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May 13, 2012

Charles asks…

I need help finding a place to live!!?

I’m 22 years old and about to have a baby. Currently I’m living with my boyfriend at his apartment but we want to move to a better location so that I can be closer to my parents so they can help me with the baby. I’ve only lived at apartments since I moved out of my parents house but now with the baby I want to find a house or duplex to rent. I just have no idea how to go about it. I’ve looked in the paper and tried to find places online but I feel like I just don’t even know what to look for!! Advice please?

Administrator answers:

Check out some of the places listed in the paper even if it is not what you are looking for, sometimes these owners have other apartments in the area that aren’t listed. That’s how I find my two bed room apartment.

Ken asks…

What is considered a “nice” or “large” apartment?

I come from a pretty upper class family and my best friend and I are looking at apartments for me, particularly in the coral gables/miami area. I’m new to this, so what square footage should i look for for a 4+ bedroom apartment or duplex? What rent is considered to be expensive for an apartment like above? Does the location have a huge impact? I’m not looking for specific apartment buildings unless you have any ideas, just some facts on square feet and price. Thanks :) :)
ok could i get some real answers please? i don’t mean to be rude. here are some details i guess:
My name’s Olivia i’m 23, moving to Miami area with my best friend Ashley. We aren’t romantically interested. She has a boyfriend named Johnny who might stay the night once in a while. What would a nice, spacious apartment cost and what is the square footage of a “big” apartment or duplex. thanks :)

Administrator answers:

O.K. Apartments. You will need: At least one window, a ceiling, a floor, You might want some walls, I dunno how you fell about your “friend”. You’ll need doors if you want walls thought, seriously trust me. As your from an “Upper class family” you might be able to afford this brand new electricity thing, I dunno its abit over rated if you ask me. Ensure your near a local park so you don’t have to buy a toilet.

Betty asks…

Do any girls have the same ambition i do?

So now i am 28 and have a job a car and my own place , but i am busy cuz i am currently going back to college to become a physical therapy assistant.My job OK but it a dead end job and it is nothing i am passion at about doing forever . Retail sucks and i do not like it at all so it was time to do some thing new.

I have to apply to get into the physical therapy assistant program. They just do not let anyone in. So studying hard is key and good grades on top of that.

I got to job shadow working with kids and I liked it. I think i want to work with kids with disabilities and kids autism and cerebral palsy.also work with kids who need help improving gross and fine motor skills, balance and coordination, strength and endurance as well as cognitive and sensory processing/integration. Children with developmental delays, cerebral palsy, spinal bifida. things like that.

To me kids do not bug me at all and i a good listener and i have a ton of patience’s and very easy going kinda guy. Also i am sensitive and have empathy for people.also very good at encouraging and teaching people and i have a calm and soothing voice.

Moving back to my home town of Bellevue, Washington .It is pricey but a good place to raise a family and good schools.The average family household income is 82k last time i checked. Last year it was voted the 4th best place to live in America.

They have good private schools and that my only demand that we send are kids to a private schools. I just think it will be best.

Investing in the stock market is some thing I going to be doing soon. Renting for a few years and investing in the stock market and then buy a house with cash .

Also i want to build a nest egg so when the kids come we have some money saved up.

I want to get into the real estate game and buy a few houses or duplex and rent them out to people

My dream is to have a summer home in italy or spain .So we can go every summer to get away from it all for a few weeks.

Anyway i want to start a family some day and do all the stuff i never got to do. I want to spent more time with my kids then work all the time. I want to give them the opportunity to play sports if they want to it is up to them. I be there to help them if they need help with there home work of just hang out with my kids. I want to go on family vacations and go on short tips together. Also just do things as an family and spent all the time we can together. Last thing i want to make time for my kids and if i have a son i want to take him to sporting events and all that.
As far as a wife goes I want her and i to be good friends or best friends and lovers. I know Every thing will not always be perfect and it takes hard work and all. I do know if i have a good woman and my kids that is all i need to be happy.

Being supportive of my woman is important. when we have kids i want to give her the option of being a stay at home mom or if she wanted work part time or full time what ever. If she wanted to stay home with the kids for a few years I am fine with it. Also if she wanted to go back to college to have a new career or advance in her job that fine as well. I hope this not shallow but i want a woman that has a career not a job. Like a teacher or nurse.

I am not the type of person to just be happy with the way i am. What i mean by that is i want to grow as a person and learn new things and try new things . Improving your self and working on your weaknesses . No one is perfect but you can still work on your self in some way.

I just do not want to let my self and family down and when i meet a nice girl i do not want to let her down.

There are a lot more thing i want to do in life . Just finding the right balance of work play family money to do it all is hard. If i fall short i at least know i gave it my all and get back up and keep at it.

One thing i do believe is if you work hard good things will come from it no matter what.

Administrator answers:

There are millions of women as ambitious as you and there are women who are even more ambitious.

Michael asks…

How do I handle two or more rental applications simultaneously?

I have a duplex for rent and this market is being a little weird with mid-month moves and such. but my question is hopefully easy. If I have 2 or more applications this weekend to turn in for monday is there some way to give preference to one or the other. lets say i get 3 applications, turn them in monday for background check and they all come back great. All for the same unit. Can i just pick one? Does anyone know of a specific law that would hinder this. Should it just be the first applicant to return that app?

As a second question. If someone turns in an app on saturday and then someone else turns one in on Sunday plus wants to put a deposit down, do you see any ethical or moral obligation to the first applicant? My thought is that, if the first applicant was offered to put a deposit and they declined then that would be fine. But I must admit, i do not mention a deposit or holding fee. usually it is that cagey applicant that really wants the place and makes the offer on their own. Thoughts?
All great answers. Thanks. I have decided to NOT take deposits. Sorry,, get the background check and if you clear I will call you if you get the place. No first come first serve. I also drive by the current location. Nice to know I am not the only one to do this.

Administrator answers:

No, do not take the deposit. That removed choices.

If you can’t decide take the first one.

I usually take the cleanest one. Drive by their present place, check that out. Take note if they had messy or neat car.

George asks…

Rent to Own contract in Connecticut for condo?

Does anyone know of any good resources to get free information for writing up a rent to own contract. We are selling a single family attached home (previously a duplex) with a down payment of $5000 and partial rent credit for 12 months. Examples of contracts would be helpful.

Administrator answers:

This is connecticut specific Lease with option to purchase contract you can view for free using this link:

If you decide to use it, it does cost $18.00. You can download a copy of it for your personal use.

Here’s a very helpful landlord site with many free useful features:

You can ask landlord specific questions also.


Remember, yhowever, you often get what you pay for. Assuming you can find free, it may not necessarily be the best route to take.

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