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May 22, 2012

John asks…

My girlfriend and I are moving to Portland Oregon. Any tips on what areas are cool and cheap for apartments?

Also, I keep reading posts that say that “Portland’s economy sucks”, but they don’t elaborate. Can I get an explanation as to what this means specifically? High prices? Taxes? Unemployment?

Administrator answers:

Start with the East side, Hawthorne Ave above 22nd St. For apartments. Or the Bybee Ave. District; also around Broadway below 39th; Parkrose above 82nd St. Has lots of big apt houses.

Don’t know about the economy these days.

You might also look into house rentals.

Sandra asks…

Where can I go online for cool, cheap apartment/dorm stuff?

I’ve been to and just wondering if there was anything else! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

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