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March 18, 2012

Nancy asks…

Best place to live in Milwaukee metro area?

I moved newly to WI and Milwaukee area within the least few months. I found out the owners of the duplex I rent are selling so I need to find a new place come April. I currently live on the Wauwatosa/Milw. line and wonder where else to look for a place. I like the Tosa area but what are some other affordable and safe options nearby?
Not East–good to know, how about West Allis?
I work in West Allis, near 70th and Greenfield and would like stay with in 10 miles or 20 mins commute time
I would like to stay under $650 (if nothing is included) for rent

Administrator answers:

The east side is indeed just fine. There are pockets you might want to avoid, but you can tell just by looking. I think it may tend to be pricier as well….

West Allis is ok, although it has a reputation for having a blue collar/working class mentality.

The area you’re in is great, as you know. I’d be willing to bet you can find something in the same general area.

You didn’t mention your price range or how far away you’re willing to go, so I can’t give you the greatest advice.

Thanks for adding the details. I think the east side would be out for you. The price range might fit, but it’ll be a longer drive perhaps than you’d like. For one thing, downtown is just messy to get through. With all the construction going on, it just might not be worth it.

I wouldn’t go much farther east than you are either. It gets a bit dodgy. I know – I live in that area!

I really would recommend staying in the general area you’re in. It’s such a nice neighborhood. Get yourself a Sunday paper and start checking out the apartments for rent. That should give you an idea of what’s available in your area and how much rent will be.

You can always go a little farther west or south. I wouldn’t go north either.

Betty asks…

place to rent santa clarita valley ca?

I am a “baby boomer” woman (on my own) looking for a condo,townhouse,duplex,guesthouse to rent.1 bedroom would be fine. I can only afford $1,300.00 a month.

Administrator answers:

Best way to go is to contact a property management company in your area, they usually have good inventory lists, as most condo/townhome rentals are not listed by owners through the MLS.

Mark asks…

How to find houses to rent in Ann Arbor Mi?

My girlfriend and I have lived in Ann Arbor for almost 3 years in apartment complexes. Our lease is up in July and we are looking into new places.

What are some resources (sites or places) to go to that will help guide us to some available houses to rent. We’re looking for small houses, duplexes, and condos. We dont want anything that requires us to pay the property taxes though. We are looking for anything around the $700 range. Any advice is appreciated!

Administrator answers:

I’ve found craigslist to be a tremendous help, or

Chris asks…

How do you remove a name from the lease between two tenants?

Friends of mine, (a married couple) rent a duplex together. They ended up getting into a dissagreement, that got very verbal and physical, to where they’ve decided that they no longer want the relationship. She’s asked him to leave, he told her no and for herself to leave because his name is on the lease as well. (even tho she is the primary tenant, he’s an additional tenant) neither feel like they should move from the duplex. He has no family here and she has 4 small children from a previous relationship. To move would put both iin an awkward situation… how do you legally remove either name from the lease agreement.

Administrator answers:

I don’t think you can force another person off your lease. There is no legal agreement between you and the other person, the agreement is between the tenant and the landlord. Depending on the terms of the lease, the landlord may be able to remove their name, but I think even in that case, the person has to agree.

The cleanest way to deal with it, unfortunately, is to just wait out the lease until it expires. If you are a good tenant, hopefully the landlord will be willing to write a new lease with only your name on it.

Linda asks…

where can I find townhomes for rent?

I’m looking to rent a house, townhome or duplex in Northwest Indiana but i’m having a hard time finding any posting online. Do I have to talk to a realstate agent? Is there a website with listing in my area?

Administrator answers:

There might be…. Have you tried searching for the Indiana commerce dept. One thing that might help is check your local college, library, post office, city hall, or shopping store. At least in Maryland, they have info about housing in different places and sometimes they have condo booklets for free.

Charles asks…

how to verify an independent landlord?

we found a duplex for rent on craigslist, and we’ll be taking over/signing a new lease.. my question is how do we make sure this is legit and not some scam?

little more info – we’re in texas, met the tenant for the first time today and have yet to meet the landlord, though we have spoken on the phone.

Administrator answers:

You can call the tax assessor or the building department, both know who owns the place and give out public information.

Daniel asks…

Anybody know of any duplexes or apartments with private owners for rent in the Clearwater Largo area of FL.?

I have checked Craig’s List ,St.Petersburg Times, Tampa Tribune and all I keep finding is very expensive properties .I need a two bedroom 1 bath .

Administrator answers:

Did you check on craigslist?

Joseph asks…

How do I find apartments that are not in big buildings but rather in houses or duplexes?

I am looking for an apartment in Pittsburgh, pa but it seems every site except Craigslist (scamville) lists apartments that are part of a community or a high rise. I would like to rent an apartment in a house or a duplex. Does anyone get what I’m trying to say?

Administrator answers:

Talk with a realtor, there are tons in that area that assist with renting. And look at real estate sites, they’re not just for buyers, you’ll find lots of options for renters. A lot of home owners don’t like to deal with showing their apt’s or finding the right tenant, they have realtors do it.

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