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Your Questions About East St Louis Mo

January 10, 2013

Robert asks…

Going to montreal from midwest, but want to go through as much as canada as possible to get there…???

I am going to drive up to montreal from st. louis, mo, but I do not want to simply take the recommended route of driving east through illinois, ohio blah blah blah…how much longer would it take to go north, and then cut across east once I get to canada, that way I get to experience parts of Canada I have not seen before….how much longer would that take? Thanks!!!

Administrator answers:

To update yesterday’s answer ;Going over the top will add 400 miles to your journey. Given the fact that you’re not going to see any cities between IL/WI and Ottawa ON the time difference may not be as great as it may first appear

Betty asks…

Has anyone seen Cindy Johnson?

She used to live out on Hwy 72,about 9 miles East of Ironton,MO.I love her,she’s my best friend.She used to go to Arcadia Valley School.Last time I heard,she was living in St.Louis,MO.

Administrator answers:

My sister used to know a girl named Cindy Jo Johnson. She was in her class

Mary asks…

Any opinions on AT & T Missouri & Its Affiliates in Saint Louis, MO?

Why does ATT not have high speed internet expanded out, say 40 miles from ST. L They would make this option available, say St L and out 100 miles north east south and west, they would make a fortune! The ‘communications’ company so they have in their name has a monopoly, to go along with their poor business procedures!

Administrator answers:

I have AT&T high speed internet but my mother, who lives eight blocks away, can’t get it. And, her next door neighbor has it. Makes no sense to me. Anyway, I love my service. I got a package that includes my home phone, high speed internet service, and dish network, all for $70 a month. I’ve never had a problem with any of their services.

Richard asks…

Should Major League Soccer have a massive expansion to the following cities?

East Rutherford, NJ (a new MetroStars team)
Montreal, Quebec
Cleveland, OH
Cincinnati, OH
St. Louis, MO
Charlotte, NC
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR
San Antonio, TX
Miami, FL
Tampa, FL or St. Petersburg, FL (Tampa Bay)

Administrator answers:

They can’t grow too fast, it will have to be a slow growth process. The interest isn’t high enough yet, and the losses would start to get high. That plus the players won’t get paid much at all, except for Beckham that is! The first cities should be warm weather cities, such as Miami.

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