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Your Questions About Corona Queens

June 10, 2012

Michael asks…

Goodbye Rosie, the queen of corona?

belinda got it!

Administrator answers:

See you, me and Julio down by the school yard . . .

Steven asks…

Am I a Controlling, Narcissistic, Histrionic, Overly Medicated, Corona Addicted DRAMA QUEEN?

Administrator answers:

I would narrow it down to two words … Attention seeker.

Rock on, Mama!

Mark asks…

What do you think about my resume? Will I finally be able to get a new job?

Seeking a professional position utilizing my diverse experience while continuing to grow professionally.
Queens Academy of the Outreach Program 9/2001 – 1/2003
High School Diploma
Queens Vocational and Technical H.S. 9/1998 – 6/2001
Major: Business
Corona Barbershop Plus, Jackson Heights, NY 10/2003-Present
Hair Braider/ Customer Service Associate
•Responsible for artful hair designs and braiding.
•Welcomed clients.
•Handled high volume of telephone calls.
•Scheduled appointments.
•Maintained customer satisfaction standards.
•Instructed new employees.
•Developed website profiles as advertisement for braiding work.
•Constructed a hair style guide for clients.
Elmhurst Hospital, Elmhurst, NY 9/1999-3/2000
Data Entry Clerk
•Entered patient records into database
•Verified accuracy of documents
•Filed records
Our Lady of Sorrow Church, Corona, NY Summer 1999
Child Care Assistant
•Assisted with setting up and preparation of activities.
•In charge of maintaining play areas in a safe condition.
•Provided continuous supervision to children.
Proficient in Microsoft Office Word, Publisher, and Photo Shop.
Type 50 words per minute.
Spanish to English translation

Administrator answers:

Your resume has a lot of valuable and important information. The other persons who answered your question propapbly only saw your information. Just skimming over your resume though i thought that it could use better phrasing in some cases. First of all DO NOT use that as your objective, you need to be more specific. Don’t expect your prospective employer to guess what kind of a job you want. Maybe your not absolutely sure yourself what you want but at least suggest something that you think you could handle and something you would not mind doing at your (hopefully) new job! Secondly, under the section of professional experience, you need to organize these points so that it is more effective. Putting the more important experiences you’ve had between the less commendable one’s doesn’t really have an effect. For example, this may be a better approach

Developed website profiles as advertisement for braiding work.
Constructed a hair style guide for clients.
Maintained customer satisfaction standards.
Responsible for artful hair designs and braiding.
Maintained customer satisfaction standards.
Handled high volume of telephone calls.
Scheduled appointments.
Welcomed clients.

Maybe you can do better!

Another idea is to create a general heading called SKILLS. Subdivide this section into computer skills, and any other skills you would like to mention, by doing this, you show the employer that may be a valuable employee in other areas of the job as well and not only in computer or whatever. Also, for languages, try this:

Native: English (if this is it)
Other: Spanish

Maybe you should put spanish to english translation under skills, as languages is mainly to show your communication abilities.

Well hope that helps, check my website out at

Paul asks…

Are Brooklyn & Corona cities in the state of New York ?

i’ve been told by people they are apart of new york city then why does mail from then not say

my aunt lives in queens and she says she lives in new york city but all mail from her says corona instead of

street address
New York, NY zipcode

but say

street address then
Brooklyn, NY or Corona, NY zipcode

every city i have been to in the us except for the city of new york and other countries list all area’s that are in a city as that city not as another place
If they are apart of new york city why dont they say new york, ny on mail there are cities bigger than new york and all area’s say the same city such as cario, egypt. sitka,alaska, juneau, alaska, jacksonville, florida
im just asking what city they are in and thats it, do not answers if you cant answer
if they were combined into one city why dont they all have same city in a postal address

Administrator answers:

They don’t say NY, NY because the post office of the United States is antiquated.

Brooklyn USED to be a separate city over 100 years ago, but the post office never caught up. Queens used to be made up of several small towns – Corona was one – but again, the post office never caught up.

This is true in other places too. I grew up in a town in New Jersey that the post office didn’t recognize as a town – again, they never caught up. So everyone in the small town I grew up in had a mailing address in one of several other towns ajoining ours. The U.S. Postal Service didn’t feel the need to change!!!

But, believe me, Brooklyn and all the neighborhoods of Queens ARE in New York City, despite the odd mailing addresses. We all vote for the Mayor of New York. Our kids all go to the New York City Public Schools, run by the New York City Department of Education. I WORK for the New York Department of Education and my paychecks all say “City of New York” on them.

The other oddity that is a throwback to when Brooklyn and Queens were separate is that there is a separate public library system for Brooklyn and one for Queens. But the Bronx and Staten Island and Manhattan are all in the New York City Public Library system. Why? Well, Brooklyn and Queens already had a big beauracracy in their public library system when they became part of NYC in 1898, and they didn’t want to give it up.

But the political designation is what is important. Brooklyn and Queens are politically part of NYC, and not politically separate – we we’ve got a paper to prove it!!! LOL! The U.S. Postal Service doesn’t get to decide this!

My husband just reminded me that there is another good reason why the postal service did not want to change the addresses to NY, NY when Brooklyn became part of NYC. Some addresses would be exactly the same in two different places. For example, there is a 7th Ave in Brooklyn and a different 7th Avenue in NYC. So 159 7th Avenue Brooklyn, NY is different from 159 7th Avenue NY, NY. If Brooklyn used NY, NY on our addresses there would be a LOT of confusion.

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