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April 20, 2012

Donald asks…

Is it possible for me to buy property in the US?

I am an 18 year old undergrad student at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta Canada. I am a Canadian citizen and have no prior credit history. I want to buy a duplex or fourplex to rent out in St. Louis (where I eventually hope to move). Can I mortgage a property (under $100K) from outside of the country?
I would definitely not buy the house sight unseen! (I’ve seen some shows about that!) Thanks for your help. 10 pts.

Administrator answers:

The issue isn’t that you are a Canadian citizen (non-citizens can own property in the U.S.), the issue is getting a mortgage without a credit history. Given the credit crunch at the moment, you would probably need $30K to put down on a $100K house (if such a thing exists), and would need to prove that you can pay the mortgage. I am hoping you would nor purchase anything sight unseen. Your ambition is admirable, this is not impossible, just difficult, but some things in life are just that way and many overcome the difficulties, good luck!

Ruth asks…

Moving 2 Columbia, MO. Need to find a 2 bdrm house that accepts a rottweiler…any suggestions?

I’ve been searching for nearly 4 weeks and cannot find a home or townhome/duplex to rent that accepts a rottweiler as a pet. I’m looking to spend approx $500 a month. He’s a sweet boy. Very well trained and maintained. I’ve tried several agencies, but no help. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or know of anyone willing/needing to rent out a place for me, my husband and my dog? We are re-locating from California to Columbia, Missouri. My husband is in Missouri now and is finding it difficult.

Administrator answers:

Listing Has Photos

Southview Drive
Columbia, MO 65203

2 bed/1.5 bath/1 car garage duplex, $475/month, pets ok
Affordability and low utility bills makes this duplex your best buy in town. This 2 bed/1.5 bath unit features an extra large kitchen with lots of … More details

Maria asks…

New baby on the way and no money?

I’m 35 years old, got married last year, and am now five months pregnant. Both my husband and I have jobs (him – maintenance; me – admin for investment firm) and make a combined income of $70k. We rent a duplex for $850/month and some years ago (before I thought I would ever get married and have kids) decided to default on my student loans. Well, they’re back with a vengence and I’m in repayment. We went to pre-marriage counseling who advised us to set aside a lump sum every month for each us to spend at will with no accountability. We go out to dinner about 3-5x a week and, in general, have a very busy social calendar. I also have a mani/pedi every week. These are the realities of our life. I like nice things and being pampered. However, we hardly have $1000 in our savings. We do have some put away in my work’s 401k but that’s it. I’m not worried about the $$ but my husband is. He wants to buy a house someday. Any advice for the reluctant?
I will have to continue working. We need the money. To be honest, I like picking up the bill for people and showing my generosity. I like buying people gifts. I truly feel that people who nitpick about money are cheapskates. My husband makes about $10k less than I do so it would be impossible to just live off his salary. We will need to put the kid in daycare as well.

Administrator answers:

Of course when the bad guys rob a bank in hollywood movies and say they have no money they are talking about relative povery and also relative to other countries.of course your husband is correct to insist on buying a house and feathering the nest with baby on the way.i am not even going to waste time on reprimanding someone with your obvious training and intelligence for asking a question to which you quite clearly know the answer and at some level in your mind you are making some sort of point which may well be that you despair at your lack of self control
the really interesting aspect of your letter is we all have fallen for the advertisers’ message of self indulgence;our moral fibre has disappeared after years of a lifestyle where everything is possible.but make no mistake it is not only in the next life that we will pay for our weakness
the other point is that overspending is just a bad habit;the amount of your money that is dribbling in little bits of careless impulse spending will be far more than you suspect;in particular in the matter of food you can reduce your spending by at least a third and improve your health though admittedly i would never have done it except that i would have wound up blind
your letter proves that your conscience is not dead but dormant and that you wefre asking us to kick you up the backside.consider yourself so admonished though i despair that if a character like you is only vaguely aware of your motives what hope for the average joe in the street?

Chris asks…

help looking for a 2 level home to rent?

I am looking for a 2 level home to rent. wetherit be a ownhouse a duplex 1/2 a duplex or even an apartment thats two levels looking in the boston metrowest area needs to be 3 bedrooms with an extra room for an ofice or a bedroom if utilities are included then 1300 is my highest if not 1100 is my highest anyone know where to look i tried criagslist but no luck, help! :)

Administrator answers:

Search for townhouse, that is what you would call a 2 story duplex.

Laura asks…

Where are the best places to rent in Houston area?

I have been browsing for awhile online trying to find an area of Houston that has a lot of inexpensive duplexes and or houses for rent. I don’t really like living in the city, but might need to for job purposes.

What I’m looking for is a nice quiet family suburban area ( the woodlands and spring are too far ) , not too far from Alvin that rents decent newer one story homes with a fenced yard for around $500-$800. I don’t need a big 5 bedroom house, which is all I’ve come across in my searching. A two bedroom 2 bath would do just fine. I’ve found a lot of the housing that I like online in the Fort Worth area, and don’t understand why I can’t find them in the houston area. If someone could point me in the right direction, neighborhood, and/or website I would really appreciate it. And if you don’t have anything helpful to say, please don’t post an answer.

Administrator answers:

Search on

Click “Lease” (top of second column),
Under Location (middle of left column), highlight “Alvin”
Input $800 max in the lease price. Leave minimum empty. You could find a great deal.
Click “SEARCH”
(I only saw two options that don’t look like what you want. The best option is a townhouse for $650)

Plan B. Back to the same page, but broaden your area and include the cities around Alvin. Search Friendswood, League City, Pearland as well.

Plan C: Search Craigslist

Charles asks…

Thinking moving to Georgia, small area, low crime rate and good resonable amount for rent for a 1 bedroom?

HI am 24 years old current live in Clarksville, TN only been here for 4 months, originally from Texas. Im thinking about moving to Georgia. Looking to live in the outskirts of atlanta, somewhere like 45 minutes to an hour. Low crime rate, good neighborhood, good resonable amount for a 1 bedroom apartment or duplex and also good school area and great jobs

Administrator answers:

If a good school district is your focal point, consider East Cobb. There are a number of apartment complexes ranging from new and expensive, to older, with fewer amenities.

The schools in Smyrna are not top-drawer, but other than that, I think it’s a great place to live. An advantage is the proximity to Atlanta, and the job market around the Galleria area.

Another area to consider is Norcross. Apartments also available at different price points and not a bad commute to town.

Daniel asks…

If I fall in the home I rent and break a bone what rights do I have?

So I live in CANADA.. I’ll just mention that in the beginning because it could be different based on where you live.. But I live in a duplex house which i rent so there’s someone on the floor under me and I’m on the top floor. In my bathroom I have tiled floors and from the ceiling every time it rains it leaks onto the floor and makes it very slippery and I have to put down towels etc.. I have mentioned this to my landlord MANY times that I would like this fixed because well, who really wants to walk into their bathroom and get their socks soaking wet? So I’ve mentioned this numerous times, still hasn’t came to do anything or even asked me about it. So today I came home from work and I walked in and *Almost* Slipped and fell, I want to know, if by any horrible chance, I slipped and maybe broke a leg or arm or something and had to take time off work for months or had a bunch of medical expenses what legal rights would I have? Could I sue my landlord for not fixing this? Why should I have to worry about cleaning up the leaking roof with my expensive towels ! Lol! , really though, I mentioned it to him numerous times, and nothing, hasn’t even looked at it and it happens literally EVERYTIME it rains. And I don’t want to one day walk in, fall break my leg and not be able to go to work because I can’t walk!!!!

this may sound silly to some.. but just wondering what would happen in this situation?
I love my home and it’s in the perfect location, perfect size, perfect price I lvoe everything about it expect for the leak!!! And I don’t think it’s something I should have to move because of – I think It should be fixed for the safety of the tenants and simply because who leaves a leak in their roof?!!
also to add I do NOT want to have to sue him, I do not ever want to break any bones I’m just saying what IF it were to happen, what rights would I have? Since I have told him about it approx 3 times already
Hehe I don’t want any money, I don’t want to have to take time off work because something silly like this I just don’t want to come home to soaking wet floors anymore everytime it rains :( That is all!

Administrator answers:


Forget hypotheticals here: If you’re not just looking for a cashgrab, then you actually want the problem fixed, which means making an application to the Provincial tribunal for landlord tenant matters. (In Ontario it’s referred to as the Landlord Tenant Board.)

You might seek legal advice on how best to proceed, but I can say that the Ontario LTB has a pretty handy web site in terms of its own processes…

Helen asks…

May be moving to the Seattle area soon. Need help finding a place to rent that allows 2 cats and 2 dogs. Help!?

My husband may be accepting a position at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. If so, we would be up there within the next 4-6 weeks. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs (all are altered, dogs are 40 and 50#, kenneled during the day). Every apartment we have found allows only 2 animals and we have yet to find a duplex or home for rent to allow all our “kids”. We would only rent for 6-12 months, we plan to buy a home as soon as we can. Pet fees will not be a problem. Does anyone know of a place or a person I can get into contact with?

Administrator answers:

You might want to look on Craig’s list or even post in yourself in the “housing wanted” section:

Mary asks…

For people that own Duplexes! My husband is buying a Duplex! Need some help?

Should I allow my husband to buy a duplex? If so why and if not why? Also how do you guys like owning duplexes? Do you really make money from it? We are going to live there in rent out the other side out! God help us!!! I have choice to be on the deed or not what one should I pick? Also why?

Administrator answers:

Unless you truly understand and are aware of ALL the landlord/tenant laws governing your state……don’t become landlords……

Some states are very straightforward in their rules, like Arizona….some states, like Massachusettes have rules that can bankrupt a landlord if the tenant is the least bit savvy….

If the mortgage is a burden WITHOUT tenants…….don’t do it….rental income should always be “gravy”…..most landlords fail because they rely on the income……and find themselves w/ consecutive deadbeat tenants….

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