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October 17, 2012

James asks…

Where does one get cheap but cool and modern rugs?

Hi, I have to cover 80% of my apartment in rugs and so its a lot of money… I need a big rug for the living room, 3 runners and one medium rug for the other areas. I just cant spend 300$ on the living room rug and than probably another 300$ if not more on the others.

Administrator answers:

If you are looking for cheap modern rugs means then just visit

William asks…

Is it cheaper to cool your apartment using a box fan than air conditioning?

Administrator answers:

Yes much cheaper.

Ruth asks…

What’s a Good Website for Finding Apartments in Venice?

I’m moving to Venice (italy) soon and want to find a fairly cheap apartment. I speak italian and i want to stay away from touristic areas.
What’s the best way of finding apartments? Are there are websites just for Venice accommodation? Any other cool Venice expats or social sites?

Administrator answers:

You can check these sites.


good luck)

Michael asks…

Any suggestions for a cheap and effective way to cool off my bedroom on hot summer nights?

I have no air conditioner in my apartment and my fan just blows around the hot air. I leave my bedroom window open at night too. I could never understand why during the winter nights, if you leave your window open, the cool air from the outside quickly replaces the hot air inside, while in the summer, the hot air inside is not quickly replaced by the cooler outside air. Why is that? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I use a dual-window fan. It’s a fan specifically suited to fit in the window. It has two fans that can either be set to blow in or out. You can set both fans to blow in or out, or even have one blow in while the other blows out. This creates a circulation in the room.

You’ll also want to put some dark curtains in the windows that receive direct sunlight. Your place heats up fast once the sunlight penetrates the windows and enters the room.

Here’s a link for the fan. Lowe’s also carries a cheaper model. See any homestore, Walmar, Target, Kohl’s, etc.. Near you for options:

Lisa asks…

What is the most efficient and cheap way to cool an apartment? ?

I live in a two-bedroom apartment, and I want to save as much cash on AC. I want to just use the AC as necessary, relying on fans whenever possible and turning the AC on during the night or very hot days.

My roommate says it costs less to keep the AC always on, even when we are gone to school or work! They say to put the AC on AUTO and then put the temperature degree at like 75-80 degrees, so it won’t turn on all the time or something…

We are using the AC my roomie’s way now, and I am never hot (even sometimes cold) and also never use my fan. It seems like the AC turns on a lot anyways. I’m wondering whose way is better because I don’t want a big surprise on the bill.

Administrator answers:

To be honest an energy efficient AC costs about as much as running a few fans. So if you are not finding yourself hot and are actually cold at times, set the thermostat to a higher degree, that way it will maintain a temp. That will keep you happy. But turning off your AC and letting you’re apt. Get really hot then turning it back on again can cost more because it is running consistently rather then maintaining a temp. Also if the temp. At night is colder then inside open the windows for the night and shut them in the morning. Good luck

David asks…

Does Air Conditioners use gas or electric to cool the apartment?

I have limited income after my accident. I got an AWESOME one bedroom apartment under section 8 and I run the AC continuously!
Living here for the last 6 months, I never had to use the AC as much (during the HOTTEST time of the summer, I was away in camp).
Do I use up ELECTRICITY or GAS to cool my place??
Yes, yes. I am being cheap…BUT my comfort comes first!!

Administrator answers:

If you plug your AC into the wall it uses Electricity.
If it’s a central air unit, you need to ask your landlord.

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