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April 3, 2012

Susan asks…

How much is average for childcare? I have a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a 8mth old. About 8 hr/5days a week?

I’ll explain a little more. I own a duplex which I rent out the top of while my husband and I live down stairs. The renters upstairs have been my friends for a long time and they needed an apartment so we rented to them for $535 a month. After a year we agreed to trade daycare for rent so I could go back to work full time. The “arangment” has gone from no cash exchanged to us paying their car insurance ($90/month) the water bill ($50/month), the hot water ($35/month), an extra $190 in cash per month along with the no rent income ($535/month). We also give them about $60 in random cash when they ask for help.
I provide the formula, diapers and wipes and she provides the food. The kids are upstairs from 11am to 5:30pm and she refuses to take them earlier even though if she did I could get a better schedual. I trust the woman and her son is the same age as my oldest. But there are also some serious disipline issues too. (My four year old now says bad words.) I need some advice

Administrator answers:

Call all the daycares in your area and find out what it would cost for you to take all 3 of your kids to the different daycares and compare them to the woman who is currently watching your children. According to what you’ve posted, you’re paying $960 a month ($535 for rent, $90 for car insurance, $50 for water, $35 for hot water, extra $190, plus $60 when needed – I’m counting that per month) PLUS formula, diapers, and wipes. Ask the daycares in your area what they provide and do a cost comparison.

Lizzie asks…

Can landlords keep rent deposit for wear and tear?

My aunt was at her duplex for 10 years and always paid her rent on time. Unfortunately the landlord is a slumlord and there were lots of things wrong with the place that my aunt pointed out but the slumlord never fixed it or did a half ass patch up. The damages are mostly wear and tear since she was there for years.

Administrator answers:

If it is normal, something that happens to every single place in 10 years the landlord can not deduct.

Not all that much happens in 10 years though. The landlord can not deduct the carpet or painting. But holes in the walls, damage to the counter or cabinets, plumbing, etc, those would not be normal.

George asks…

Anyone know any good websites to search for apartments or houses for rent in Texas?

I am Looking for websites that have rentals for Apartments, Townhouses, Singles Family Homes, Duplexes In Texas.

Administrator answers:

Do they not have craig’s list in Texas?

David asks…

What is the average rent price in Eureka?

For a nice one or two bedroom. I’d like prices for apartments and houses/duplexes.

Administrator answers:

Http:// is your best bet. Just search for Eureka and see the entire range for yourself.

(edited because I made a mistake… Sorry)

Helen asks…

Can you rent out a property that you are renting to own?

One of my neighbors is desperate to sell her duplex for around 30,000. she agreed to do rent to own with us. however this isn’t somewhere we see ourselves staying very long (probably not past 6 months) mostly want it for an investment property. we were wondering if we would be able to move out and rent out both sides while still under the lease with the original owner?

Administrator answers:

If your lease allows it, you can. What you are wanting to do is called subletting, where you lease a property and then turn around and lease it to someone else. You are still responsible for payment of your lease, though, even if your sublet tenant defaults. Before getting into any agreement like that, fully disclose to the owner what you want to do. If you sublet and it’s against your lease agreement, you are in violation of the lease and subject to the owner breaking the lease, and keeping all the extra money you spent during the rent-to-own period.

Sandra asks…

Is a landlord required to have a street lamp on a street when they rent every house on the street?

I live in a duplex there are two duplexes and a house on one little dead end street, the same person owns all three, recently there has been two break ins and two attempted break ins, there is no street lamp at either in of the street, we as a whole ask the landlord to have a street lamp put on the pole and she refused said that if we wanted it to pay for it ourselfs.

Administrator answers:

Street lights are the responsibility of the city or county as the first person indicated. You might ask the landlord to write a letter to the city/county that all of you on the street could sign. Be sure to cite the recent crimes that occurred in the letter. A hint that you want the lights in before someone gets hurt will ‘gently’ remind the city/county that there could be some future liability if you have made this request and nothing was done. Best of luck!

Ruth asks…

buying and renting a home or fliping it?

im 20yrs old and full time student i have 10,000 to my name and want to flip a house or buy a duplex and rent it out how would i go about to get a loan for something like this and any other sugestions i can do to make some profit

Administrator answers:

This is a pretty bad time economically to be flipping houses. Loans are especially hard to get at the time. The fact that you are a full time student and have no income will not be in your favor when applying for any loans. I think you should probably look into other alternative methods for making some extra money.

Maria asks…

How much do u pay for rent?

How much do u pay for rent and is it a house, apartment, or duplex?

Administrator answers:

2/2 1285 sq ft apartment – $817.00 – Tampa, FL
just closed on my house – mortgage is $925.00 for 3/2, 2 car garage & 1600 sq ft – Wesley Chapel, FL

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