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July 20, 2013

Mary asks…

What is most common to put as your current location on FB when living in NYC?

I feel like this is a really dumb question and I know it’s whatever I choose personally, but I was wondering what you do or what is most common for people to do. When living in a borough other than Manhattan (which is most of NYC), do you/others put as your current location: the specific neighborhood or borough you live in, or just NY, NY? (e.g., would you put Forest Hills, NY; Queens, NY; or New York, NY as your location).

Administrator answers:

I would personally put Queens, NY. NY, NY is misleading because it implies you’re from Manhattan. Forest Hills is a little too specific, but if you want, you can put that down.

If it was a post office thing, I’d recommend Forest Hills, but since it’s just Facebook, I personally think Queens is best.

Paul asks…

Can someone give me subway and bus directions from Penn Station to Woodhaven Blvd in Queens?

My daughter and I will be coming on Amtrak to NYC and need to get to Woodhaven Blvd in Queens. Can anyone give me step by step directions for the subway from Penn Station and then the Bus route and exactly where each is? Thank you so much in advance!
I am going to 79th Place (Glendale) which is somewhere around Woodhaven Blvd. How much would a taxi be if i was to take one from Penn Station to 79th Place in Glendale?

Administrator answers:

Youre sure its not 79th avenue there is no 79th place okay so you can take the QM15 RUSH HOUR ONLY PM TO AM FROM but not all busses stop near and not all go from penn so use this note they only except regular metrocards on express busses and the fare is 6.00 for express bus only
also there are two other options

take a LIRR TRAIN to FOREST HILLS then walk one block north under the rr bridge to austin blvd.
Make a left then take the Q23 bus on the north side of austin going west to the end that will take you to your destination

or take the E TRAIN from penn station to 71st contenential Avenue take the east exit (the only one open due to construction) exit on the south side walk one block south make a right to the North side of Austin Blvd then then take the Q23 bus on the north side of austin going west to the end that will take you to your destination see

once on the q23 take it to the end union turnpike then walk one block west to woodhaven blvd then north one block to 79th avenue (note woodhaven blvd is a major artery do not walk even when the light is green in your direction till all cars stop moving even if there turning they do not look!)

LIRR FARE 8.00 peak ew 5.75 off peak ew or on sat sun $4.00 with city ticket note must buy at penn station before boarding. There are round trip tickets available

Fare for subway and bus is $2.50 pp with 2 free transfers

ONE MORE OPTION take the E to Jamaica center parsons Archer or LIRR to Jamaica(lirr fare 9.50 peak ow and 7.00 off peak one way $4.00 with city ticket note must buy at penn station before boarding. Fare for subway and bus is $2.50 pp with 2 free transfers) then take the free transfer to the J West to Woodhaven blvd then take the Q 11, 21 ,52, 53 north to union turnpike then north one block to 79th avenue (note woodhaven blvd is a major artery do not walk even when the light is green in your direction till all cars stop moving even if there turning they do not look!)

i would not take the other way other people suggested being that the transfer from the subway to the bus via queens blvd and woodhaven blvd you have to cross over 12 lanes of traffic this will give you exactly what you need since it tells you bout construction detours.

ALSO please check this out and for Planned Service Changes

Joseph asks…

Where are the best places to live in New York City?

I am an 18 year old white/hispanic female and I just got accepted to go to St. John’s University in Queens, NY. I’m starting to look for areas to live and I’m concerned with safety, commuting to school, being close to the city, good areas to find work in, and some friendly people. Where do you think is a good place for me to begin my college experience and I DO NOT want to live in school.

Administrator answers:

Rego Park, Forest Hills, Flushing are good neighborhoods.
Avoid Jamaica and Corona.

Donald asks…

What are some of the top attractions to see in The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, and Brooklyn?

Of the other four boroughs besides outside of Manhattan, what are some top attractions for each borough?

You don’t have to list all of them, just one suggestion worth visiting for each borough if you can. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

In Queens there are many sights to see even though it is mainly a residential borough. You could spend an afternoon in Flushing. Flushing has the biggest Chinese and Korean populations of Queens. From Main street and Roosevelt ave and 38th ave you can walk around and see the businesses and shopping with almost all the writing in Chinese and Korean. You can go to have lunch in authentic ethnic restaurants where the people eat the same way they do in China and Korea and not the sanitized meals that Americans get in other areas.

You can also visit the Queens Science center in Flushing Meadow Park. Also you can go to the Queens botanical gardens. Flushing Meadow Park is between Flushing on one side and Corona on the other side. To get to Flushing you can take the #7 IRT subway train to the last stop at Main Street.

You can visit the new casino at Aqueduct Race Track in Howard Beach. You can take the A train to Aqueduct race track to see the new casino that opened up last year.

You can go to Continental Ave in Forest Hills and walk down Austin Street and see the shopping with all the stone buildings and have a nice lunch there. Take the E or F train to 71st & Continental subway stop and go one block down to Austin street and Continental ave and walk around for a short while.

You can walk across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn where once in Brooklyn you can walk along the famous Brooklyn Promenade and see the downtown Manhattan skyline and then take a walk through the quaint small streets of Brooklyn Heights such as Clark Street Pineapple Street Cranberry street etc. You can also go and visit the new area of Dumbo which is down under the Brooklyn Side of The Manhattan Bridge. (Dumbo stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge)

You can go to Williamsburgh Brooklyn and see the orthodox Jewish neighborhood and you will feel that you are in Europe. There are many Kosher Deli’s to eat from and I think there is even a walking tour of the area that you can take. I am not sure how to do it but I read in the paper that it can be done. Also you can go to the newer parts of Williamsburgh and see the new businesses and shopping that they have if you like.

As the other answerer said you can go to Coney Island and walk on the board walk and eat at the famous Nathan’s hot dog place that has been around for over 100 years. There is the NY Aquarium at W8th street in Coney Island and you can even see a show with dolphins. It is small. Nothing like San Diego’s seaworld but worth a visit if you are in Coney Island.

You can also take the Circle Line Tour which is a boat ride from W44th street in Manhattan at the Hudson river. It is a three hour tour but you will see The Brooklyn Skyline and The Queens Skyline and go through the narrow Harlem River which seperates Northern Manhattan from the Bronx. You will be able to see many things on the Bronx coastline such as where Yankee stadium is and see the high cliffs of the Bronx coastline which is why there is a neighborhood called Highbridge in the Bronx. You will round the northern tip of Manhattan and come out into the Hudson River and see the famous George Washington Bridge and The Northern Manhattan coastline and the Palisades cliffs from the New Jersey side.

You can even visit the small Island called Roosevelt Island which is an island in the East River between Manhattan and Queens. You can take the F train there and get off at the Roosevelt Island stop. There is a small town there and the island is narrow enough that you can go to either side and see the Queens Coastline and the Manhattan coastline. There is a nice diner on the island near the subway stop so stop in for an inexpensive lunch. You can go back to Manhattan the same way you came of you can take the tram over the East River back to Manhattan. You will be high up over the river.

I hope this will give you some suggestions on what you can do in the other boroughs of NYC (Queens The Bronx Brooklyn and Staten Islan)

Have a good trip when you come to New York

Sandy asks…

What are the best, SAFE neighborhoods to live in the Queens, Brooklyn area?

I am moving to Brooklyn NY area for work. I have 2 small dogs a wife and a car to bring. I am looking for a 1 bedroom somewhere nice, safe, not cheap but reasonable. Any ideas???

Administrator answers:

Greenpoint, Park Slopes, Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn are nice residentual and safe areas. In Queens, I suggest: Astoria, Sunnyside, Elmhurst, Rego Park, Forest Hills or Flushing. These areas are residentual and safe areas to live in.

Sharon asks…

What are some of the Best places to Visit in Toronto?

I mean besides CN Tower and Niagara Falls. What are some of other attractions to go and see this weekend?

Administrator answers:

Harbour Front, Scarborough Bluffs, Centre Island, other places along the lake-shore; Yonge Street; Eaton Centre (if you enjoy a good shopping labyrinth); The Danforth; posh neighbourhoods such as Forest Hills, Rosedale, and The Bridal Path; Theatre District; Kensington Market; Yorkville; Queen’s Park; Old and New City Halls; The Royal Ontario Museum; Art Gallery of Ontario; Ontario Science Centre; Casa Loma; a match at the Rogers Centre (nee Skydome); various ethnic neighbourhoods (ask the locals as to location of which one/s you want to see); tour buses. Enjoy.

Betty asks…

how much does it cost for a decent mid class flat in nyc?

im seriously thinking about moving to nyc but i need to do some research first… i get 13000 to 15000 a month would that be enough for a nice flat or apt in the nicer neighborhoods like queens or manhatten?

Administrator answers:

The average price of a good one bedroom apartment would cost $1,300 to $1,500 per month which does not include the first month rent/security deposit (which will be refunded to you after your lease is over and that there are no damages to the apartment). If there are no utilities included, you will have to pay a bill to Con Edison for gas and electricity. Also you want to have funds to purchase furniture, food and other necessities so you can have prior moving here. But first, you want to be assured that you have employment first.

Getting around all of the 4 of the 5 boroughs you can use bus and subways with transfer of a unlimited monthly metro card ($104.00) If you do drive, it is best to rent a car if you need to get away from the city. Trust us there are fees for parking, parking fines, meter and insurance.

There are some good neighborhoods in Queens you can find a decent place like Sunnyside, Astoria, Elmhurst, Forest Hills, and Kew Gardens.

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