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October 10, 2012

Richard asks…

Does anyone know which purses were called today in the Y98 Pick Your Purse Contest (St. Louis, MO)?

Squares already won:
1 & 27: Coach Millie Straw Hobo
2 & 42: Kate Spade Tarrytown
3 & 10: Burberry Small Malika Hobo
4 & 8: Kate Spade Bridge Hampton Stevie Bag
5 & 18: Jill Stuart Cassianne Leather Tote
6 & 22: Dooney & Bourke “Sara” Bag
7 & 49: Kate Spade Darlington Jackie Straw
9 & 29: Hobo Int’l Madelena Hobo
13 & 23: Kate Spade Paisley Small Lydia Bag
14 & 33: Coach Madeline Millie Straw Hobo
17 & 19: Burberry Claudia Drawstring Bag
21 & 38: L.A.M.B Trenchtown Clutch
24 & 30: Burberry Medium Warrior
25 & 28: Jill Stuart Virginie Grey-Purple Patent
34 & 46: L.A.M.B. Asti Green Glazed
36 & 48: Cole Haan Village Soft Pink Tote

Other squares that have been revealed:
20: Kate Spade Darlington Ava Straw Clutch
26: Cole Haan Pebble Green Leather Hobo
35: Marc Jacobs Lovely Aline Satchel
37: Coach Ergo Signature East/West Satchel
40: Burberry Nova Check Shoulder Tote (not sure about this one)
41: Burberry Nova Check Shoulder Tote (?)
47: Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock Lad
Someone just played the game in the 4:00 to 5:00 hour on Monday and chose #17, which has already been won.
6/4/08: Someone chose the wild card under square number 12. Also won was the Marc Jacobs twig brown bag under squares 35 & 39. Another bag won today was the Kate Spade white bag with the red strap: squares 40 & 44.
Lastly, the Marc Jacobs totally turnlock lad was won under squares 15 & 47.
The two answers below by “basket04″ and “Tii” are not very helpful.

Administrator answers:

The Coach Ergo was won this morning in the six o’clock hour. It was under 37, but I didn’t hear what the other square was. Did anyone hear it?

James asks…

Does anyone know which purses were recently called in the Y98 Pick Your Purse Contest (St. Louis, MO area)?

I am missing the matching square for the Dooney & Burke Sara bag in white.

Burberry Claudia 19 17
Burberry Mdm Warrior 30 24
Burberry nova check 41
Burberry sml malika hobo 3 10
coach ergo signature pleated east/west satchel 37
Coach Madeline 14 33
Coach Millie straw hobo 1 27
cole haan pebble grn lthr hobo 26
Cole Haan Village Soft pink shldr tote 36 48
dooney & bourke sara bag in wht 22
hobo intl madelena hobo 9 29
Jill Stuart Cassianne Sky Blue lthr tote 5 18
jill stuart virginie grey purple patent 25 28
kate spade brigdehampton stevie 8 4
kate spade darlington ava straw clutch 20
kate spade darlington jackie straw 7 49
Kate Spade NobHill Anne Wht Pebble Lthr w/ red strap 44
kate spade sm lyndia bag 13 23
Kate Spade Tarrytown Quinn Ylw Bag 42 2
LAMB Astti Green Glazed 46 34
LAMB trechtown Manchester 21 38
Marc Jacobs Lovely Aline satchel 35
marc jacobs totally turnlock lad 47
Michael Kors Michael
I am pretty confident that the Burberry Nova Check shoulder tote was square 41, NOT 40. I thought that was what I heard, and wrote it on my gameboard. I saw another post that stated that it was 40, but I believe they are mistaken.
I listen live. I have been listening ALL DAY and only heard PYP during the morning show about 8:35am, and just now at 4:11pm. I didn’t hear it all during the midday show with Kelly Corday.
Looks like Burberry Nova Check shoulder tote was indeed 16 and 41… and now its history.

Administrator answers:

D&B Sara Bag in White was under #6 & # 22

Do you know if the Burberry is under #40 or #41 – that is the only one I’ve missed.

Do you listen live or via streaming radio? For some reason – the streaming radio is NOT allowing me to catch the PYP – it seems as if they haven’t done any today.

Did anyone get the match for 35 and 44? I know the 35 was won with the Wild Card – but I didn’t hear if they announced the true match for it.

Did anyone get this morning’s match to the 37 – I was in the shower and they did it around 6 am! Ugh.

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