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Your Questions About Floor Plan Of A 1-bedroom Apartment

May 11, 2012

Ruth asks…

My apartment complex is ripping me off. HELP!?

I moved into an apartment complex in the Phoenix/Tempe area in October of 2010. Before I signed the lease, they went over what 1 bedroom floor plans they had available, A1, A2, A3. When I signed the lease, I signed for an A2 floor plan, it had an entrance to the balcony from the bedroom, and about 40 more square feet than the A1. When I moved in, I noticed that there was no entrance from the bedroom to the balcony, but figured there must be more than one A2 floor plan. I recently measured the entire apartment, and came to find that they moved me into an A1, instead of the A2 I signed for. I signed a 15 month lease, so it doesn’t end until December of this year. However, I am pretty upset that they ripped me off the way they did. I don’t know if I should ask for a rent reduction and back pay for over charging me, or if I should just break my lease (because technically, I still have not received what I have been paying for over the last 6 months, so legally they probably couldn’t do much since they ripped me off). I haven’t gone to talk to the manager yet, because I don’t know if I should write a letter, talk to them in person, or just take legal action. I haven’t found much information online, so please help!

Administrator answers:

Didn’t you inspect the actually unit BEFORE signing the lease?

Either way, since you accepted the keys, took possession and have lived there for the past 6 months…you have no case for a reduction or breaking your lease.

Sandra asks…

When renting an apartment…?

how much should reviews influence your decision?

It seems like every apartment I look at, in the city I plan on moving to, has apartments rated at about 3 1/2 stars. It’s an upper class city, so I don’t know if that makes people more prone to complaining.

**For example- I feel in love with these luxury 1 bedroom apartments. The layout is amazing, and it would include a loft as well. The floor plan is very open, lots of natural lighting, underground heated parking, pets okay, secure/buzzed entry, elevators, two balconies, etc. It just seems perfect. The rent for the space and the location is pretty reasonable at $875. However, people who wrote reviews had some complaints of noise issues, and overall it got a rating of 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. So back to my question.. how much should reviews influence your decision to rent?

Administrator answers:

Two things..

1. There will ALWAYS be tenants that are just never happy and just love to complain.

2. Maybe some of the past tenants gave a bad rating because they were evicted….retaliation.

Charles asks…

Apartment Manager have to know the definition of a ‘bedroom’ when showing an apartment?

I asked for a 2 bedroom apartment. They had two different listings on craigslist showing a higher rate for a 2 bedroom apartment. I viewed the apartment and didn’t realize that one of the rooms on the 2nd floor (my main ‘bedroom’) didn’t have a window (escape route) which is required to be defined as a bedroom. On the first day, I had a dryer delivered and the electricity arched. A professional electrician had to be called in to fix the problem and upon doing so, I decided to make a fire escape plan for me and my 3 year old autistic son. It was found that my ‘bedroom’ was not, in fact, a bedroom due to it’s lack of building code guidelines stating an ‘egress’ window/door. I believe it is the duty of the apartment manager who has knowledge of these requirements to, in good faith and business practice, comply with this disclosure. As a lay person, I did not know the building code requirements until I did some research AFTER I signed the lease and the electrical issue. I believe that the contract is void as I was told I would be receiving a 2 bedroom, payed the higher price for a two bedroom yet, in essence, was only provided a 1 bedroom apartment. Per building code and the landlord/tenant agreement which states that the landlord shall comply with all applicable building codes that pertain to health and safety of the tenant, I believe the contract was signed under false parameters. I stayed one night there and they are keeping the $910 I paid for deposit & 1st month’s rent.

I believe I should fight it as I have the code, the craigslist add (2 different ones) showing 2 bedroom units available, and the stated landlord/tenant agreement adopted by my state.

Their defense is that I saw the property and never mentioned the fact that it didn’t have a window and therefore it’s on me.

Thank you all for your insight. I appreciate everyone taking the time to respond.

David Z: Actually, there IS a legal definition for a bedroom in my state. I contacted the local building inspector who faxed over a copy of the bedroom definition compliance statute in the building code.

Guess I’ll take it to court. Thanks again.
Thank you all for your insight. I appreciate everyone taking the time to respond.

David Z: Actually, there IS a legal definition for a bedroom in my state. I contacted the local building inspector who faxed over a copy of the bedroom definition compliance statute in the building code. I care what it’s called as if there is a fire of some kind, I am trapped on the 2nd floor of an interior room with no escape. If it is advertised and rented at a higher 2 bedroom rate, it should be as such.

Guess I’ll take it to court. Thanks again.
okay, sorry….double post

Administrator answers:

Kick them in the eye

William asks…

Do you want to decorate my apartment?

I suck at these sorts of things.

I have the plot plan. It’s a 1 bedroom, 680 sq ft 3rd floor lakeview apartment with patio access from both the bedroom and from the living room.

I don’t have any furniture, BUT, I thought…if there was a cool way to arrange the furniture to maximize the space, that would be cool. Is anyone out there willing to do that, or give me some tips?

I basically have a TV, speakers, a desk chair. and that’s about it! I’m considering buying a love seat. Do you think I need a coffee table?

I need help. Anyone out there willing to work a small project with me for free?

Administrator answers:

I’d LOVE to help you decorate your space. I’m very good at organizing small spaces, in fact, that’s what I do for a living! So I should charge you, but this might be fun, so I won’t … LOL!

Contact me privately so we can work on this.

Helen asks…

Pack N Play?

I have a question. I’m 6 months pregnant and my husband and I currently live in a small 1 bedroom apartment. We plan to buy our first house together hopefully before our son’s first birthday. So we have thought about just buying a pack n play and having him sleep in the bassinet until about 3 mo and then moving him to the bottom part until we move into a house where he’ll have a crib.

I know that a pack n play is for sleeping and stuff but I was wondering if there are any safety issues to using it as his full time bed until about 12mo?

Could having him that low to the floor all night have any risk of SIDS? I dont know why it just sounds like it could to me. Or because it’s not airflow like the bars in a crib? I’m going to end up being one of those very paranoid parents with a newborn so I’m trying to asure myself that it will be ok. We really have no room at all for a crib right now.

I know I probably sound paranoid and silly but I just want what is going to be best for my son

Administrator answers:

My younger sister slept in a playpen until she was 18mos., and that was in the mid-80′s. They are way safer now than they were then. Go for it! I wanted to do the same, but my MOL insited on buying us a crib, so I wasn’t one to complain… Whenever we go camping (yes, in a tent, even when my son was 5 mo), Curty sleeps in one. Whenever he visits Gramma, he sleeps in one. It’s perfectly fine. And if or when your little one learns how to climb overboard, it’s not as far to fall… Being low to the floor is not a SIDS risk. Confined air is, since carbon dioxide sinks. Then again, most ppl put bumpers in their baby cribs to keep baby’s head from getting bruised, and in a pack n play you won’t need one. So, kudos for the pack n play!!!

Robert asks…

Would you rather live here or here?

I am scheduled to move in a few days and I applied at these two BRAND NEW apartments. I got approved for both and I am now indecided on which one to live at. Which would you choose? (Check out the two sites to decide.) (1 bed 1 bath $745.00 Rent Month)

1. monthly events 2. brand new 3. spacious unique floor plan for 1 bedroom 4. nice fitness center 5. bike rentals 6. conceirge services 7. local discounts 8. business center 9. seperate entertaining club house 10. mini blinds 11. easy goin staff 12. black appliances.
1. location verging on ghetto..not the best area of town 2. ok pool 3. no garage 4. typical apartment desert landscaping 5. no every sunday brunch.

(2 bed 2 bath $840.00 Rent Monthly)
1. Location in the best part of town Scottsdale, AZ (MINI Beverly Hills) 2. Sunday Brunch every Sunday 3. Monthly Events 4. Brand New Apartment 5. Comes with garage 6. 2 bedroom 7. resort style desert Landscaping. 8. Bike Rentals 9. conceirge Services 10. Granite Counters
1. Small Fitness 2. Floorplan is just ok 3. No business Center 4. Strict staff but still friendly, I just don’t like strict 5. Fake stainless and black appliances 6. club house is not for entertainin and is attached to office.

Which would you choose…..the best apartment in ok location or an ok apartment with an extra bedroom in the best location?

Tell me your thoughts! Thanxs!

Administrator answers:

Location, location, location… Should always be at the top of anyone’s home or apartment list. A strick staff… Great! If your neighbor is playing their music too loud, then they will be your best friends.

Daniel asks…

What do you think about my letter regarding damage to my apartment?

Dear Sir,

I have given my two months’ notice and plan to vacate my unit, aptX, located at XXXXX here in XXXXX.

In the course of the year and five months I have been here, my carpeting has been damaged. There are holes in the carpeting in two spots, a result of my feeble attempts to move furniture on my own. The carpet is not stained in any way, so I assume that the underpadding would still be in good shape.

After reading on the lease that the minimum charge for replacing carpeting in a 1 bedroom apartment was listed at $1400, I became rather alarmed. I have received three quotes from reputable flooring dealers here in XXXXXX, and they range from $400 to $600 to deliver, install, and remove the 240 square feet of carpeting in my bachelor apartment. I find $1400 to be highly unethical, and I don’t believe my apartment is a one bedroom anyhow. I have spoken with both the XXXX Tenants’ Association as well as Community Legal Services and I have been advised that xrentalcompanyx needs to prove damages in order to receive compensation. This to me sounds in congruence with the law.

To help mitigate your damages, I would be willing to vacate the unit on August 21, 2010, to give you time to have someone come in and install the carpeting, and have the unit ready for September 1. I would also be willing to make arrangements for the replacement of the carpeting with a similar beige berber on my own. I have no problem paying to have the carpet replaced, but I feel that after xrentalcompanyx has already collected $300 for the 3 cigarette burns that were on my carpeting when I moved in, as documented on the checklist, that I should not be forced to pay in excess of your actual losses. I will cover any reasonable and required expenses with regard to my carpeting as per a legitimate invoice from your contractor.

Please let me know if you would be willing to accept any of these proposed solutions to this issue. I look forward to hearing from you.
These fees were not part of the lease I signed, they were sent to me later.
The lease just says that I will be responsible for repairs. Which I am willing to do, I’m not a deadbeat.
HA! this is a nation-wide rental company and they’re letting me replace it myself. you guys know nothing about customer satisfaction. get real jobs.

Administrator answers:

It’s impossible without knowing your state and how local landlord tenant judges sway can you get an idea if certain provisions of the residential lease agreement are legally valid in your local landlord tenant court

if you are looking at a charge around 1400K you may want to seek experienced lawyer, best bet is to take a day off go to your local landlord tenant court and observe a day; you will notice one or two lawyers will have a large amount of landlord clients grab a business card

Some things to ask a lawyer

1, in your state can the lease agreement requiring a charge for full replacement value of the carpet supercede the state statute that states a prevailing party in court is only entitled to the FMV, fair market value of the item and not replacement cost for example awarding replacement cost on a 5 year old carpet would unjustly enrich the landlord

2, get multiple written quotes to replace the carpet, because if its FMV standard and not replacement value stated in the contract is controlling authority then you may only owe a % of your quotes to replace the carpet depending on how old the carpet was

3. Start to prepare to take the landlord to court to recover the monies unlawfully deducted from your security deposit

Susan asks…

Please help! Boyfriend & puppy problem?

I’m 31 weeks pregnant with twins. Me & my boyfriend bought a pitbull mix 2 months ago (biggest mistake ever) & I’m miserable. We live in a small 1 bedroom apartment, which is now drenched in urine & poop stains. The puppy has destroyed everything while no one was home. Verticals, television cords, & all of my favorite things. My boyfriend doesn’t have any intention to replace the damages. My boyfriend was walking him constantly when we first moved in to avoid this issue, but has gotten very lazy & now sticks him on the patio to go potty (which also has carpeting). I would walk the dog myself, but we live on the second floor & stairs are difficult for me to climb. I plan on having the carpet cleaned, although I know it will get filthy again over time. We tried crate training & the puppy would go potty all over himself before we had the time to walk him. The puppy is still nipping & i am afraid he could hurt the babies by doing this. I will not be able to care for the puppy at all while my boyfriend’s at work, after the twins are born. This is not the type of home I want to bring precious newborns into. The dog stresses me out as it is, & i cant imagine what if would be like when our children are here. I’ve told him how I’ve felt plenty of times, & he says the puppy is staying & everything will be fine. He loves his pup to death, & I understand he’s very attached. I just can’t live this way anymore. We also have a 6 month old kitten that also does her own damages, but it doesn’t bother me nearly as bad. Please help me, what do I do?! I don’t want to feel this way anymore! We’ve tried everything!

Administrator answers:

Look, i love animals as much as the next person. I would do anything for them.
But you are having babies, and thats the main issue here at the moment.
You need to look after yourself and that dog is putting unnecessary pressure on you.
Your boyfriend does not care enough to notice that and its horrible to say that.
I think the best solution is for you to move out into a safer and better environment.
You’ve tried reasoning with your boyfriend but he’s standing by the dog more than you.
You have twins coming, you can;t be under all that stress.
Move out girl. I know its hard. But it will get alot harder if you stay there under these conditions.

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