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April 17, 2012

Helen asks…

Am I allowed to upgrade my house, then use the depreciated value as a tax write-off when I rent it out later?

I own a duplex, and live in one half while the other half is rented out. The Bathrooms on each side need to be remodeled. I would like to both rooms the same, costing about $1500.00 per room. Do I need to enter this (using Turbo Tax) as a depreciated value each year? And can I claim ‘zero use’ for my Bathroom, then change it to 100% later?

Administrator answers:

Some assumptions- You are currently renting out space #2, but are considering renting out space #1, where you currently live, in the future.

The bathroom improvement would be a depreciable addition for space #2. For space #1, the improvement to your own home would be an increase in your basis in the property. If you ever sell the duplex, this will offset the gain, if applicable. If you decide to rent out space #1 in the future, you can depreciate your basis at that time.

Sharon asks…

Duplexes for rent in and near augusta Georgia?

Where are duplexes for rent in and near augusta, georgia. Me and 3 friends are looking for a duplex to split and are having trouble finding any close by. Any help?

Administrator answers:

Here are some rental listings to help with your search.


and some information about Augusta.


Good Luck!

Richard asks…

Is rent negotiable or is it not an option?

I have found a duplex I would like to rent for $575 a month. My budget is $550. The landlord says the duplex will be available to move in August the 1st. Should I try to negotiate the rent? If so, how should I go about doing it?

Administrator answers:

You can always ask. The worst they can do is say no. However if the extra $25 is too much for YOU, then you might want to re-evaluate that $550 budget.

Steven asks…

where is a 2 to 3 bedroom house or duplex or apartment for rent near pacific middle school?

and they have to allow dogs and under 900 dollars

Administrator answers:

In what city are you referring? I actually work for an online apartment search,, and attached a link to our site below. Other good rental sites are,,,

When you are searching also check out and (links below). They will give you reviews on apartments from past tenants so you can know what it’s like living there. For Yelp, just type in “Apartments” under the “Search for:” section.

Hope this helps!

Sandra asks…

Sites to find rentals besides craiglist and jsonline?

Im looking for duplexes and townhouses for rent in milwaukee around the 47th and townsend area for a max of 700/month…anybody know any sites besides craiglist and jsonline that are similar to the two but will stil help me?

Administrator answers:

Check your small neighborhood newspaper. Most small landlords don’t use the internet to advertise vacancies. They put a sign in the window, or an ad in the paper. I don’t know what rents are in the area you want, but $700 for a duplex or townhouse sounds very low to me.

George asks…

Can a landlord rasie your rent within a 2 weeks notice?

I ask the landlord to give me a months notice if they were ever going to raise the rent but they are only giving me a 2 weeks notice… I am going to have to find a another in apartment within the next two weeks because this place is really not wroth the cost they are wanting to raise it to. For further information I am renting half of a duplex and I do not have a contract or written agreementof any kind.

Administrator answers:

OMG, these other answers are SO wrong.


Even in such a case, the landlord must give you notice as prescribed by state law. In most cases, this will be equal to one rental term. In a month to month, this is 30 days or one month.

Jenny asks…

I need recommendation on Background Check websites for new renters.?

We are trying to rent out a duplex and would like to do a background check on the applicants. What websites are reliable, which websites would you recommend?

Administrator answers:

There are 2 main free places for landlords. and ( I dont’ work for either one and they are both free to the public).

You can pay at and which are both landlord-support companies. Their prices start at apx $17 per tenant. ( i don’t work for either one)

Nancy asks…

Is there in Kenosha,Wi free add service for renters?

I have used large national services,to much traffic. I have a duplex apt. for rent. It’s furnished and even the local newspapers put me in “just apartments” a person with furniture doesn’t want my apt!.

Administrator answers:

Call the local collages and ask if there are any students that are interested in renting. My daughter went to Carthage and students were always looking for something.
Hope it helps.

Mary asks…

If i co-own a property in Philadelphia, do we both need a business license to rent it out?

The property is a duplex. Would getting a license for a Partnership be easier or more suitable?

Administrator answers:

You don’t need a “business license” to be a landlord – that isn’t a business

there may be other permits/licenses involved – head down to city hall

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