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Your Questions About Forest Hills Queens

February 4, 2013

Susan asks…

Which Barnes & Noble store in NYC buy used textbooks?

I went to a B&N store in Forest Hills, Queens and they don’t buy or sell college textbooks.

Administrator answers:

The one I frequent in NYC does not buy used books, period. Neither does the one to where I live in Nassau County.

Steven asks…

How long does the E express train take from Forest Hills to the WTF stop? When does it run?

Am moving to Forest Hills in a few months and will be commuting dowtown to the WTF stop. I am having a difficult time finding information on when the express trains run and how long it would take.

Administrator answers:

WTF????? I think you mean the WTC (World Trade Center).

The online timetables for each subway line is temporarily disabled due to the aftermath of Sandy (nothing is running 100% according to schedule).

The E is express in Queens but local in Manhattan.

Under normal circumstances it takes about 42 – 45 minutes to go from Forest Hills-71st St to the WTC (last stop). [I am looking at a paper copy of the timetable]

During the morning rush (weekdays) the E train runs about every 6 or 7 minutes, the same for the evening rush hours. During other times during the week it runs about every 7 or 8 minutes. Overnight it runs about every 20 minutes. Weekends every 7 to 10 minutes depending on the time of day.


Carol asks…

What are the jurisdictions within different boroughs called?

For example in Queens, NY you have Woodhaven, Forest hills, Jamaica, Ozone Park, etc.. What are these ares called? Are they towns? Do other countries label places the same way? Be specific please. Thank You.

Administrator answers:

The boro of Queens is also a county, Richmond County. There are no smaller municipalities or local governments. So each is a neighborhood that may have a historic predecessor.

There are 14 Community Boards that overlap those neighborhoods.
Hope that helps

Mark asks…

How can I transfer from Catholic high school to public high school?

I’m pretty much finishing up my freshman year at the Catholic high school Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School (New York). I strongly want to transfer to a public school. I would prefer a public school in Queens. I would like to know how I would go about transferring? Do I have to contact the public school? Forest Hills High school is not my zone school, but I it is a choice of mine. Is there any way that I may be able to go there? Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Unless the school in Queens has open enrollment, you would have to go to the public school in your zone. Call the one in Queens and ask them if you would be allowed to transfer there. I notice that high school students automatically email. Other than universities, schools are more apt to answer a phone call than an email.

Jenny asks…

What type of shoes do i need to buy for NYC?

I am moving to queens and now i have a job in NYC, i will starting in Jan 07 and I am not able to figure out what type of shoes should i buy for my first winter in NYC. I will be commuting from forest hills to NYC.. there is atleat 15 min walk involved.. can someone please give me some tips as to what do they do, do you carry professional shoes with you and where snow boots or what?

Administrator answers:

I have comfy snow boots, waterproof with a good tread.
I live in a neighborhood that is the last place in all of the 5 bouroughs to be plowed. You have to be careful of those icy sidewalks. And you will want to be able to tuck your pants into them so that the bottoms of them dont get wet. Nothing worse than wet feet and pants in the winter! Just carry your nice shoes for when you reach work.

And make sure they are WARM!

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