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June 17, 2012

Lisa asks…

OMG its too hot for this!! PLEASE HELP!!?

astoria park or flushing meadows corona park in queens, ny ..which pool is better and less full? i need to cool off!!!

Administrator answers:

Im not from NYC but Astoria sounds cool :)

Jenny asks…

omg i hate this so much can u help me?!?

i hate this so much! can anybody do this?

I-Translate the following sentences to Spanish

1- Maria is tall ____________________________________

2- you are short ____________________________________

3-Lola y Flor are pretty ____________________________________

4-Pepe y Pablo are skinny ___________________________________

5-He is handsome ____________________________________

7-I am pretty and tall ____________________________________

8-You are brunette ____________________________________

9- he is blond ____________________________________

II- Answer the following questions negatively and then give the correct response
Example: ¿Eres feo/a? No yo no soy feo/a, soy guapo/a

1- ¿Eres timido/a? _______________________________________

2- ¿Eres egoista? _______________________________________

3- ¿Eres tonto/a? _______________________________________

4- ¿Eres mentiroso/a? _______________________________________

5- ¿Eres aburrido/a? _______________________________________

6- ¿Eres rubio/a? _______________________________________

7- ¿Eres serio/a? _______________________________________

III- Translate the following paragraph to Spanish
Her name is Nona, she is nice, popular and interesting. Nona lives in Rego Park and is 12 years old. Nona’s birthday is on the 31st of October. She is also pretty, tall and has blond hair and blue, big eyes.


IV- Do this part consciously because there is a quiz coming next week.
¿Cuándo cumplen años? Answer in complete sentences in Spanish

1- Laura/Mar/16 _________________________________________________

2- yo/Apr/5 _________________________________________________

3-Rosa y Luz/Aug/3 _________________________________________________

4-Tú/Dec/13 _________________________________________________

5-Ustedes/Jan/7 _________________________________________________

¿Dónde viven?

1-Yo/Rego Park ________________________________________________

2-El/Woodside ________________________________________________

3-Margot/Forest Hills ________________________________________________

4-Pepe/Queens ________________________________________________

5-Tú/Corona ________________________________________________

IV- ¿Qué hora es?

1:00 _____________________ 2:15 __________________________

4:45 _____________________ 5:50 __________________________

_____________________ __________________________

_____________________ __________________________

¿A quéhoras haces tus tareas? ________________________________________

Administrator answers:

Try the spanish/english translators.
Just search it up on google.

It will help tons.!

Daniel asks…

Train to bus transfer?

I’m taking the m train from knickerbocker station to metropolitan ave and then the q38 bus to rego park queens. And the q38 corona bus back to metropolitan ave train station. Who do I ask for a transfer? Do I swipe my metro card at knickerbocker station and ask the token clerk for a transfer? And when I board the q38 coming back do I swipe my metrocard and then ask the driver fir a transfer? Please help. For anyone living in new York city

Administrator answers:

If you have Pay-Per-Ride (Regular) MetroCard, you do not need transfer.
It’s free transfer within 2-hours.
Also please note NYC Subway does not issue transfer if you paid with Single Ride Card.
If you have Unlimited MetroCard, it gives you unlimited ride.
Same reason if you go back. Regular MetroCard give you free transfer within 2-hours.
If you paid your bus fare in coin, you could request transfer, but it is for connecting buses only.

Relative to subject, there is always tourist at LGA, and many of them think bus transfer is good for subway, but it is not. Unlike SEPTA, transfer is only good for connecting bus.

Robert asks…

Whats the best ice cream flavor you’ve ever tasted?

I love all the flavors of icey’s at the Ice King of Corona especially mango and peanut butter, in Queens, NY. If your ever here, go there…Its truly the best icey in the world, i think.

Administrator answers:

Both sound yummy!

I like Ben and Jerrys: “Very Cherry Garcia”

Mandy asks…

How much would all this cost at Subway?

im having a picnic with my cousin and grandma, my cousin and i are paying. So i would like to know how much three footlongs, and three cookies cost. then can you add three more dollars for drinks were getting at a store, thx! and plz dont say something that wont help me, or to call or email subway or something because i am a kid and really dont want to. If u also can, plz tell me some really fun places at and around flushing meadow corona park beside the queens museum of art, science hall, and queens zoo. thx! :)

Administrator answers:

3 $5 footlongs approx 15
and cookies and drinks….

It totally adds up to around 20-25 bucks. To be safe, bring around 30.

You can go ice skating at the rink in corona park or got to the other sports facilities or go visit the globe!

Have fun!

Paul asks…

can i have bbq in the park?

so i am thinking about having bbq with my friends in the park neaby my home. but the problem is none of us are over 18 years old. so i am worried about that we cannot do barbecue. the park is in flushing, queens, and newyork. i think the park’s name is flushing corona meadow park.

Administrator answers:

No idea.cold bath?

Sharon asks…

What was against the law (Paul Simon)?

In the song “Queen of Corona‘ by Paul Simon what was against the law?

Administrator answers:

What her mama saw,it was against the law.The song is “Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard”

Ruth asks…

Me and Julio?

1. Just what was it Mama Pajama saw?
2. What do we really know about Rosie except that she’s the Queen of Corona?
3. Who in the press let the story leak? Was Karl Rove involved?
4. Why did he need a radical priest to get him released?
5. Whatever happened to Julio anyway?

Administrator answers:

1. I don’t know but it made Papa shout and start the investigation.

2. I’m afraid that’s all we know.

3. No, this was well before Karl Rove. I think it was Woodward and Bernstein.

4. So they could all be on the cover of Newsweek.

5. I heard he’s still down by the schoolyard.

I can’t believe I just did this….

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