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Your Questions About East St Louis Mo

November 14, 2012

John asks…

First snow of the season?

I’m from western illinois. I’m about 10 miles north east of st louis mo. I live rite off the mississippi river. I was wonder when the first snow or ice will fall? Is there a way to tell by the way the season is going? I think since we had a rough tornado season that we will have a rough winter… I’m assuming that the first snow will drop on or around thanksgiving… what do u think or know?

Administrator answers:

No really reliable way to tell. The events of an earlier season do not really correspond to events of a future season. The pattern is shifting towards a cooler one for the middle of the country over the next week or two and you could possibly see your first snow by mid-November.

Nancy asks…

Short-term parking at St. Louis Lambert?

I’m driving East on I-70 from Columbia, MO to the St. Louis Lambert Airport and wish to use short term parking so that I can say goodbye to some friends before they depart. What’s the easiest way to get to the hourly parking garage? Last time I followed the signs and ended up 10 miles down the road at a long-term lot, is the closest parking garage that St. Louis has to offer?

Administrator answers:

There are parking garages in front of the main terminal and the east terminal. You’d use the east terminal garage for Southwest airlines, all others fly out of the main terminal. The signage is horrible at Lambert — I’ve gone to the airport countless times and still get turned around trying to get to the garage parking. Good luck!

Sandra asks…

Where to go for a family vacation?

My family is going on a vacation this summer and my brother and I are in charge of picking the place to go, but it can’t be more than 6 or 7 hours away from where we live (East MO by St. Louis) Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

Administrator answers:


Jenny asks…

agility courses in IL?

I am looking for agility course around the New Baden area which is 30 minutes east of St. Louis, MO. I can find them in Chicago and in St. Louis but with the price of gas I was hoping to find a club closer. I have an AMSTAF that is young and fast and I want to keep her busy and social. I will also be willing to train her in Flyball if there is one in the area. Thanks

Administrator answers:

The closest agility clubs, I can think of to you would be St. Louis. At 30 min., this is pretty reasonable. The only other group I can think of is in Springfield, IL, but I realize that is farther away. That group hosts trials near St. Louis. There are many clubs and training centers in St. Louis. Sounds like you may have located them. I am in Kansas City area and drive 30 min. To class and to all the trials in the area. I even tried one that was 45 min. Away, but road construction made this miserable. I hope you find what you’re looking for, as agility is fun, and oh so addictive!

Chris asks…

Which of the following cities (1 west and 1 east) do you think will get an NBA expansion team?

Vancouver, BC
Seattle, WA
San Jose, CA
San Francisco, CA
Las Vegas, NV
Honolulu, HI

East Rutherford, NJ (Nets are moving to Brooklyn)
Newark, NJ
Pittsburgh, PA
Cincinnati, OH
St. Louis, MO
Baltimore, MD
Nashville, TN
Tampa, FL

Administrator answers:


Montreal!! (or Pitssburgh)

Helen asks…

How much do you think somebody who is a personal trainer, mainly golf fitness, make in California?

Mainly training clients in golf fitness how much do you think someone could make in or around the LA or Hollywood area? I am a recently certified ACE personal trainer and am wanting to “specialize” in golf fitness. Where do you think the best area for that would be? (in California) I currently live about 30 miles south east of St. Louis, MO on the IL side and the job search is on going. I really want to move to Cali and know there are jobs out there. My girlfriend is a nurse so she can find a job anywhere but I want to make sure I can get a good paying job to support the increase in living. Please help me

Administrator answers:

I think that they make $67,999 annually.

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