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July 30, 2013

Donna asks…

What is the cheapest way to run an air conditioner?

I live in a small apartment with a big swamp cooler like air conditioner and am curious as to what is the most efficient way to run it as it is 100+ degrees outside and I’m broke :)

So… Turbo cool for 20 min every so often? Or low cool for an evening?

Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Pick it up and carry it…yuk, yuk

-but actually this is an interesting question and I’d like to know too. I think in order to boost efficiency you need to insulate and avoid air leaks much as you do in winter to keep heat in. I’m guessing that running it on low cool might be your best be,t because it would take more energy to lower the apt. Temp 10 degrees than to maintain the temp where you want it; but I”m not an engineer.

Carol asks…

Is is cheaper to turn the Air Conditioning off when I leave or keep it on?

My roomate thinks it’s cheaper to leave it on when we leave and put it on 75, but then we are cooling the apartment when nobody is there, and that is pointless and wasting money!

I need some evidence from the net that proves my opinions and am asking you to help me!

She’s a moron, so it doesn’t have to be a from a reputable site. Anything will help!!


Administrator answers:

Energy gain in your apartment is what your AC is removing. You minimize energy gain by letting your apartment drift up and become the hottest spot north of Havana.

Now, in terms of having comfort when you get back, you would accomplish that by taking your temperature down to 80 before you get home.

If your utility charges extra for daytime electricity, it would make sense to have a tank of very cold water, cooled during the night low price period, to be used to quick cool the apartment when you get home.

Making sure that windows are blinded or shuttered so they do not take in heat is always going to save electricity.

Michael asks…

What is a cool pet for alternative teens?

i am a bit alternative and i am 14 and i have kinda a down stairs apartment in my house. i really want a cool pet. I have wanted a ferret for a while and my parents say i can get one and i a happy to put in the effort but they are a lot of money so is there something as cool and fun and friendly that is a bit cheaper. i have had cats, gerbils, Degas and fish before and i don’t like dogs (i am allergic to them) but i really want something cool and friendly. any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Try going to an animal shelter for your next pet. It’s cool to save a life!!!!!!!

James asks…

Is it cheaper to heat an upper floor apartment or a ground floor?

So the kid is heading off to college and is going to be living in a 4 story (new) apartment building. What floor is the least expensive to heat, or does it matter? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

With newer construction it is minimal if at all.
However heat does rise, on any 2 story house it takes more cooling capacity to cool upstairs in summer and more heat downstairs in winter which is why its recommended to have an upstairs unit and a downstairs unit. But in an apartment the floors are sealed for fire safety. But even at that insulation only slows heat transfer so if the apartment below is heating there will nominal heat loss to the apartment above. What will make more difference is the window location. If you pic an apartment with the larger windows facing east you should have more heat gain in the morning. When the sun rises in the morning (in the east) there will be more heat gain into the room than a window facing north or south. Also the sun light does not start heating until it strikes on object so having the window facing east with curtains open will allow more heat infiltration. Windows facing the west will allow for heat gain in the evening. When the sun is not shining have curtains closed to help hold that heat in. The opposite takes effect if you are trying to cool the same room.

This part is strictly roomer but I was told that a downstairs apartment was more likely to be broken into that a higher story apartment. But I have nothing to back that up it was just what somebody told me once. But it is so much easier to move into a ground floor than having to carry furniture up stairs.

Jenny asks…

How to make the upstairs of my 1200 square foot apartment cooler?

If I shut all the downstairs registers closed will that help make the upstairs cooler? I want to keep my thermostat on 70. What makes the air conditioner come on? Meaning, is it the thermostat that dictates when it gets below a certain degree? Will shutting the registers make the thermostat think its hotter than it truly is?

Administrator answers:

You need a attic vent too. Does your roof have ridge vent or some sort of venting? The most cost effective way to keep a upstairs cool is insulate and vent the hot roof gas out the top you should have sofit vents that allow cool air in the bottom and then ridge vent to let the hot air out this will help allot then insulate the ceiling from the attic space, even a attic fan or whole house fan to move the hot air out of that area…see the space above is a oven let the heat out is much cheaper than trying to cool the air down…your a/c will then be able to keep up.

Laura asks…

What is the best (small) dog for a single guy in a 1 bedroom apartment?

In terms of:
-Easily trained/house broken
-Okay with living in a 1 bedroom apt.
-Cool looking!
I should also mention, I am looking into rescue shelters to adopt a dog, so I want to know about cool looking and ease of housebreaking in general so I can look for specific mix-breed dogs.

Administrator answers:

I am like you: singe, one bedroom duplex, love company though… To solve that about 3 years ago I adopted a Husky/Shepherd mix… She may not be small and this breed requires MUCH more activity than most do in terms of excercise…

My point though is, get what type of dog you can handle because some small dogs require lots of excercise. You could go for lets say a, Basset Hound they’re not necessarily small but they’re low to the ground…lol… But the are good with 15-20 minutes of excercise a day and have great personality’s, plus check out the pups, gorgeous little dogs and when they mature they may howl a bit or a lot depending on how you train though…

And last but not least: CHECK YOUR LOCAL SHELTER FIRST, you’ll be very surprised at the vast array of cute mixes and BTW mutt’s are usually 1- cheaper 2- more intelligent and trainable 3- need adopting…

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