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June 25, 2012

Paul asks…

Need a girls advice on this.. ONLY GIRLS?

Okay so here’s my problem.. I’m not sure if this girl I met through Facebook is interested in me.. I’m trying to keep the conversation going without asking her so many question but its hard when she’s only giving me 1 word responses. I don’t wanna sound stupid or weird asking her so many questions cause then I’m gonna sound like a FBI agent. I copied pasted the conversation below just so you can see where I’m at. How can I keep this conversation going without asking anymore questions? And also Im gonna need your opinion on if I sound keep talking to her. She’s really cute and I really wanna at least make her feel comfortable talking to me so please help :)

Me: hey you look wild familiar where are you from?

Her: I’m ecuadorian wby

Me: I’m Dominican but I meant where in NY do you live in

Her: Lmao oh sorry um queens you

Me: Lol its iight and I’m from manhatten.. I couldv’e sworn I seen you before.

Her: Oh Damm you be coming to queens

Me: Sometimes.. im a big mets fan and I be going to there games from time to time.
I also have a aunt that lives in queens

Her: Oh really that’s cool not surprised tho sinc your dominican lol and word that’s cool what part of queens does she live in

Me: lol yeah baseball is one of my favorite sports and she lives in corona. Your from around there?

Her: Lmao i must say most Dominicans favorite sport and yea but I live more up like around northern idk if you know where that’s at

Me: Lol it really is.. that’s like the number one sport in DR.. and oh I wouldn’t really know I haven’t visited my aunt in years now. Last time I went to queens was when I went to see a Mets game.
Me: Have you ever been to manhatten?

Her: Oh when was that and uhm a bit wht part of manhattan you from

Administrator answers:

She might be talking to other guys on fb too, which would cause a distraction. She might have a boyfriend and you are just the fallback or rebound guy (however you would like to think of it). But, she asked you where you are from, which is a good sign. She might be interested in you, maybe one day meeting up somewhere. Keep talking, whats the harm in that? Just dont invest too much emotion bc she may have other people or priorities.

Joseph asks…

Need help with baby names! Due in feb and can’t decide?

Sex is unknown


Fly Spray
Chromatic Tuner
Skull Candy
Magna Carta
Antique Alarmclock
Light Bulb
Empty CD cases
Bottle of Corona


Golf Clubs
Glue stick
Gel Pens
Golf Balls
Disconnected Speakers
Red Curtains
Green Carpet
Wooden Cabinet
Frosted Windows
Reign of British Kings and Queens Poster
Irish Tin Whistle
Note pad with dog on cover

PLEASE pick your favourite.

Administrator answers:

I personally like

Antique Alarmclock
Disconnected Speakers

btw… Are you just looking at things in the room you’re in and listing them?

Ken asks…

tape up/blowout hairstyle first start?

I remember first getting the haircut back in 99/early 2000. I’m 21 now. I’m from Queens, new york. Everybody around my way was getting it, blow outs Dominicans usually got it around my way corona. But now I see white dudes using it and claiming it, saying they started it, because of them Gotti kids lol. All I know for sure that it’s a urban hairstyle created in from the inner New York City. Just wanna know if anyone agrees or disagrees? Don’t answer if u don’t know.

Administrator answers:

I agree

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