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February 19, 2013

James asks…

How much do I need to put a down payment on a condo in NYC?

Assuming I make 30k a year, How much will I need saved up for a down payment for a 2 bedroom condo in a good neighborhood in Queens? At Bayside or Forest hills? And how much is a 2 bedroom condo in Bayside? Also around how much is maintence fee and property tax? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Put down as much as you can afford. The more money you put down, the lower your monthly payments. Also, if you can afford it, put a balloon payment down every year to lower your payments even more, usually about 10-15%. I would not go any longer than 1 year, as this brings the payments down even more. Renew your mortgage after you put your balloon payment down and the payments will be lower. You will want to pay down your mortgage as quickly as possible. The larger the mortgage, the less you will be able to pay it back which puts the bank in the driver’s seat, not a good thing. The bank is not stupid, they are making money off you, but you want to minimize the amount of interest you pay to the bank. Also, when the bank says “switch your mortgage for free” don’t believe it. The bank has buried that cost in your mortgage. I have a friend who is a banker and laughs at all the stupid people that come through his branch. Remember this golden rule and say it over and over and over again to yourself: the bank is not my friend. The bank will shaft me at the first opportunity it can.

Ken asks…

where can i get 15 community service hours by jan 3 in nyc?

Im a high school senior and need 15 community service hours by jan 3rd or i wont graduate, i live in queens, forest hills to be more specific, and i stilll dont know where to volunteer, ive been googling like crazy and calling dozens of places asking them if i can volunteer and their all full for the next month or something im so stressed plz help me find somewhere in nyc that i can start volunteering immediately preferably in queens, ny
i called hospitals and asked and they either dais that theyre full until march or that i have to go through a long process before i can volunteer, and libraries that i called said that i wont be able to voolunteer until jan 3rd.

Administrator answers:

Call a hospital and ask, or the Parks Department.

Ruth asks…

How long would it take to get to Batavia in upstate to new york to genesee community college from queens?

I want to go to gennesse community college which is in batavia, new york. I live in forest hills, nyc. I want to know how to directly get there? I dont have a car, so i would have to take the bus or train. if take a bus,how long would it take and which bus? And when i get to batavia, i would also like to know how would l get to gennesse community college from there? Is the bus or train faster?

Thank you

Administrator answers:

Below are travel options – by bus and by train

——By Bus – Greyhound (from the Port Authority Bus Terminal (41st St & 8th AV – 42nd St station on the E)

Travel time by bus would be 7 to 10 hours (depending on the time of day and bus you take) and you probably still have to take a taxi to get to the school.


On the resulting page enter ‘New York, NY in the “Leaving from” box and ‘Batavia, NY’ in the “Going to” box. Change the date as applicable, leave the time as “Any”. Then clock on ‘Search Schedules’. The resulting page will give you the details of the buses including travel time and fares. The fare is around $102.00

———By train
You would have to go to NY Penn Station (E train from Forest Hills to 34th St – Penn Station, or LIRR from Forest Hills to Penn Station). Then take Amtrak to Rochester NY. From there you’d have to take a taxi (it is 30 miles from Rochester to Batavia)


On the resulting page enter “NYP” in the ‘From’ box and ‘ROC’ in the “To’ box. Change the date for the day you are going to travel. Leave the time as “Anytime” so you can see what trains are available. Then click on “GO”. The resulting page will tell you what trains are available and the fare (from about $87 to $117 +/-) and allow you to make an online reservation.

It would take between 7 and 9 hours over all depending on the train.

The cost of the taxi from Rochester would be based on whatever the taxi coimpany up there charges.

Maria asks…

I want to find a good place to go for dance classes in Queens. Any suggestions?

I’m in the Forest Hills/ Kew Gardens area & I don’t drive. I would prefer something close by, but I’m willing to travel a little.

Administrator answers:

What kind of dance do you want to learn? Once you figure that out, it will help you narrow your search.

I googled and got this list of places in or near forest hills:

There is a Ballet Arts academy on 98-11 Queens Blvd. (63rd Drive stop on the R/V train) that offers different types of classes (not just Ballet). You could find their number in the phone book to find out about what classes they offer.

There is also Studo E! On Union Tpke (Q17 bus) and they offer a lot of different adult classes.

Nancy asks…

If you live in Queens, NYC, which of these high schools would you choose to go to and why?

Francis Lewis, Cardozo, Bayside, or Forest Hills. Your reasons don’t have to be related to the school work.

Administrator answers:

Bayside, its sounds the nicest but really I have absoloutely no idea. :)

Thomas asks…

What are the best neighborhoods in queens and brooklyn?

Im planning on getting my first apartmet within a year, and Im probably going to end up getting one in either queens or brooklyn becuase I want to be near the city. Can anyone tell me what neighborhoods in these areas would be the best in terms of safety mainly , but also anything else that might be important?

Administrator answers:

My favorite place in queens is forest hills, nice shopping area (austin st.), safe and it’s only an E train ride away to the city. My favorite place in Brooklyn is Park Slope. It’s safe and there are beautiful town houses. Another nice area of queens is sunnyside, fairly reasonable pricing too. Hope that helps.

Sandra asks…

Does anyone know a Hollister store in Queens, New York? and how to get there by public transportation?

i live in forest hills. and I need to go to a hollister store nearby to return a defective shirt. does anyone know any store near forest hills?

Administrator answers:

1. Roosevelt Field
630 Old Country Road, Space 2045A
Garden City, NY 11530

John asks…

What should i put these schools in order from 1 to 8 for NYC high schools ?

I only want NYC high school students to answer this one. I have received my application from my guidance counselor and I am having trouble listing my top 8 schools to try out for.

These are the schools i want to go to…
Frank Sinatra H.S
Baccalaureate School for Global Edu.
Beacon H.S
Eleanor Roosevelt H.S
Aviation H.S
Robert F. Wagner Secondary School H.S
Forest Hills
Academy for Careers in Television and Film H.S

Administrator answers:

Well, I’m not a high school student, but I’m the mom of someone applying to high school this year. I am also a NYC public school teacher (though not at the high school level.)

The truth is no one but you can know how to rank these schools. If you have not yet visited these schools, you should take a tour or go to an open house for each school, and then you should write out a list of what YOU see as pros and cons to going to each school. Ask your parents for advice on what to consider as pros and cons. This will help you rank them in the order you want to go to them.

Some of the schools you have on your list are on my daughter’s list, too. I know that she is ranking both Frank Sinatra and Beacon very high, as she liked both of these schools very much. But the truth is, you have to go to the school that is selected for you, so you need to decide what your priorities are.

BTW, from this list you sound like you are from Queens. You should know that Eleanor Roosevelt does not really take kids from outside Manhattan. It’s not absolutely impossible for someone from Queens to get in (they are allowed to take kids from outside Manhattan) but the fact is, they get so many applicants from Manhattan, they have no seats left for anyone else. The admissions people at Eleanor Roosevelt pretty much told me this when I asked about it. (We are from Brooklyn.)

Good luck!

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