fan, with a towel under it, will help. This helps at night time. Let it blow on you.

It is not usually safe to open windows at night. A fan in a window helps to bring in the air.

Get 2 of these going, and a supply of ice going, this can feel good.

Some wash rags on the edge of the pans can feel good to the face and arms.

Cool water splashed on the face and arms will help.

Cold water.

Eating cold grapes, cucumbers and something else you like helps.

Box fans sell cheap in Walmart and some pharmacies.

Mark asks…

What kind of jobs gave you free uniform for start work at job?

I don’t have money. I live my mother’s house. My goal is i get first paying job then
i get another paying job finally i get last paying job. Low pay job to high paying job.
Until i buy new house. Cheap apartment to cheap house. I’m uncle of children. I need job.
I don’t like my brother took my money. I want new job for new apartment then new house.
You help me find job for new home. My brother was never allowed to my own home again.
My brother is liar. He lie at me lot. Not cool. He’s teen.

Administrator answers:

As a police officer you get a free uniform

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