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March 21, 2012

Ruth asks…

Are you someone (or knows someone) who has a garage apartment for rent in or close to Charlotte, NC?

We are getting married in June of this year. We are currently renting a one bedroom apartment (less than 500 sq ft) for $625 a month!! We want to move into a bigger place with 2 bedrooms, and at least 1 bathroom (more than 1 bathroom is of course okay). We want to save up money to buy a house, but its hard to do that when we are paying this much money for such a tiny apartment.
We want to get out of living in a complex, and would rather live in a duplex/fourplex..but would mostly rather live in a garage apartment off of someone’s home (you usually get more square footage this way, and it is more private as well).
Our budget is $350-$450 a month, including utilities.
We are non-smokers/non-drinkers, extremely clean, have a cat who is definitely potty trained, have an awesome credit record, we find it extremely important to pay rent ON TIME, and are ready to move in IMMEDIATELY!!
Contact me @ 704-488-7526 or
We look forward to working with you

Administrator answers:

Take a look at:
they really helped me find a place!

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