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February 10, 2012

David asks…

how can i find duplexes for rent in west valley city utah?

town homes, condos, duplexes for rent.

Administrator answers:

Try these sites….

Sharon asks…

Does anyone know any cheap apartmens or duplexes for rent?

I live in El Paso texas & im looking for a place, i Need the rent under 400$
And at least 2 bedrooms. Im not looking for anything fancy so please let me know if you know anything at all.

Administrator answers:

What you need to ask is that for $ 400.00 a month…….would you pick a crime ridden gang neighborhood……….

The price depends on the ” HOOD”…………

Chris asks…

what are some good websites to find houses and duplexes to rent?

i’m trying to find a place for me and my boyfriend to live and it’s alot harder than i thought. cause we something affordable but nice…

Administrator answers:

There are no sites that work perfectly. is the best place to start. Then try but it mostly has apartment buildings. can work.

Landlords are usually smart businessmen. They know what their duplex is worth. If it is in a nice area, you will pay for that advantage. You may have to spend more than you want.

Walk into a real estate office. Ask a friendly agent if she will put you on her email list of new rentals. Offer to buy her lunch if she will do that. You will then get the new rentals at the same time that she does.

Jenny asks…

Is there a website that will list ALL the houses and duplexes for RENT in my area?

I live in Lebanon Oregon and am looking for a 3 bedroom place (preferably not an apartment) for under $600/month

Administrator answers:

Try going to a lebanon real estate agent’s website. If they’re up on their game they should have all the available listings for everything available on their site. If you need help finding one, try this directory. Http://
worth a try ;)

Steven asks…

apartments or duplexes for rent in the mansfield school district, zip, 76001?

T. A. Howard school area, 2 bdrm, 2 bath.

Administrator answers:

This is an international forum, the chances of anyone knowing where Mansfield is is remote at best. Someone knowing of a place? Highly unlikely.

Try a more localized venue such as craigslist or the local paper.

Richard asks…

whats better to buy to rent, duplexes or houses?

duplexes are more expensiver i think? i’m 20 and i’m going to work alot for the money for mortgage, and let my tenants pay it off, but whats better, should i start as a house or duplex? right nnow i just have book knowledge and no apartments or houses, just beginner

Administrator answers:

The key is making sure your rent covers the mortgage so if you are buying a house or duplex in a poorer neighborhood you probably can’t charge as much rent, and if it was richer neighborhood you can charge more but your mortgage will be higher as well. Word of advice in my situation the money is better with duplexes but the work is harder a lot more time and effort

Betty asks…

Does anyone know where I can look for houses and duplexes for rent in Austin Tx?

Administrator answers:

The MLS is the best source for finding non-apartment rentals. Click on Find a Property and then click Lease. It allows you to search by area, zip code, price, #beds/baths and type of dwelling like house, duplex, etc.

Ruth asks…

How do I find listings for houses/duplexes for rent in Tulsa.?

I want specific addresses of properties for rent.

Administrator answers: will give you the classifieds. Or there are locating services for around $70 you can get listings suited to you.

Lizzie asks…

i need to find a web sight that showes me duplexes for rent. In nashville tn.?

Administrator answers:


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