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March 31, 2012

Thomas asks…

What is it like to live in West Hollywood?

And what kind of place (apt/house/duplex) can you rent for $1500-2000 a month? Can you get a place with covered parking and allows cats for that? How safe is it?

And yes, I am aware of the gay community – don’t worry, it’s a plus for me.
Just FYI, I may be moving here for a job not because I saw it on tv or whatever in case you’re thinking that.

Administrator answers:

You’re asked similar questions before. As others have been telling you. If this job offer is NOT guaranteed do not move here. Unemployment in California is much higher that in most other parts of the country. The cats may be a problem. Getting cat pee smell out of an apartment is almost impossible, and many landlords may not want that problem

Just curious. Don’t biscuit dough taste better after it is baked than when it’s raw?

Ruth asks…

Where to put the filter for my furnace…..?

Long story short, I rent a duplex and it hasn’t been changed in a long time. I’ve never done it and there were 2 filters sitting side by side in the duct and basically not doing any filtering. So my question is should the filter be right by the return air vent or closer to the furnace? It’s kinda hard to explain how my set up is. Basically a vent in the wall up by the ceiling, goes through some duct work approx 2 ft then a 90 degree drop down to the furnace. The “access hole” to get to the filters was only a small hole about 6″x6″ and the filters that were in there were 16″x16″

Administrator answers:

Yes, I can see how getting a 16 x 16 air filter through a 6 x 6 hole would be hard to explain???

Normally, furnace filters are located within the blower compartment inside the furnace or in close proximity to the furnace on the exterior of the cabinet. They could also be located in a filter grill (the cover of which can be opened for filter replacement) which can be located on a ceiling, floor, or wall remote from the furnace itself.

In mobile homes filters can also be located in the door of the furnace or in the door that separates the living space from the furnace.

If you’re confused about what to do, I’d contact your landlord for enlightenment. After all, it is his equipment.

Good luck.

William asks…

Illegal in-law unit within garage, should I pay rent?

I lived in an illegal unit for 6months. I just found out that it is indeed an illegal unit and confirmed it with my landlord. I feel duped and upset. Should I stop paying rent? I have mold problems with the unit and i believe that the rent i am paying isn’t worth the price….

any suggestions are very welcome!!! thank you

I read this

and it says
D. Withholding Rent

At some point, conditions are bad enough that the law permits and encourages you to withhold rent. This happens when the place is an illegal structure and when the unit has a “substantial reduction of habitability.”

The Illegal Unit

If the place is illegal, such as a converted garage or bootlegged duplex, then under Gruzen v. Henry, the landlord is not entitled to collect or request ANY rent. It is illegal if the structure that is there does not match the “Certificate of Occupancy” or equivalent issued by the City. Chances are, there are plenty of defects in an illegal unit: no contractor would touch it.

For example, a prior landlord might have gotten a permit to build a “recreation room” with a bathroom, on the back of his garage, away from his house. After the room was built, however, he had a handyman come in and add a kitchen in the garage area, put wall board and electrical outlets, etc, in the garage, lay down a carpet, and voila! a “back house” is born. This makes it a two-on-a-lot, where it’s supposed to be a single family house, with a detached garage and recreation room. That landlord sells it as income property to your landlord, who pays a premium to have two units paying rent instead of a house. Because a handyman mickey-moused everything, cut corners, was unqualified to do the work, and never got permits, you now live in this back house with odd shaped rooms and things that don’t work well. Guess why? Similar things happen with two story houses, split into an upstairs apartment and a downstairs apartment, both of which are illegal.

If you check with the City Building Department -Records Section, you can get a copy of the Certificate of Occupancy, certified, for your records. If this is supposed to be a single family dwelling and it’s a two on the lot or duplex, nobody owes rent any more. Why? Because the law is not going to reward a landlord who has an illegal structure, and punishes him by declaring the contract leasing that structure “void.” That’s what the Gruzen v. Henry case was all about. Since the Certificate of Occupancy applies to the entire structure, the house and illegal garage are both included, and neither should owe rent. Not all judges may agree, and the law is not clear here; some judges may only find that the illegal unit’s rent is not due, if one one is.

The same reasoning can also apply where the landlord has added rooms without permits, so that the completed structure does not match the Certificate of Occupancy. The City’s citation orders the landlord to restore the building to its original condition, and identifies the structure as illegal. That solves your problem.

Although you may have uninhabitable conditions that justify your withholding the rent, the illegality of the building and what has to happen lead to no rent at all being due, and no repairs being made. What happens is that the landlord tries to evict you for nonpayment of rent, knowing that the place is illegal, and hoping to get an order that you simply be removed from the illegal structure, without owing rent. This is what the Gruzen case concluded. However, in rent controlled areas, such as Los Angeles, where the relocation assistance has to be paid, the eviction should not be permitted if the relocation money and proper notices to remove a tenant from a dwelling to be removed from the market have not be satisfied. That money is due even if the unit is illegal, under Salazar v. Maradeaga. You may be able to sue to recover the back amounts paid, too.
By the way, I never knew and he never told me that it was an illegal unit till now. UGGH
I live in San Francisco, and I signed the rent control stuff when I signed the lease (which now makes no difference). am I eligible for relocation expenses?

Administrator answers:

You are not required to continue paying rent, but you are not allowed to continue living there rent-free either. The law is not set up so you can legally be a squatter. It is set up to ensure that you are not penalized for breaking the lease if you live in an unsafe dwelling and choose to leave. I highly doubt you live in a rent-controlled structure, so the relocation payment won’t apply to you. Most of Los Angeles is NOT rent-controlled.
If you stop paying rent, he will post a 3 day notice to quit. Once 3 days have passed, he can legally file an eviction against you. He will win. You won’t owe back rent, but you will be forced to leave and you will have an eviction on your record for 10 years.

Maria asks…

Can you rent out part of your house and still be considered the owner/occupant for tax purposes?

The subject of this question would start “In most states…” but Yahoo Answers rejects long subjects. But there is no need for anyone to answer “depends on the state.”

As an example of this question, if you buy a duplex, and only occupy half of it, and rent out the other half, do you still get the homeowners property tax rate? Or if you buy a big house with a lot of rooms, and rent out a few of those rooms?

Administrator answers:

Duplex, yes. The other side/floor is a rental unit and properly used as such.

If you rent individual rooms in a single family home, it’s probably illegal. You need to contact the municipality or county or whatever kind of entity in which the property is located.

When lenders consider income, we will accept the rental income on the duplex if it’s declared on your taxes, but not the money that people residing in your SFR pay you. That’s like roommates pitching in to help with the expenses, and not considered income. H&R Block or the IRS can clarify that, but you’re pretty much SOL in cases like that.

Laura asks…

place for rent…?

Where can I find a duplex/townhome for rent in the dallas fortworth area? Google has failed me and so have the news papers. Please help :) Thanks

Administrator answers:


Sandra asks…

Why is my xslt with html giving me no output?

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Find great
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duplexes. Fair Oaks, Sacramento, Carmichael, Citrus Heights,
Folsom, etc.

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Administrator answers:

is the 3rd line that you submitted..I believe that it should just be html…you put htmml. Seems like a simple typo.

Steven asks…

Can a landlord/property management company deny my application and refuse to rent to me because I’m obese?

Me and my brother have to move out of the house because my father passed away and unknown to us, he had missed a lot of payments on his mortgage and bank is starting foreclosure(he owed way more on the note than what house is worth).

I went and saw a house, a two story duplex, and the rent is very reasonable and so I got two rental applications from the guy who showed the house to me and when I wanted to see the upstairs, he looked at me and at the stairs on the outside leading to the second floor and he mentioned he wasnt so sure cuz I am a big guy(currently 450 lbs but dieting–used to weigh almost 670 lbs–making a 220 pouind weight loss I am damn proud of)and he didnt know if the stairs would support my weight. I got very pissed and mad but palyed it off like it was no biggie and mentioned I would bring my brother to see the second floor he would be renting and the guy then asked “How much does he weigh?” I dont see why he needed to know his weight so I jusat said he weighs a lot less than I do.

I go to turn in the apps and give the app fee and waited and called the next week to see what the results of the application for rent was and the guy “hmm’d” and “uhhh’d ” and then said he needed to “speak with his boss to find out why both our apps were denied and he would call back immediately and that was over a week ago and he has not called back and my calls to him have gone unanswered and always go to voice mail regardless what time i call.

I strongly suspect that we were denied solely because both of us being obese(brother is about 350 lbs). Combined income we make almost 5x what the rent is for BOTH floors of the duplex combined so we know thats not an issue and neither of us have a criminal record or any liens from the IRS on us, so I know we were both denied renting that duplex because of our obesity.

Can a landlord/property management company refuse to rent to me and my brother because we are currently obese(brother is dieting also and has lost a considerable amount of weight). I dont either of them can because our obesity is a disability and unless the law has changed, it is illegal and breaking federal law to refuse rental of a property to someone because of a disability(obesity).

They still refuse to tell why our apps were denied(which i know legally they can not refuse to disclose why a rental app was denied)so I have decided to seek legal counsel and sue both the landlord and property management company. What I want to know is can my lawyer subpeona the rental apps to find out why me and my brother were denied so i can prove what in my heart I know is the reason so I can go ahead and sue them both in court? I am not going to call the landlord or property management company and tell the I am going to sue them cuz I know they will change the denial reason on paper to avoid being prosecuted.

Administrator answers:

You cannot prove that their reason for denying your application is due to your weight. Therefore, you will not win in court. Everything else is irrelevant.

EDIT: “Wildcat” is 100% correct (as per usual). The plain and simple fact is that, even if they did deny you solely because of your weight, it may be based on a fear of structural damage rather than plain discrimination. Congratulations on your acheivements thus far, but you have to understand that they are forseeing a lawsuit from you for hospital costs when you fall through the stairs, not to mention the cost of repairing them. Sorry if I sound insensitive, but it is what it is.

Joseph asks…

What is the name of this movie?

It is a movie about a couple in San Francisco who buy a duplex and rent to a guy who begins to stalk them. They cannot get the guy out because the law is on his side. I think the movie was made in the last 10 years or so. Thanks for answering!! I think it would be considered a suspense film.

Administrator answers:


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