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April 9, 2012

Mary asks…

How much would it cost for Gas & electric on average per month?

Im about to rent a small duplex in Middletown RI, I know it has a gas utility source. I have 2 kids If that factors in at all. Im just curious to see what other people are paying to make sure it is reasonable. I know there is a lot more information to get an exact number… I just figured if I could get a couple good answers I might be able to get an idea of what my bill would look like…

Administrator answers:

4 adults living in a house in Maine- $30 electric and $20 gas. Two adults and one child in the house across the street and they pay more than 4 times as much as we do. It all depends on what you feel is “necessary” for your comfort.

Charles asks…

Do people live in downtown Miami?

I am moving to Miami this summer, and still considering where to live. I have been told that traditionally, no one lived in downtown Miami, but that this has changed over the past few years and it is now a good place to live (I would be working downtown, and my grilfirend would most likely be working in SoBe- would it be easy for her to get there from downtown?). Is downtown Miami indeed a good place to live?
If so, are downtown residences primarily condos, or are small houses/duplexes availabe to rent as well?
If it is (as I suspect) mostly cond buildings, what are good ones to live in? (I would really prefer testimonials from people currently living in downtown condos, or people with friends living in one on this point, if possible).
What is the range of rent in the area? I will be working as a lawyer, but for the state, and with a massive student loan burden, so the less expensive the better!

Administrator answers:

Miami is beautiful! I am a paralegal and made the choice to move there but for personal reasons had to return. I was on a job interview in downtown Miami and saw alot of run down apartment complexes, but I dont recall high residency. Miami is pretty big and you can certainly find something reasonable in the City of Miami. I myself was apartment hunting and found some good deals. Best wishes! I hope to return there myself! ( I am soooo jealous)!

Chris asks…

Houses for rent. Where to look?

My husband and I are moving back to our hometown next month. We would really like to move into a one family house for rent or a duplex. Any websites that list these, for FREE? We’re moving back to Syracuse, New York.

Administrator answers: (You’ll see realistate on the side)
Google (Houses for rent in syracuse)

Mark asks…

How do I find a house for rent in Eastern TN?

I am looking for a 3 bdrm house to rent in Eastern TN, but I am having no luck online. I have tried every .com possible, is there a place to just contact homeowners or realtors in this area? I am also not willing to pay more than $600.00 a month, I know these places are out there,since i saw a few that were taken already. If anyone lives down there and knows a good realtor, or just knows of a place to match my description, I’d be greatful for any answers. I am NOT looking for a apartment or duplex–must be a single family home. And they must allow cats. i want to move in by March no later than June, and have securtiy deposit up to $1500.00. Hope this is specific enough to get a specific answer from someone.

Administrator answers:

I encourage you to check out, if you haven’t already. Lots of good rentals.

George asks…

as a renter am i obligated to pay rent if my landlord has all ready foreclosed on their home?

i am currently renting a duplex from a family member. they have foreclosed on the home and the house is up for auction in less than two weeks. they are still proclaiming that they are making their monthly mortgage. am i legally obligated to pay rent still? also after the house is acutioned off, how long will i have to live their before they can legally put me out?

Administrator answers:

LOL. What a sleezy family member you have there dear. I mean… I might pay *only* because it’s family and it was someone I wanted to talk to again. I would advise though treating them as your landlord and not your relatives, for that is what they are at this point. Do what any tenant would do and tell them you need the money because you *unexpectedly* have to find a new place to live! THEIR fault! Not yours! How awful! Legally speaking they have no ground to stand on. I hate getting involved in financial matters with family, they’re annoying enough without it. Lol! I wish you the best.

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