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February 11, 2012

Thomas asks…

What do we need to know to own and rent out a duplex?

We are thinking of buying a duplex or a house with an accessory apartment. We will be living in one part of it and renting out the other for a couple of years, and then eventually renting out both parts. But we don’t know anything about doing this. Does anyone have any advice?

Administrator answers:

That is a very smart idea. You could not have a better investment idea at this time.

Most cities have an Apartment House Association. You may join this association. They charge a small fee for joining and monthly dues. They also hold monthly meetings for the members so as to keep the abreast of any and all laws and proposed law changes governing tenants and land lording

They can give advise on local rents and what they are. You may purchase rental agreements from them, they have access to credit reporting agencies that will be able to assist you with credit reports for your tenants. Since you will only have one, they might have a system set up where they will run one or two as a service to their members.

They publish a monthly newsletter keeping you abreast of local changes in the laws governing tenant/landlord relations.

I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck.


Michael asks…

I want to find duplex/triplex to rent in phoenix?

I know that there are a TON of small aparment complex in the neighborhoods all around phoenix im looking for any information on where these are, how to find them, if you lived there or have seen them in your area???
ANY small duplex triplex or fourplexs please

Administrator answers:

Many many town-homes in Central Phoenix at great prices. I’d call a rental agent or Management property. Usually people who have properties for rent that want their places kept nice and are better quality and right priced I’d go with the listing they have.

We have a beautiful 3 bedroom 1600 sq. Ft towh home we rented w/an agency. They screened her and did everything for us rather quickly. She has been there for over 3 years now and we are very pleased that we have a great tenant. We lived in the community before we rented it out and loved it. Each group of homes is about 6 units per group. Size depends on which unit you get. From 4 bedrooms to 2 bedrooms.

Robert asks…

House or Duplex for rent?

I’m trying to find a 2-3 bedroom rental house or duplex in Corpus Christi, TX. I’m having a hard time finding anything but apartments. My husband and I do not want an apartment. A duplex would be okay. As long as it has a yard for our son to play in. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Any website would be helpful. Thanks again!

Administrator answers:

No more sharing walls, go for the house. Trust me!

Donna asks…

Am I responsible for yard maintenance in a duplex?

If I buy a duplex and rent both suites out, am I responsible for the yard maintenance, snow removel etc… it is a up down suite with a shared yard. Is there any way out of doing the maintenance if it is up to me to do it? I only own single family homes so far.

Administrator answers:

In the end, it is your contract with them that will determine how the yard maintenance is done. The official contract often doesn’t say anything about landscaping. You can create a separate rider that adds to that contract, and their is nothing wrong with doing so. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but be professional and make sure it is signed and dated. If one of the renters is determined to be in charge of the yard, and that is really up to your discretion, then make the agreement with the renter and write it up in a separate rider that they sign. Typically it will state that the rent will be $xxx if the tenant takes care of the maintenance as described in the rider or a higher dollar amount if the tenant fails their duties. Be specific about what the duties are if you go this route.

You have had some success with having your tenant take care of the yard before. Therefore, if you feel comfortable leaving it to the renter, make it happen. Sometimes a yard is set up in a way (on a multi-unit property) that a tenant doesn’t really see value in keeping it trimmed the way you would like it. At this point it is definitely worth it to make sure that yourself or another professional are taking care of it. Usually the amount that you pay a professional is relatively close to what you would pay or lose in rent to a tenant and the reward for using a pro is a fantastic yard.

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