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Your Questions About Corona Queens

June 15, 2012

Donald asks…

men & women answer pleasee.?

i live around corona queens,
isnt their nasty drunk men everywhere
hitting on you women like me?
i cant pass by 1 man without him saying anything 2me
& its annyoing.
& its disgusting cause their pervs.
even when i walk around with my bf they say alot of stuff
& my bf gets pissed.
what does ur bf do when he sees a man sayin some perv
things 2 u on the street?
and what do u women feel about that??

iwant lots of answers ill give 10points 2 1 of the first
15ppl 2 answer.

Administrator answers:

With men like this you have to hit them where it hurts, and belive it or not, that would be just to totally IGNORE them. Stupied ignorant men like this get their kicks by the responces that women give back to them. They want a reaction from you, like screaming back at them, and reducing yourself down to their level, so when you look the other way and totally ignore them, you basically p**s on their fire, and make them look stupied. If , and i mean only IF, i had to say just onw word to them, i would just look at them straight in the face and just say ” GROW UP”!! And then walk off and ignore them. But just ignoring them altogether should do it, they have nowhere else to go then.

Daniel asks…

King of Queens trivia question…?

Which neighborhood do Doug and Carrie live in? I know that when Spence moved out, he was looking at a place in Corona Heights, and when Deacon got divorced he moved to Lefrac City, but I can’t recall them ever saying where Doug and Carrie live.

Administrator answers:

I can’t say, but the real house they use for footage on the show is at 519 Longview Ave, Cliffside Park, NJ. It’s just a block away from the school from the Tom Hanks classic “Big”.

Charles asks…

Special Event insurance?

I’m planning a bike-a-thon at Meadow Lake in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens, NYC. I just got a call from the parks department asking me if I had insurance. What kind of insurance do I need to get? Where can I get it? Around how much does it cost? Can I still get the permit without insurance?
Thanks so much. I’m only 16, so this is all new to me.
By the way, please don’t answer if you’re going to tell me to call them. I can’t do that until tomorrow anyway, so I just need this. Thanks.
This is a one-day event (June 16th, with rain date of 6/23), running from 11 am – 3 pm. Can anyone recommend any particular companies (if you work for one, tell me the company name, maybe I’ll use it)? If you need any other information, just email me (see my profile), and I’ll be happy to give it to you. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Well, are they REQUIRING you to get it? A special event policy should run around $350 for one day, for $1,000,000 of general liabiltiy insurance. If they require it – which is possible, then no, you can’t get the permit without it.

You would get it from a local, independent insurance agent. Ask your folks who they use, call that person, and if they can’t get it for you, ask them for the name/number of someone who can.

It’s VERY common for a governmental entity to require insurance before you put on an event.

Thomas asks…

Question about garage sales?

So my friend and I are planning to have a garage sale and my parents know about it. The thing is we were going to have the sale at Corona Park, Queens, New York. You see the neighborhood I live in is kind of small and not that many people live there and no one ever buys anything. We thought that if we had a garage sale in the park, more people would buy stuff. We were going to make a big sign on the stand that says “Garage Sale in the Park.”

What my friend and I want to know is that are we allowed to sell our stuff in a park? Do we need a permit?

My friend and I wanted to make some money and we were going to split it 50/50. But we want to make sure it is legal. Thanks in advance and no mean answers =)

Administrator answers:

Definitely ask your mayors office if you need a permit.
Get lots of other families to sell things also. People go to large sales, not small ones.

You need more than one sign. Put signs in lots of intersections. No details like hours and items.
Just write SALE and a big arrow.

Put prices on everything. Have a supply of bags and boxes on hand for buyers.
Consider asking Humane Society, Petco, PetSmart or SPCA to bring some animals. That always
attracts people.

Have some shade. And a muffin tin with lots of coins to make change.
Put ads in local papers and on

I hope it’s a success!!

Sharon asks…

Are Hallmark stores disappearing from your town, too?

I live in Queens, NY, and I’ve noticed at least three neighborhood Hallmark stores closing in the last year or so: two in Corona, one in Flushing.(Actually, one of the Corona ones may have closed about three years ago.)

Is this happening where you live, too?

Administrator answers:

This should not be a surprise.
What with:
- more “internet cards” being sent,
- less “formality” and courtesy in our society.
- the ability to print cards on your printer.
Anyone who owned a card store should have skipped town years ago.
Everyone competing with the internet should seriously consider it.
Anyone competing with walmart should seriously consider it.
Hey, we’re all just waiting for the opportunity to earn minimum wage, 33 hours a week, w/ no health insurance, and little chance of promotion, aren’t we?

Joseph asks…

What to do with luggage.?

We will be visiting Manhattan in a few months and will be flying into La Guardia. On our last day there we will have tons of time because our flight isn’t until that night. In between checking out of our hotel and heading to the air port we’d like to go to Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens. What should we do with our luggage? Should we go to the airport and check it in extra early? will they let us do that? Any other suggestions will be helpful!!

Administrator answers:

You can try asking if the hotel will hold your luggage for you after you’ve checked out; some places will do that, similar to leaving your luggage there early and checking in later. Penn Station defnitely holds luggage for a fee, but it depends on close you’ll be (if you’ll be in Queens all day then head straight to the airport, then it’s not worth it — if you plan on coming back into Manhattan for dinner or whatever, then you can pick up the stuff at 34th St station then head to La Guardia). I think there is a 2 hour cap on advance check in at the airport, though check with the airline.

Sandra asks…

Looking into new york hotels?

I am looking into new york hotels on hotel sites, however I need to know which is bad neighborhood and a good neighborhood. Examples like, Jamaica, Flushing, East Elmhurst, Corona, Brooklyn, New York City, Queens, Whitestone.

Any information you can give me would be helpful.


Administrator answers:

I know this is a tough call for visitors. A recent “Asker” noted that there are great deals in Newark. Yikes! Newark, in general, is not .safe.

One poster here mentioned Brooklyn Heights – absolutely

Jamaica In Queens generally a no
Flushing – In Queens generally a no
East Elmhurst,- no
Corona, – no
Brooklyn, depends on where in Bklyn
New York City, – Do you mean Manhattan? In Manhattan try to stay below 100 St
Queens – depends on where in Queens
Whitestone OK, but a trip from Manhattan

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