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Your Questions About East St Louis Mo

September 17, 2012

Mandy asks…

What is the most dangerous cities in America?

My opinion
1) Gary, IN
2) Camden, NJ
3) East St. Louis, MO
4) Newark, NJ
5) Flint, MI
6) St. Louis, MO
7) Youngstown, OH 8) Detroit, MI
9) Blacksburg, VA
10) Benton Harbor, MI

Administrator answers:

I think it’s Lynchburg, VA. Joking. I would have to say that over the last 30 years, it’s Detroit and D.C. However, Detroit has totally improved, and it’s safe downtown where the tourism is. DC is bad in parts and good in others.

Joseph asks…

Worst side of St. Louis, MO? Project, need info.?

I know every place has its good and bad, but what side has the most bad places? North, South, East, West? Or the worst towns. (and where they are located)

Worst as in probably the most gangerous, worst ‘ghetto’s or hood’ places, slums.. etc. Things like that.

Its for a project, i picked this b/c i once lived there, but it was only until i was 7 so i dont know much. I looked up alot of information but it didnt really cover this subject. And it doesnt say directly.

*From what ive heard the East side is the worst. Is that true, would you agree?

Thanks to everyone that answers! This is a huge part of my grade and i really need to do good. Its like a 3 page report.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know what the heck Dian is talkng about, There is a East Saint Louis…

I live in Saint Louis, not the city or downtown, but like 20-30 minutes away in the good part..

But the worst part of the city is definitely the EAST side.

There’s druggies, gang fights, and it’s really poor.

That’s where most of the crime is.

Hope I helped!

Paul asks…

I’m moving to East St Louis in a matter of a week or so. What should I know about the area?

I’ve never been outside my hometown of Pensacola, Florida so keep in mind this is a big city to me and a HUGE move. I dont have a choice though as I am a single mom finding myself recently homeless just staying briefly on neighbors goodwills til I can make the trip to stay with an old friend who has set up shop in MO. I have a lot of office admin experience but havent worked in a few years. My daughter is 3 and has never been to preschool. I’m moving with next to nothing. What should I know about the area? Best daycare? Best sites to search for jobs? Cheapest places to stay temporarily….permanently? Etc…

Administrator answers:

Move to the St Louis side in the city. There are some very reasonable flats for rent but you will have to have some type of job to pass any credit check. I’d suggest that you stay put if you can till you save up enough money to live on for a few months unless your friend in St :Louis is willing to support you for a while. All rentals will ask for first and last months rent in order to move in. St Louis city has a lot of preschools that are subsidized but you would have to be in the state assistance system to get any subsidy. Make sure you get in a preschool that is state licensed for safety. Most of the shelters in town are overcrowded or full and really arent where you would want to end up with a three year old so be careful about moving too quickly without a job or money to tide you over. You shouldnt have any trouble at least getting temp work through agencies here in town for office work while you search for permanent employment on sites such as Career Builder, Monster or even Craigs List. Many of the places that you will be able to afford are in poor areas and may be in unsafe neighborhoods so I’d look at them as just temporary. There are a lot more opportunities in St Louis rather than East St Louis.

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