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Your Questions About Duplexes For Rent

February 13, 2012

Helen asks…

where do i find properties for rent like duplexes?

Administrator answers:

Try You can find where the places are that you might like on this website, but don’t sign a contract before you have seen the place in person. (Duplexes are nothing more than apartments…)

Mark asks…

cheap duplexes for rent in austin, tx?

Administrator answers:

How much are they.

Mary asks…

How do rent payments affect my ability to get a loan for a rental property?

I’m looking into buying a home or duplex to rent out. I currently live with my fiance who owns her home outright, so I don’t pay any rent. Will this help or hurt my ability to take out a loan (on my own) to purchase a rental property?

Administrator answers:

If you don’t have rent, it will help, since it’s one less expense, meaning you have more expendable income to use on a mortgage payment.

David asks…

What’s the best place for me to post my duplex for rent with longest time, lease price? any ideas?

Hey Everyone. I am not exactly sure , which is the best website where i can post my apartment for the longest time, and gets viewed the most, and good deal. If any of you experts who have a lot of experience and know for sure which is the best website, please give me some ideas. I will highly appreciate it.

Administrator answers:

Craigs List (it is where I found my apartment)

(link says SF Bay but covers the USA)

Chris asks…

Why would someone contracted out by the bank come to take pictures of the duplex I rent in?

He says the landlord could have some issues, which i know for a fact that he does. It seems bailing his girlfriend out of jail is more important than paying the mortage at times. Is he about to be forclosed on? He says he has it worked but I realy don’t beleive him.

Administrator answers:

You are on the right track here. Keep an eye out for other places to rent, but this is no guarantee you will be forced out. Have a great day.

Betty asks…

Looking for a two bedroom house or duplex to rent in San Jose or vicinity. I am on Section 8 housing?

I am a single mom and I am on section 8 housing. I am looking for a place to rent like a two bedroom duplex or house. I live with my 18 yr old daughter. The reason is the place that I am renting right now is being sold and I want to be prepared. I am a good renter and always take care of my rent payments. I even pay for the repairs(reimbursed by the owner later). I take care of the place like it is my own.

Administrator answers:

I did not think an adult child would qualify you. However, check the SF version of craigslist, they should have homes. Add the word section to your search, as most neighborhoods in San Jose are too high for section 8.

Mandy asks…

Looking for a townhouse or duplex to rent in Nashville, TN?

I am trying to find a townhome or duplex in Nashville, TN to rent and I would like to pay around 615 to 640. But I need to know how do I go about finding one. I don’t have much time. My lease is up June 2nd.

Administrator answers:

I have had great results finding rentals in Nashville on There are listings for all sorts of lease terms and different types of homes. However, just as fair warning, you may have a hard time finding a townhouse or duplex (assuming more than one bedroom) in the price range you quoted.

Steven asks…

what are the guidelines that must be followed to rent out a deplex?

im trying to rent a duplex and the landlord said he might not be able to provide a stove for it is that legal?

Administrator answers:

There is an alternate way..
By which both of you can get satisfaction check here

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