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July 7, 2013

Paul asks…

What are some cool ways to decorate apartments?

My best friend and I got our first apartment together. We are both sophmore college students so we are poor. Does anyone know some cheap ways to decorate our living room and stuff? Websites with cool ideas would be cool too.

Administrator answers:

A few common-sense precautions while decorating will help you receive a refund on your security deposit after you move.

1. Hang posters with straight pins, with sticky-side-out spirals of masking tape or with adhesive dough. For framed pictures, use the smallest nail you can get by with and then buy spackling compound to carefully fill the holes before you move.

2. Cover furnished sofas or upholstered chairs with a washable throw, quilt or washable slipcovers if you eat in the living area.

3. Put an inexpensive throw rug – preferably washable – or a disposable carpet remnant under the table if the dining area is carpeted. Use a special pad to keep the top rug flat.

4. Purchase washable, tie-on chair cushions if the chair seats in a furnished apartment are covered with fabric.

5. Ask permission before you paint. Chances are, the landlord’s answer will be no or will be that you may only paint the walls off-white; save enough extra paint for wall touch-ups.

6. Hide bad walls (even gouges in the drywall) with posters if you haven’t been given permission to paint and the landlord won’t paint or make cosmetic repairs.

7. Hang curtains with spring-tension rods that mount inside the window. You won’t have to fill and touch up nail or screw holes from curtain-rod hardware.

8. Put place mats or other protective gear under tabletop furnishings such as lamps and electronics gear to prevent scratches.

Joseph asks…

What are cheap foods to eat when on a budget?

Me and my husband just moved out on our own into an apartment and I was wondering if there’s any ideas on how I can save money on my grocery bill? Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Ground beef is good value.
Cook a double amount and then re-heat next day in micro saves cooking costs.
Add cheap grated veg. To dishes to bulk them out.
A chicken will make three meals
Cut legs and breast from carcass. Cook as you like (fried grilled)=2 meals.
Boil carcass with root veg .take carcass out and pick meat of,when cool,
With skin of chicken,chop roughly add to stock and root veg, add two small(diced) potatoes and re boil ’till potatoes are soft.Add stock cube and blend.Chicken soup.
With picked meat of chicken make a cheap risotto.
ONE CHICKEN == 3 meals plus chicken soup

Lizzie asks…

What are the pros and cons of a basement apartment?

I would like to get a basement apartment as a way to get on my own. What are the pros and cons of this?

Administrator answers:

- it’s cheap
- it stays cooler in the summer

- it’s a basement
- there can be problems with mold if the apartment isn’t REALLY well kept.

Linda asks…

Looking for a place to buy items for my dormroom, finding it tough to find interesting and cheap items!?

I am looking for online (or not) stores to get interesting (and cheap hopefully!) items for a college dorm. ANY help would be extremely appreciated. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Check out They have a lot of cool items to decorate your dorm room or college apartment.


John asks…

How do I make my apartment feel home like?

What are some good and cheap ways to make it feel more like home and less like a hotel??

Administrator answers:

Here are a few suggestions:

Put houseplants in different locations of your house, according to light exposure the plant does well in.

Do some baking when the weather gets cooler.

Buy an over-sized chair that’s reasonably priced and make it a special place to relax,read, meditate,etc.

Buy a bunch of pillows that you like for your couch, bed, etc. That you like and that add color too your apartment.

Adopt a cat (if you like them) and you’ll have a wonderful friend for years :)

Hope this helps you.

James asks…

What are the pros and cons in living in a basement apartment?

I already found the apartment of my dreams that’s on the second floor. Anyway, when me and my ex were together we started looking for apartments he insisted we live in one. I didn’t like ANY of the ones I saw in chicago. So I’m just curious.
Now if I could’ve found a basement apartment like this I would reconsider.

Administrator answers:

Pro & Con – Hot air rises but cold air sinks. Which is good for staying a little cooler in the summer but it may cost more for heating in the winter.

Con – Less air flow, so it may be a little more uncomfortable if there is unpleasant smells.

Pro -They’re cheaper

Con – What most people dislike is that hey tend to be a little darker because they have less windows, but proper lighting can easily fix that and adding a few wall mirrors for decoration can help reflect some light in the darker spaces. They also don’t have a large door leading to a balcony which is another thing….

Con – No balcony

Con – You may hear the noises of water pipes and such.

Pro – When you forget your keys… Your window is right there to get in.

Pro – Many places allow animals only to be in the basement rooms.

Pro – Stomp around with no complaints, because there’s no one underneath you!

Con – You may have hard-core parties above you.

Pro – Can access parking lot, garbage & laundry areas more easily than others.

Pro – Easy and many ways to get out FAST in case of emergency, ex. Fire.

Con – Vulnerable to flooding and pests

That’s all I can come up with for now, hope it helps :) And good luck!

Helen asks…

Is it cheaper to leave your air conditioning on low?

Is it gonna cost me more to leave the air on low all the time.. or turn it on and off as needed.. I’m a college student so need to save as much money as possible.. I would just leave it off but my apartment will be 80 degrees if I don’t have it on at all…
It is just an air conditioner plugged into the wall.. not one with a thermostat.

Administrator answers:

Since there’s no thermostat on your air conditioning unit, you should run it on “High” until the room is sufficiently cool, then turn it off. You can set the fan to “Low” when conditions are very humid — you may find that setting dries the air it blows out more completely — but you’ll almost certainly use less energy running the conditioner on “High” for a short period of time and then switching it off, than leaving it on “Low” for a longer period of time.

Since you lack a thermostat, a cheap electrical timer might be able to keep your apartment cool while you’re away if you are not at home during day. Experiment to see how long you need to run it and how long it takes your apt. To heat back up.

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