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May 24, 2013

Sandra asks…

How do I get from Grand Central to Rego Park Queens?

I am going to be taking metro north from the Beacon station and I need to get to rego park in queens. I’m assuming I have to take metro north to grand central but what do I have to take to get to rego park? I’m not savvy when it comes to the city or subway so what’s the easiest simplist way possible? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

My friend, take Queens-bound number 7 local train from Grand Central to 74th Street-Broadway/Roosevelt Avenue-Jackson Heights, where a transfer can be made to the Forest Hills-bound M or R lines to 63rd Drive-Rego Park.

The fare on the subway is $2.25 one way ($4.50 round trip) with a pay per ride (regular fare) MetroCard.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Sandy asks…

How to get to Brandy Melville on Broadway from Queens?

Hey. So i live in queens and i was wondering which train would i take to get closest to Brandy Melville (clothing store) which is located on 518 Broadway according to the website. Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

That’s near Prince Street on the (N)(R) lines, and near Spring Street on the (6) line. The (N) goes to Astoria, and the (R) goes along Queens Blvd to Forest Hills. The (6) goes to The Bronx but connects with the (J)(M)(Z) and (A) from Queens.

Robert asks…

How much is train fare from Ronkonkoma to Flushing to Manhattan if I take the LIRR?

I’m going to Queens College in Flushing tomorrow and I’d like to know much train tickets are. I’m taking the train from Ronkonkoma to the station in Flushing in the morning. I’m also planning on going to City College of New York after that. Any idea?

Administrator answers:

You would have to take the train to Jamaica and then take the Q25 or Q34 to Queens College. The fare for the LIRR is $12.50 during rush hour or $9.50 off-peak.

The bus fare is $2.25.

To get to City College, you’d have to take the Q64 to Forest Hills, take the (E) to 42nd Street, and then walk through the passageway and take the (1) to 137th Street. The fare would be $2.25 for the bus, with a free transfer to the subway if you use a MetroCard.

I hope this information was very helpful.

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