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March 10, 2012

Betty asks…

what are some tips to get a landlord to pick me to rent his duplex?

tomorrow im going to look at a really nice duplex. I really need this, its beautiful and has a nice yard and everything, which i need for my little girl. The thing is, hes showing it to a group of people tomorrow, including my family. (my fiance, my 5 month old, and i). sometimes i feel like im discriminated against, because i am 21, and my fiance is 23, and we have a baby. So i dont want to go with high hopes just to be let down. I have the money up front, and i always pay my bills on time. I think other people my age ruin it for me. lol anyway……what are some tips to get this place!!
alright thanks! i am going to offer an extra months rent.

Administrator answers:

Being a landlord myself I always look highly upon people who can pay the first months rent, security deposit and as many more months rent in advance as they can comfortably afford. Trust me, most landlords won’t say no with 3 months rent in advance paid in addition to the security deposit. If you can afford it do it!

Mandy asks…

What does S/S Duplex mean in the for rent section of the paper?

south side of town or single story? another meaning?

Administrator answers:

Single story or side by side.

Paul asks…

Why can’t you find listing for Duplex Rentals?

Apartments, Townhouses and Condos for rent are all over the place but I would like to rent a Duplex.

Administrator answers:

There are so few duplexes for rent that they aren’t broken out separately. They are usually under apartments or sometimes homes.

Ruth asks…

renting a duplex with a driveway- who’s responsible for maintaining the driveway?

we rent a duplex and the driveway is perilous. not an exaggeration, it’s on a severe slope and it’s completely torn up and filled with pot holes, some as wide as 3 feet. we cant walk down it at night for fear of falling and getting hurt. should it be the responsibility of the owners of the house to fix it, or is it ours? do we have a right to ask for it to be fixed?

Administrator answers:

YES! The owner needs to fix that. Never be scared to ask for repairs. They are legally required to fix anything that is a safety hazard.

Thomas asks…

How do I find an apartment/duplex/house to rent with bad credit?

Three and a half years ago I had to move out of an apartment I was sharing and move into the family home to care for my mother. When she passed away my father was in need of a live-in caregiver so, I stayed on. My father passed away in January and my brother (executor) is selling the house. I am trying to find an apartment to rent but my only creditors (that show up on my credit report) are collection agencies. The only bills I have are the utiIities which I pay (on time) every month out of my checking acount however, they are all still in my father’s name. I’m not working right now but, I do have plenty of money to cover the initial costs of moving (rent/deposit, etc). After the house sells I will be getting x-amount of dollars every month for a number of years which will more than cover my cost of living. How do I get past these obsticles when it comes to filling out rental applications?

Administrator answers:

You look for private renters. People who advertise in the newspaper, white sheet, classifieds. Rental companies will run your credit, regular people who are renting their house until it sells usually won’t.

Jenny asks…

WHAT IS: A good website – to search for duplex’s for rent in Massachusettes???!!!!!!!!?

what is a good website to find duplex‘s for rent in MA?
I have been searching, but they dont have many…?? any ideas?? please?

Administrator answers: handles apartment/duplex rentals.

Mark asks…

Just wondering if I get a 25% rent concession to start what would the final price be on an 800 a month duplex?

I want to live in a 3 bdrm duplex owned by the company I work for if I do the rent will be about 799 a month minus a 25% rent conccesion. Now minus the 25% what would my rent be?

Administrator answers:

Your rent would be $600.

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