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April 15, 2012

Sandra asks…

What are my rights as a renter in Utah?

I signed a lease to rent out this duplex yesterday in Utah county. As we signed it we noticed some cockroaches & the landlord said that they were going to fog the house before we moved in. I have been tossing & turning all night & decided I do NOT want to live in this house regardless if they fog it & kill them or not. Is there anything I can do to get out of the contract? She also had us sign it & we asked for a copy & she said she would give it to us later. So I don’t know the specifics on early termination fees, etc. I know I sound stupid for signing something before reading it in FULL, but does anyone know a website I can get information about rental laws in the state of Utah, breaking leases, etc?

Administrator answers:

This happened to me in Florida and the slumlord decided to be a jerk about it and refused to let me out of the lease. A lady at my church told me to call the local news station and tell them about it and a reporter showed up with cameras and did a story on it exposing this guy and he got such bad press, he did let me out of my lease on day 3. I’m a single mom with a disabled child though so it brought in public outrage againt this guy. Not sure yours would be the same but I would find out if there is a grace period or renters remorse period in Utah before doing anything else.

Joseph asks…

In your experience what is the best website for finding places to rent?

I’m looking for a place in Travers city Michigan area, but I can’t find a decent website with places to rent listed. I’ve went to, and well everything else that popped up on my search, but nothing has what I’m looking for. I need decent prices, and that will allow pets, so probably not any apartments, but maybe duplex, or small house. Any help or information you have would be greatly appreciated!

Administrator answers:

My brother had awsome luck by just posting what he needed for a home and what he could afford to pay on craigslist.
Craigslist also has a rentals listing

Laura asks…

Can I rent an apartment if I have a credit card judgement against me, but clean rental history?

I am looking to rent a house, duplex or apartment in the next few weeks. I just moved out of my duplex I was renting for the past year. I rented for a year prior to that. Both places I had no issues. I have no evictions as well. However, I have some credit card debt that got thrown over to collections after not being able to pay when I was unemployed almost a year ago. I now have a steady, great job and am going back to school part-time. I can easily afford rent for a nice place, but am wondering what my options are. Would I be better off paying all or a good portion of this debt before trying to rent? Or, can I have my parents co-sign for me and pay off my debt several hundred a month as planned? I would like to know what my options are at this point. I would love for some feedback from renters or people who’ve been in my shoes! Thank you so much.
I understand that I have made mistakes. My question is how do I go about FIXING them at this point, since I am now in a position to do so.

Administrator answers:

I really hate when people give rude answers, and they have no clue what they are talking about. You will have no problem finding a place to rent. Landlords look for any rental disputes in your credit history, and since you have already rented at two places prior without any problems, there would be no issues. Especially if you can get good references from your previous landlords.

Lizzie asks…

Will having a co-signer help us get a home loan with bad credit?

This is our situation: My husband and I relocated for his new job 6 mo. ago. Neither of us has good credit. (I have some hospital bills from several years ago when I didn’t have insurance and we each have an old credit card bill from when we went through a rough patch a few years ago.) We have paid off some other things such as my student loans, another old credit card debt, and a bunch of small things, like money owed to utility companies. Our original plan was to rent for several years while we continued to pay things off. But we’ve run into some problems. Basically in the area we moved to there are no private homes or duplexes for rent, only units in apt. bldgs. The building we live in now is terrible, I can’t continue to raise my child in this environment. My parents (who have nearly perfect credit) have offered to be co-signers for us. We also should have a decent sized down payment. Will we be able to get a decent home loan this way?
I forgot to mention that my husband went back to school and just graduated a year ago so we also have subsidized student loan payments (they are all current).

Administrator answers:

I would recommend looking into an FHA loan. It is not credit score driven and does not require down payment. If you want to e-mail me, I can have a loan officer contact you to see if you qualify for this financing. E-mail me at , I know he does financing for all states.

John asks…

Pennsylvania Landlord-Tenant/Non renewal of lease?

I have a tenant on a month to month lease and have chosen not to renew. My understanding is that you must give 30 days notice. Does the 30 days start from the date the letter is delivered? Also, does it have to be delivered by certified mail? I am in a duplex and rent out the other unit. I want to make sure I do everything by the book because it may get ugly. If anyone knows of any websites where I can go for information, I would appreciate it.

Administrator answers:

I can’t remember the site but if you type in your state with rental laws that should bring you up to where you want to go. Hope this helps. And yes they do need to give a 30 day in .oredr to get deposit back. Good luck

Maria asks…

We are sick of renting apartments. Is there any LEGAL way to rent a house? Meaning,?

We live in NW Indiana. We are a family of 4 that do not qualify for a conventional mortgage. Our credit scores are in the low 500s. We are sick of living and renting apartments. I am on craigslist 4 hours a day looking for a place to rent. Preferably a duplex, townhome, or condo. The problem is, I have read in several blogs and articles that some homeowners are opting to rent their properties, behind the bank’s back, to stay out of foreclosure. Some articles that I have read state that this practice, in some cases, is illegal and if the bank finds out, they can “call” the entire amount of the loan and the homeowner will have to pay it back in full. Not to mention, the renters have to move out. Is this true? Is there any LEGAL way to move into a home/duplex etc that someone has a mortgage on and you just “take over the payments” without having a problem with the finance company.

Before my fiance and I moved in together, he and his family were renting a home from a landlord who had already lost the house they were living in to the bank (or it was being foreclosed upon) but was still advertising it for rent. The bank had no idea about this. One day, he comes home and there are people throwing their things out on the front lawn.

I am afraid that this will happen to us if we don’t do our research and move into a property that isn’t managed by a property management company such as an apartment complex. The price that we are and allot of people alike are paying for a 2 bedroom apartment, can be paid for a 3 bedroom townhome or duplex.

If there is anyone out there who can give is any advice it would be great. I was contacted by someone about a subprime and interest only mortgage but blogs say those are REALLY bad.

Administrator answers:

Do not get a sub prime loan..

Paul asks…

I am going to move in with some friends. We will rent a house and split the rent. How does this work?

It will be an actual house, not an apartment or duplex. Will only one person’s name go on the lease? Or will we have split leases? What is the process? I have never done this before. Will I be responsible for the rent if one of them bails out?

Administrator answers:

In the general every ones name will be on the lease, and each person on the lease will be responsible for the whole rental amount each month, so if one person can not pay the others will have to come up with the monies, if one of the people to the lease leaves, the other will be responsible to the landlord for the whole rent,

Note the other person who left still owes the rent, but the landlord does not care about that they just want the rent so you will have to pay the rent then sue the other person in small claims

Also how are you going to split the bills? Who is going to collect the monies each month to pay the bills? What happens when one person can not pay their share of the bills?

Charles asks…

i want to rent a house?

i have bad credit but excellent rental history for the last 4 years. i want to rent a house or duplex. is there anything i can do to get into a good house or duplex with bad credit? i have been denied so many times and i am sick of paying the application fee. what should i do?

Administrator answers:

The issue of your credit is between you and a potential landlord. Many times in talking with a prospective tenant, a landlord is willing to “take a chance” on somebody because of the “vibe” they get with a prospective tenant. Over the years, some of my best tenants have been people who had less than perfect credit histories. Don’t think that it is not possible to find a nice house to rent. Keep trying. You will find the right fit.

Steven asks…

Information on buying a House?

Honestly Could you guys just reply back with dos and donts. Like maybe certain mistakes that you made which you can tell me so I will not do the same. Buying A house seems to be one of those subjects that I cant get alot of information on.

I am Military,Married I have excellent Credit and my cars are paid off so Idont have extra bills.
I am looking for somthing in the alabama tn or ga area. Mainly Georgia.
I was told not to get a mortgage that is more than 30% of your monthly income.. I was also told to wait about 2-3 more months to watcxh the prices drop on houses.
Im looking for the 110,000.00 range I have no kids. and I was also told to perhaps buy out a duplex and rent the other one out.
Yes I was approved for the 110,000.00 from USAA with 4.99%

Administrator answers:

You are in such a good position to buy a home. All of the advises regarding loan, Mortgage, VA and FHA you received already are great. And i am sure you can find the right loan for you and your budget and with monthly payments you are comfortable with.

A Duplex is always a good idea, if you like having a neighbor whose landlord you are as well.

I think the worldwide rule for buying Real Estate is and has always been location, location, location.

You can always remodell a home but only very rarely change the location of the property. If you picked a loan programm with payments you are comfortable with and have a purchase price set go and pick an area, find a local Real Estate Agent and go “Home Shopping”. Have fun.

By the way, ERA Real Estate has a special program for Military people, you might want to check into that as well. .

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