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Your Questions About Corona Queens

June 18, 2012

Mandy asks…

Did The mama pajama roll out of bed And did she run to the police station?

When the papa found out he began to shout
And he started the investigation

It’s against the law
It was against the law
What mama saw
It was against the law

The mama looked down and spit on the ground
Every time my name gets mentioned
The papa said oy if I get that boy
I’m gonna put him in the house of detention
Well I’m on my way
I don’t know where I’m going
I’m on my way I’m taking my time
But I don’t know where
Goodbye to Rosie the queen of Corona

Administrator answers:

See you, me and Julio down by the schoolyard

David asks…

Aren’t you glad the Dream Act passed in the House today? Will the Senate finish the job?

The House passed the bill 216 to 198. The Senate votes on Thursday!! (Jueves)

I’m on my way, I don’t know where I’m goin’,
I’m on my way, I’m takin’ my time, but I don’t know where.

Goodbye to Rosie, the Queen of Corona
See you, me and Julio down by the schoolyard
See you, me and Julio down by the schoolyard!!

Administrator answers:

No it isn’t and i hope the senate throws it promotes more illegals sneaking in this country. Illegal is illegal! You think just because they’ve spent time here and got an education and maybe even in the military its ok?you think that they aren’t still illegal?its almost like saying that if a murder who had been hiding for years is off the hook because since then they went to school,the army or whatever and had made themselves productive in society.a crime is a crime and they should all have the case of an illegal immigrant,they should all be sent back.

Robert asks…

Helpp the Soccer team !?

Any clues where i can find a field to train in queens
maybe the area around corona or jackson hieghts would help.
we don’t want to train in Flushing Park because it to crowded.
i was also thinking maybe we can train in Newtown Field can someone help me find any contact numbers..? thank you.

Administrator answers:

Ask the people that live around there.

Susan asks…

Will MTA ever break out the Redbird Subways again?

I know its been 6 years since they last had them in service and theres been some of them who have been dumped in the sea but Ive also seen alot in train yards. When I go to Mets games in Queens and go by the Corona Yards between Shea Stadium and Arthur Ashe Stadium I see the Redbird Subways in the yards. Ive also seen the redbirds on youtube videos make a trip to the last Mets game at Shea.I miss seeing these subway cars when I went to Mets games. Is there a chance theyll ever break the redbird subway cars out again?

Administrator answers:

Most of the cars that you still see remaining have been stripped of many usable parts that are compatible on other trains. Some of these may be waiting for their trip to the sea. Before they can go they have to be stripped of anything that may prove toxic . This is a timely process and nbot exactly number one in terms of priority. You see them in the Corona yard because that is where the faciklity is that is equipped for this dismantling.

Any future rides on the Redbirds will have to be on a nostalgia run that the Transit Museum sponsors every once in a while. I would not be surprised to see one happen in conjunction with the festivites surrounding the Mets new stadium since these cars rode to Shea on that stadium’s opener.

Donna asks…

Movie quote…?

“Inquieto giace il capo che porta la corona” from The Queen. Can anoyne please translate it for me? Thxs.

Administrator answers:

Heavy is the head that wears the crown

Ruth asks…

Biology exam.. who can help me please….?

1. The female reproductive structure of a flower is called……
A) Stamen
B) Pistil
C) Petals
D) Perianth
E) Ovary

2.If the queen bee lays the eggs that are not fertilized they
Will develop into…
A) Queens
B) Female workers
C) drones
D) Male workers
E) Male and female workers

3. All petals together are called….
A) Calyx
B) Stamen
C) Corolla
D) Corona
E) Pedicel

4. 1-Mitotic division 2-Regeneration
3- Oogamy 4-conjugation
Which of the above reproductive types can reproduce
Organism which having different characteristics ?
A) 1 ,2 B) 1 ,3
C) 2, 3 D) 2 ,3, 4
E) 2 ,4
5. Which of the following is not true about sexual and asexual
Reproduction ?
A) sexual reproduction is dependence on meiosis
B) Crossing over occurs in sexual reproduction
C) By asexual reproduction the organism are genetically identical
In every aspect
D) Variation is found in sexual reproduction
E)Organisms that are formed by asexually,can adapt easier to
Environmental changes than sexually reproducing organism

6.Which of the following is reproduce by diploid parthenogenesis ?
A) Yeast
B) Male bee
C) Only female bee
D) Only male bee
E) Female bee and workers

Administrator answers:

1- B [ovary is a part of it]
2- C
3- C
4- i think none of above combination its only conjuagation that will generate new characteristics
5- E
6- C [not sure]

Carol asks…

A question about New York City.?

How come the borough of Queens is the only borough that have separates cities with their own names
For example: Jamiaca, NY; Corona, NY; Flushing, NY; etc.

Whereas if you live in any other boroughs it’s just Brooklyn NY; Bronx, NY etc?

Just curious

Administrator answers:

New York City was formed out of the five boroughs in 1898. Prior to that, the major communities of Queens were independent cities and towns, some, like Flushing, going back to the mid 1600s. The boroughs of Staten Island, Bronx and Brooklyn had similar communities (the former townhall of one of SI’s towns was just torn down as too dilapidated to save), but only in Queens did they have a core population that hung on and preserved the identity to the point where even the Post Office continues to use their names.

Helen asks…

Need a girls advice on this?

Okay so here’s my problem.. I’m not sure if this girl I met through Facebook is interested in me.. I’m trying to keep the conversation going without asking her so many question but its hard when she’s only giving me 1 word responses. I don’t wanna sound stupid or weird asking her so many questions cause then I’m gonna sound like a FBI agent. I copied pasted the conversation below just so you can see where I’m at. How can I keep this conversation going without asking anymore questions? And also Im gonna need your opinion on if I sound keep talking to her. She’s really cute and I really wanna at least make her feel comfortable talking to me so please help :)

Me: hey you look wild familiar where are you from?

Her: I’m ecuadorian wby

Me: I’m Dominican but I meant where in NY do you live in

Her: Lmao oh sorry um queens you

Me: Lol its iight and I’m from manhatten.. I couldv’e sworn I seen you before.

Her: Oh Damm you be coming to queens

Me: Sometimes.. im a big mets fan and I be going to there games from time to time.
I also have a aunt that lives in queens

Her: Oh really that’s cool not surprised tho sinc your dominican lol and word that’s cool what part of queens does she live in

Me: lol yeah baseball is one of my favorite sports and she lives in corona. Your from around there?

Her: Lmao i must say most Dominicans favorite sport and yea but I live more up like around northern idk if you know where that’s at

Me: Lol it really is.. that’s like the number one sport in DR.. and oh I wouldn’t really know I haven’t visited my aunt in years now. Last time I went to queens was when I went to see a Mets game.
Me: Have you ever been to manhatten?

Her: Oh when was that and uhm a bit wht part of manhattan you from

Administrator answers:

It sounds like it’s going pretty well to me, she seems to be opening up more to you. Just let it go naturally, don’t overthink it! You’re doing great.

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