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Your Questions About Forest Hills Queens

June 23, 2013

Laura asks…

What are some nice places to hang out in Queens, NY?

I want to take my girlfriend to some nice hang out spots in Queens, NY. I want to make it very enjoyable for her. She doesn’t drink or smoke, so no bars or lounges.

Administrator answers:

When the time gets very hot, take her out for ice-cream and treat her like a Queen in Queens.

Eddie’s Sweet Shop
105-29 Metropolitan Ave
Forest Hills, NY 11375

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Carol asks…

What New York City High school should I go to?

Social Studies-92

I live in Flushing, NY which is located in Queens, NY. I would like suggestions of what High schools should I go to?

Administrator answers:

Townsend Harris HS, highest rated public HS in queens. Perfect for got like 90′s average.
Benjamin Cardozo HS, pretty good they say. I picked this 3rd for my hs application list.
Francis Lewis HS, too crowded. But its still a great school. I picked for 2nd.
Bayside HS, the best in my opinion. I picked for my 1st.
Forest Hills HS, ehh. I dont really like this school but they said its good.


Hoped I helped(:

Jenny asks…

How to get to queens mall from Manhanttan?

I live in Manhattan as posted above. I live around george washington heights and all i want to know is how to get there by train? Any answer would suffice.

Administrator answers:

My friend, if you’re near the “A” train, take the downtown train to 42nd Street-Port Authority Bus Terminal. Once there, go upstairs, crossover to the Uptown/Queens-bound platform and take the Queens-bound “E” train to Roosevelt Avenue-Jackson Heights.

At Roosevelt Avenue-Jackson Heights, transfer across the platform to the “G”, “R” or “V” trains. Take either Forest Hills-bound train from Roosevelt Avenue to Woodhaven Blvd.

At Woodhaven Blvd, exit the subway and walk a short distance to the Queens Center Mall.

I hope this information is very helpful.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Chris asks…

What are the safest neighborhoods in Queens, New York?

I’m a single female looking to survive graduate school in NYC. :)

What are the absolute safest areas in Queens? What areas should I avoid?

Administrator answers:

I thought we had you in Sunnyside. Ok, Forest Hills is a safe area and a one fare zone to Manhattan, but you will have a 45 min trip during rush hour to NYU if that is where you are going. Columbia will take up to an hour and 15 minutes to commute from Forest Hills. All the other neighborhoods people mentioned in the above answers likely will require you to change trains and possibly take a bus to the train. Douglaston and the neighborhoods of Northern Queens offer the Long Island Rail Road as an alternative to a long crowded bus ride to the Flushing–Times Square train. The LIRR will get you to Penn Station, 34th Street and 8th Avenue, not the end of the world if you are headed to NYU, Columbia or Fordham’s West Side center.
As a general matter, Queens is divided into three main “cities”, Long Island City, Flushing and Jamaica. Those cities have no political significance anymore other than to indicate the first three digits on your zip code, but you will want to stay out of Jamaica’s constituent neighborhoods.

Donald asks…

Looking for a safe place in queens that is convenient when traveling to nyc?

i’m thinking of moving to queens this summer and was just wondering what areas in queens are safe and is convenient when traveling to the city for work. i’m possibly taking classes in queens college to further my career so a town in between queens and nyc would be convenient

Administrator answers:

Try Forest Hills. It’s a short bus ride to Queens College on the Q64, and you have the (E) & (F) express trains that run from Forest Hills to Manhattan. (Not to mention the (M) & (R) local).

James asks…

What are the best neighborhoods to live in in Queens, NY?

My brother has to move to NYC from Philadelphia for a job. He’s looking at about two thousand a month for an apartment but isn’t sure which neighborhoods are the best and which ones to stay away from. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Forest Hills is okay, but Bayside is much nicer, cleaner, safer, classier people, etc. However, the commute from Bayside will be longer. Do not believe anything about Astoria – it’s a shithole. Sounds like maybe your brother is a professional with a good salary, well educated, etc. (in order for a company to want to move him).

The only other option is Hoboken, NJ. It’s right across the Hudson River – commute into Midtown Manhattan is about 20 minutes. He would definitely be able to find something for under $2000 per month. It’s super clean and quiet, mostly white, well educated 9 to 5 working types, some affluent people as well.

Ken asks…

Does anyone know a public high school that is clean and comfortable in ny?

Okay i hate my school it’s full of a crazy
people and unmotivated teachers! I want
to transfer really bad. I’m a sophomore
and i need to get out! I was wondering if
anyone could recommend a safe and
comfortable school in ny boroughs like
Manhattan queens etc. not Brooklyn or

Administrator answers:

Try Forest Hills High School./

Maria asks…

what are some nice family neighborhoods in Queens on the long island side?

the neighborhoods with less crime on the long island side?
I want to be as close to long island as possible so name the nice neighborhoods on that side?
and what neighborhoods to avoid in queens?
I know brooklyn nice areas are coney island side and the bad areas are closer to manhattan is it the same with queens?

Administrator answers:

Coney island is one of the worst in brooklyn lol………i dont know what you mean by long island side since queens is on long island but queens village kew gardens forest hills bay shore glendale middle village maspeth…..they are all good areas

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