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Your Questions About Forest Hills Queens

January 25, 2013

Jenny asks…

Forest Hills high school in queen????????

i receive a letter saying i got into forest hill high school sagan honor program!!1
and i was wondering when they going to send information on what class will i be in and other stuff!!!
when are you going to get a letter from your hs on information about your hs??/
worried T-T

Administrator answers:

I got into forest hills high school carl sagan program too!!! Thats what im wondering about too like when will i get info about the HS. All I know is that we are mostly likely getting our schedule during the summer.

Lizzie asks…

asian oriental grocery supermarket elmhurst, new york?

Where is there a good asian supermarket/grocery store near forest hills, queens?

Administrator answers:

The only one i can think of is 74th street,roosevelt, not too far from east elmhurst

i believe you can take the local trains from forest hills

Sandy asks…

Subway map of Queens?

Does anyone know where I can find a map for the subway for Queens? Or bus map for the same area?

I also this is kind of a stupid question but how do you ride a bus to Midtown (Flatiron District) from Queens (Forest Hills)?


Administrator answers:


You life isn’t complete until you ride the “G” Train – it’s the only major line that doesn’t pass through Manhattan. It’s the subway line to nowhere!

Mary asks…

best / funnest high schools in queens ?

i heard of Benjamin n Cardozo, Francis Lewis, Forest Hills in queens

i want to go to fun school =]

which do u guys prefer ???
sorry wrong section. buts its okayy many people r always here

Administrator answers:

Queens, NY?

Bard Early College is supposed to be awesome. They opened In Queens recently though, and it’s pretty hard to get in. But you get, like, two years of high school and two years of college.

Donald asks…

Jobs in Queens, New York for a 15 year old?

I am in 9th grade looking for a job over the summer. I have my working papers and I’m willing to work all summer, maximum of 40 hours per week 7 days a week. Where do you think I would be able to work? I live in the Forest hills/Glendale region of Queens.

Administrator answers:

I’m told from my friends in queens that because of the amount of people living there it’s hard to find work and that competition is thick, try long island? Or manhattan(though manhattan has much more competition as well) Idk ny sucks.

Lisa asks…

What parts of queens are nice to live, i was looking at astoria, jackson heights, kew gardens, and forest hill

It would help if someone can tell me what parts are safe to live in, ie what parts of jackson heights, astroia etc… thanks

Administrator answers:

Astoria is good, you have the river near you, manhattan is right there. You Have a view of teh Triboro Bridge, alots of shops etc.

William asks…

I need an over 30 crowd lounge in queens, nyc?

I’m 30 yrd old. I rarely ever go out but recently in the mood to just relax and have a great time. I don’t want to go into a club with teenagers or anything too crazy. I just want some good music, mature crowd, drinks, and just a welcoming environment. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. (Queens NYC Astoria, Long Island City, forest hills, etc…..)

Administrator answers:

I know a place called Remix in manhattan they have a great happy hour special and the crowd is mature, usually working proffesionals looking for a good time.

Betty asks…

What areas have the least chances to flood in Long Island and Queens?

I want to move to Nassau County, LI or somewhere right on the border like Forest Hills. I want to move to an area that has the least flood hazards. Can you please list the areas that don’t flood too bad (less than1/2-1 inch).Thanks so much.

Administrator answers:

Stay clear of south shore communities (Freeport, East Rockaway, Wantagh, Baldwin, Massapequa, Merrick)….other than that, most of LI does not normally flood. I’ve lived in Lynbrook for 45 years…never a flood.

Laura asks…

Best method of transportation to and from JFK?

What’s the best method of transportation to and from JFK to Forest Hills in Queens and how much will it cost? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You can take the AirTrain, from JFK, to Jamaica Stationand then take the E to 71st Ave Forest Hills.

E train is $2.00, not sure what the AirTrain fare is.

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