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March 28, 2012

Daniel asks…

Rent / Deposit Question on Duplex?

I put down a $500 deposit on a duplex and a week later decided aginst it. I know I know. Anyway, I have not signed a contract yet and asked for my deposit back because I can’t any longer afford this place but rentor doesnt want to give it back. She said she may give some back because it hasnt rented yet. Check has already gone through. Can she legally do that if I havnt signed the contract yet?

Administrator answers:

This depends on the type of deposit – was it to apply to your rent later, or was it merely a security deposit? If it is only a security deposit, and you don’t sign a rental/lease agreement, you may have a chance. Call a lawyer.

Thomas asks…

I found a duplex I would love to rent but it is for sale.?

There is a great duplex that I found that will allow my dog, has great space and a nice yard. I want to rent it because it has everything I am looking for and it is difficult to find a rental that will allow my large dog. My concern is what could happen if it sells? I would be signing a year lease, what rights would I have if a new owner bought it and what could I be facing? Could they just kick me out or would they have to give me notice and if so how much notice? Does my lease offer me any protection in this situation? Any help would be greatly appreciated because I need to decide on this today or tomorrow.

Thanks for all your help!

Administrator answers:

In every state I know of your lease would be binding on the new owner- they would not have to renew it when it expires.
If the owner is having financial problems then you may be kicked out if the place gets foreclosed.

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