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March 1, 2012

Ruth asks…

I rent an apartment in a duplex. Am I obligated to provide my apartment for show to prospective buyers?

I live in the bottom floor of a duplex in Pennsylvania. The top apartment is vacant. My landlord does not live on the premises. Is it mandatory (please cite PA state housing law) to provide my apartment for show by the landlord to prospective buyers of the duplex? If it is mandatory, how much notice must the current landlord give to me, the tenant? Please, I don’t need opinions, just state facts.

Administrator answers:

Pennsylvania has an antiquated Landlord/Tenant Law, dating to 1951. There is NO indication of any advance notice of entry required from your landlord. Thus he can show your premises AT WILL. Understand that the premises belong to HIM, and not to YOU. And those ARE the facts. You have NO right to restrict his entry into the premises at any time. Feel free to check with any tenant association within PA. You will get the exact SAME facts.

Richard asks…

is it better to own a duplex, a condominium or rent an apartment?

For a single lady 50+ without revenue (just enough to get a mortgage)

Administrator answers:

Without income, you won’t qualify for a mortgage. So obviously your only option is to rent…which will also prove difficult because you don’t have income.

Paul asks…

we rent a duplex in WI, for over a year we been here. landlord now asking for half water bill, can he do that?

we do not have a lease it was an oral agreement when we moved in. we take care of all the lawn snow, common electric is on our bill. i dont see why we should pay half the water too. Is there a law i can find so he cannot charge us?

Administrator answers:

Incredible that a landlord wouldn’t have a written agreement. He can’t prove what the agreement is. Why pay him at all?

Carol asks…

were can i find section 8 duplex houses for rent in connecticut?

Administrator answers:

Look for ads on Craig’s List that state Section 8 Welcome or Section 8 Approved.

Otherwise, you would have to ask each landlord if they take part in the Section 8 program.

Sandy asks…

are there any duplex’s for rent in pinellas county?

looking for 2 bed / 2 bath for under $800.00 month. Move in by August 1, 2006. Accepts dog under 40lbs.

Administrator answers:

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Good luck with your search.

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