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Your Questions About East St Louis Mo

September 6, 2012

George asks…

Where in the St. Louis, MO, or surrounding area (including going to Illinois) could I get a parakeet boarded?

My friends live in St. Ann (a suburb of St. Louis, MO) and need some boarding options for their parakeet when they leave on vacation. Are there any professional places that would board parakeets? The quality of care is more important than the cost in this case.

They are more likely to head east than west and go through central Illinois a lot, so being a little over the river for distance is fine too. I’m not sure the bird could take a ride all the way to Effingham, Illinois, or Springfield, Illinois, but those might be some options too.

The bird has its own cage that can be dropped off. Its wings aren’t clipped and it likes to play outside its cage sometimes, and it likes having music or TV on when people aren’t around.

Administrator answers:

You could find a local in home pet sitter, or go to a local pet store (NOT A COOPERATE STORE) local stores will usually watch animals for a small fee, birds sometimes their is no charge as some petstores just like to have animals around them, that are not for sale, seriously check with a local pet store or a in home pet sitter

Ruth asks…

I’m driving from Fayetteville, Ar to Baton Rouge, La to St. Louis, Mo, anything cool to look at on the way?

Basically road tripping for spring break. Would like to see stuff on the way if at all possible.

basically the routes are

and then

Administrator answers:

Here you go: National Parks Unusual Stuff

Donald asks…

Family with kids looking to move from St. Louis MO to Tampa Fl, need help?

I dont want to live in the city downtown, but would live to live somewhere in the suburbs north, east, or south of the bay. My husband and I both work and would have to commute to work. I want to live somewhere affordable but nice and with a good community to raise kids. I am tired of St. Louis and the cold weather. I commute a hour to work each way. I would like to try and get that commute when we move under an hour. Does anyone have any suggestions or info? How about info on Ruskin FL, Apollo Beach area, or North of Town & Country? I saw some good home prices in those areas. What is it like to live there, and what can you do for fun with the kids? Any help would be great. Thank you

Administrator answers:

I also looked in Apollo Beach and Ruskin, mine was going to be a vacation/retirement home. You will find it’s a good time to buy property in Fla. Property values have dropped 50% in the last 2 years, tons of repos . Fun stuff, Disney World 1 1/2 hours east, and the gulf just miles away. Down sides, properly more crime than your used to. But not having to deal with snow has a price, it can still get cold, it was in the 20′s at night for a few days this winter. ( my in laws live not too far from where you are looking)

Steven asks…

Does Springfield, MO get more tornadoes than the St. Louis area?

Recently I’ve been contemplating moving to Springfield. I’m about an hour southwest of St. Louis now, in Cuba, MO. We get plenty of severe thunderstorms throughout the spring and early summer, with the occasional watch and warning. Most of it typically hits St. Louis, south and east. I have no issue with severe thunderstorms, but I have anxiety over tornadoes. My friends from the area say they don’t get many; that most of it goes south, and even what they do get is often nothing substantial. Does anyone know about the weather down there, or has anyone lived in both areas to compare the two? I’d appreciate it.


Administrator answers:

I don’t think one area is more tornado prone than the other. This past storm in St. Louis was the worst in 40 years and at least no one was killed so I wouldn’t make this the deciding factor in your move.

We have a weekend place in Cuba and enjoy it a lot. Our biggest worry is getting off the lake in time when a storm rolls in. Good luck with your move.

Sandy asks…

Downtown St. Louis MO?

Outside of the Art Museum in downtown MO there is a statue of a man on his horse, on top of Art hill, with his sword pointed to the sky. In what direction is the statue pointed? (North, South, East, West)

Administrator answers:

He is pointing North to Nebraska

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