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Your Questions About Corona Queens Crime

June 19, 2012

Robert asks…

Would you like to see Martin Scorsese make this movie?

These excerpts are taken from his book “Conversations With Scorsese”. I found this particularly interesting, and I would love to see him go through with the project. I think it’d be absolutely, and better than most of the films his has lined up.

I cut out some of the unnecessary information and shrunk it down a bit. Because I did type all of this stuff.  

Scorsese: “I was born in 1942 in Corona, Queens. I loved Corona. We lived in a two-family house. But then my father got into big trouble with the landlord, and we had to move back to Elizabeth St.”

Author: “What exactly happened with the landlord?”

Scorsese: “Well, Nick Pileggi and I worked on it in a script that I’d like to do. I don’t know if I can bring myself to do it. It’s complicated. If you’re not educated and you’re working in a certain area, your fealty is to a certain group. There were different families. My father was assisted by a crime family. They made it possible for us to have a house in Queens. But my father had many problems with his brother Joe. From what I understand, he had “sitdowns”, where he tried to make sure Joe wasn’t killed by the mob people. The landlord was a guy that had a vegetable truck in a garage next door. He didn’t like my brother, and he had a chicken. The guy grabbed the chicken and just wrung it’s neck in front of my brother, and made the kid run and cry. And he started to resent my father, because my father became friends with the landlord’s brother. And he took the brother to get a new suit in New York. Anyway, he may have felt my father was involved with underworld figures, which he really wasn’t, but he behaved maybe a little bit like that; my father always liked to dress. And this guy was a man of the earth so to speak. And I think also his wife liked my father. So all this resentment was building up. And then there was a confrontation. Probably my father used some language he shouldn’t have, because I remember he apologized for it. So the next day, my father got back from work and confronted him in the yard. That led to the fistfight, and the landlord picked up an ax. And my mother’s younger sister pushed him aside and said “Stop that. Don’t do that to my brother in law.” And he stopped. And that nightthere was another fight on te corner. I saw the two of them fighting, and I came back in and toldy mother. “They’re fighting”. “I know” she said. And then the next thing I knew we had to leave.”

I honestly think that’d be a fantastic movie. Pileggi and Scorsese work amazingly together, obviously. And it would be a real throwback for Scorsese. Along the lines of Goodfellas and Casino.

BQ: So do you approve of my casting choices?

Robert De Niro as Scorsese’s father
Steve Buscemi as The Landlord
John Turturro as Joe
Lorraine Bracco as Scorsese’s mom
Elizabeth Bracco as Scorsese’s mom’s sister
James Gandolfini, Tony Sirico, Joe Pesci, John Ventimiglia, Frank Vincent, Vincent Pastore, and Vincent Curatola as The Crime Family

Obviously Bracco doesn’t look like Scorsese’s mom, but it doesn’t have to be 100% accurate.

Administrator answers:

Yeah that sounds great. After The Irishman and Sinatra we’ll be all set for it. You just made me want to buy that book

BQ- yeah, for the most part. All those Sopranos would never happen. Get rid of Pastore, Sirico, and Curatola. And add Kevin Corrigan and who knows… Why not- Al Pacino

Michael asks…

would you consider this, the ghetto?

do u consider corona, queens the ghetto? here’s some background……………very populated with prolly 90% being hispanic, houses have roaches and rats….(well at least mine) cars r usually pieces of crap, it smells like a mixture of gasoline, fast food/spanish food, and pigeon shit, and the crime rate is above aerage, especially in robbery/murder/rape i checked the demographics on some real-astate website, theres shoes on the phone lines, and in the summer ppl open up the fire hdrants……thats pretty much it lol
if ur wondering y i ask this, i’ve lived there 4 eight years and some idot told me that wasnt the ghetto?………i mean im pretty confident it is …….just fell like having proof
…………..btw i kno its not the worst ghetto, but it has to be in the conversation of a ghetto itself, and yea im dominican

Administrator answers:

It sounds like you are disappointed you don’t live in a ghetto. Go to Harlem or the South Bronx or the worst of all East NY. Then you will be happy because no one will question if you live in a ghetto or not.

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