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November 9, 2012

Charles asks…

Where to find cool apartment decorations?

I’m moving into my first place and I want to really make it “mine”, and I was wondering if anyone knew about some online places to find some cool decorative things for my new place. UrbanOutfitters has some great stuff, and it’s right in my price range too, and the style is just right, but I was looking for more along those lines.

I’m also looking for some neat looking furniture that’s kinda cheap, cause I won’t have a lot to spend. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

IKEA if you have one close by…but be careful you can spend a lot of money very quickly in that store (personal experience). Check out Habitat Restore, most cities have one. They have lots of donated furniture for very cheap. Goodwill, other thrift stores, consignment furniture shops. I do this with a lot of furniture: say you find a piece with great lines, but you don’t like the finish, or it’s damaged, etc. Buy a good “gripper” primer meant for glossy surfaces. Prime then paint the piece black (or desired color). But black looks very classy with silver drawer pulls.

Betty asks…

Can you help me find cool modern art for my apartment walls? Something cheap but not cheap looking. give pics

my b/f and I r moving in 6 months so we will have different furniture and stuff by than but as for now i want to get some cheapo decorations for the wall to give a lil makeover I mean cheaaaaap like ten bucks r something each picture,candle ect.. modern tho please provide pics and websites!! Thanks in adavance!! =0) Nicole

Administrator answers:

Nice, cheap stuff is hard to come by for ten bucks. Although certain places DO have the kinda stuff your looking for. I know Target has a new modern design of furniture that is actually pretty funky and cool looking. If your looking for a bunch of different stuff try in thrift and pawn shops, maybe doller stores for candles. Art is gonna be the hardest to come by though, you can’t get art cheap unless its a poster, and even then THAT’S expensive. Trust me, I live in a downtown area where EVERYTHING happens and there’s EVERYTHING (art galleries, clothes stores, restuarants, BEACHES!) and that’s the really nice stuff and still they’re kinda limited. But, I’m sure if you check a Wal-Mart or Target you can get most of what your looking for. GOOD LUCK!

Richard asks…

Are apartments in Naples, FL really expensive?

I might be moving there this fall for a job and I’ve heard its a very expensive city. My job will be right downtown. Any recommendations for a place to look for relatively cheap but nice apartments in a cool area? I’m 23 and I’m afraid to be surrounded by old people in Florida. Haha.

Administrator answers:

I am from Naples, FL and it is expensive to live there. But it’s all worth it by looking at the sunsets every night. It’s beautiful there. Apartments aren’t too bad. Looking around $600 for a 1 bedroom

Joseph asks…

Odessa Ukraine, What is cool place to stay in Odessa.?

I will be visiting Odessa Ukraine and would like to know what part of town would be consider cool, with lots of stuff to do ie restaurants, bars etc….

I also would love to find a resource to find a cheap apartment there as I will be staying for a month.

Any help would be great .

Administrator answers:

Beginning the 1st of September, you will not find lots to do in Odessa until next spring. There are bars and restaurants open open during the day, but since it is a tourist place and the tourist season ends in September…

Cheap in Odessa is not easy. Look to some of the online travel agents that deal with Odessa.

Sandra asks…

Cheap apartment for college student, Portland oregon?

Im looking to move to portland in september to start school, are there any cheap apartments near sylvania campus? Or somwhat close? I was hoping under 450$ with w/s/g included, Internet would be cool to.. (:

Administrator answers:

Use to live in Mountain Park in Lake Oswego. That is really close to Sylvania campus and that area does not cost much. I rented a condo up there about 5 years ago it was a 2 bedroom for around 600.00 a month. Mountain Park is a real nice and peaceful area. We lived up there during the big snow storm in january 2004 it was so nice.try this website

I used it when I came to town, to select a couple that I wanted to look at more closely when I got here. Good luck to you

George asks…

cool stuff for a girls college apartment?

I am moving into a four bed room apartment with my friends at college. It comes with furniture so we dont need that but we are looking for cute decorations we can make our selves or some cool stuff thats like cheap

Administrator answers:

This website has some REALLY cool DIY ideas, from wall art to home decor. It’s great because a lot of it is inexpensive and budget friendly and shows you how to turn something you already have into something new.

Chris asks…

would it be cheaper to cool just my bedroom with a window unit or to run central air for 3 rooms?

i live in a 3 room apartment – would i be better off using a window unit to cool my bedroom or would it be just as economical to run central air and cool all three rooms of my apartment? i live on the second floor and it gets pretty hot up here.

Administrator answers:

Your attic insulation should be addressed. Windows caulked. Thermal drapes installed to block the sun during the day. It will serve you both winter and summer. A ceiling fan in the bedroom will go a long way on most nights to cool you and warm you in the winter. Adjusting the thermostat on the CA and shutting unused room vents will accomplish what you need. An hour before bed open the bedroom vents and close the outer rooms raise the temp slightly at night. Get a timer for your CA have it start working an hour before you get home and remember to flip the vents in the morning.

William asks…

What are some cool/moderately cheap things to do in LA, CA?

I’m visiting LA next week and I was wondering, what are some fun things to do? I’m 25 and this is the first time I’m getting to go on a vacation with just friends(no family!).

I’ve been there before, so I’ve got all the touristy business out of my system. I don’t care to see celebrity landmarks or whatnot, I’m all about relaxing and hanging out. My friend’s apartment is within walking distance of Pinks(which I’m pretty stoked about), what are some things to do/see in that area that I can walk to while my friend is working? Where are some great places to eat? What are some things I’ll get to see there that I won’t be able to do in Texas?
As for the hot dogs, I can’t really come up with an awesome place here in Ft. Worth that serves good hot dogs(I miss Chicago!). I’m not looking to be entertained as much as I’m ready for a great hot dog.

And yes, getting a pickup at 13 is totally normal. Most of them even come with a complimentary sawed off shotgun!

Administrator answers:

Walkable or easy bus ride, some you might consider touristy, but its the kind of stuff that locals like to do. Everything tends to be spread out in LA, so you might want to hop on a bus to expand your activities. There’s not much as far as relaxing and hanging out during the day in Hollywood.

Walkscore — Put in your friend’s address for what’s walkable. Http://
Metro Trip Planner (bus and rail)

The Grove / LA Farmers Market
Beverly Center
Melrose Ave. Http://
Hollywood & Highland Center
Sunset Strip
West Hollywood Gateway (Target, etc)

Nearby Restaurants:
Canter’s Deli
Kazuyo Sushi
M Cafe
Hot Wings Cafe
Blu Jam
Fratelli Cafe
Susan Feniger’s
DeLuscious Cookies + Milk
Oki Dog (eat at your own risk lol)
Bagel Broker
Chado Tea Room

Page Museum & Tar Pits
Blitzstein Gallery
Getty Center Not nearby, but amazing museum, worth the 2 bus trip.

Hike to the Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Bowl
Sometimes day time rehearsals are open to the public, and when nothing is going on you can go walk around the Bowl.

Take the bus to the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Boardwalk.

Take the Metro Red Line or a bus to downtown LA and see (can be done in one day):
Olvera St
Little Tokyo

Take a bus or Metro Red to Gold Line to Pasadena.
Old Town
Norton Simon

Weekend Observatory Shuttle

Free Concerts around LA

Have a good visit!

Nancy asks…

What is a good RC car that is battery that is fast/small enough while still looking cool?

I want an rc car for Christmas. I dont want to be spending lots so what is a cheap kind of RC car that still looks cool and it is small enough to drive inside my house or outside in a small area. (I live in an apartment). Also im not sure on how to build them :p so pre-built or easy assembly would be rather nice. Thanksssss

Administrator answers:

Try this.


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