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Your Questions About Forest Hills Queens

August 22, 2012

Chris asks…

What is the commute like from Forest Hills in Queens to Hempstead, NY?

I’m moving to NY for a job in Hempstead and am thinking about trying to look for a place in Forest Hills/Kew Gardens/Rego Park area.

Can anyone give me an estimate on what the driving commute would be like? If it’s going against traffic, I’d imagine it would be not soooo bad? I’d be working 10 – 6 ish.

Any tips would be much appreciated!! Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Depends on time of day and what you mean by Hempstead? Is it Hempstead the Village or Hempstead the Town?

Generally if you are doing this in the Morning it is “reverse commute” if you can call anything in the NY Metro Area a Reverse Commute, and you are going from around the Central/Eastern part of Queens to, say, Central Nassau County. You are looking at 15-20 miles, which is probably pretty close to 30-35 minutes – More in heavier traffic, maybe slightly less if it is a light traffic day.

James asks…

What are all the ethnicity’s of Forest Hills, Queens?

At school, we all picked a town from USA from a hat and I got Forest Hills. I was wondering what all of the ethnic backgrounds were for my essay.( I don’t mean like white,asian,african american… ex : I mean like german,italian,puerto rican …) thankyou

Administrator answers:

You would need to research statistical information which is from the lastest census, in the UK up to date statistics from the lastest census such as non identifying information is available…….but you won’t find it in genealogy which is the research of ones family history and we only deal with identifying records of ancestors………………………………. Ifyou search ‘US censu data Forest Hills’ which I have just done there is lots of info and all the info you are asking about

John asks…

What’s a good car service to use in Forest Hills, Queens?

New to the area and need a car service in a few days to get to La Guardia. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

The best thing to do would be to check your local Yellow Pages (the smaller book that should be just for Forest Hills and some surrounding areas) for car services. Then just call a few places and ask for their prices to the airport and their availability (will they be able to accommodate all your luggage, how long would they take to pick you up, do they operate at all hours, etc.)

Also, you can see which Car Service vehicles seem to operate in your area by seeing which pass by and give them a call as well.

It shouldn’t run you too much to go to LaGuardia from where you are located, but some places may have a set price to the airport.

David asks…

Which websites can i order food online which will deliver to forest hills, queens, ny tonight?

i would like chinese, italian or something like this delivered and i would like to pay with my card via the internet – can anyone help?

Administrator answers:

Oh for f***s sake. Use your initiative. How lazy can you be? If you can’t be bothered to either look at the hundreds of pizza flyers that tumble through your letterbox, or go round to your local convenience store, or (gasp!) cook something yourself!! …. Just go to bed and sleep it off. It’s late. Goodnight.

Susan asks…

What is Tel. Number for: Queens Tower Management Corp.,in Forest Hills?

(*) the Company is located in Forest Hills, Queens, N.York 11375.

Administrator answers:

(718) 762-2320

George asks…

Is there a bus that goes from Forest Hills to Astoria Queens?

Taking the subway seems like a pain, is there a good and direct bus route to get from Forest Hills to Astoria? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

It wil take you 2 buses to get to Astoria from Forest Hills.

Take the Manhattan Bound (60th St/2nd Av) Q60 bus on Queens Blvd to Queensboro Plaza. Transfer for a 27th St/2nd Av (Astoria) bound Q102. The Q102 tgravel under the N/W elevated structure until 30th Av where it goes to the left (west) headed to 27th St/2nd Av in northwestern Astoria.

Considering all the street traffic (including traffic lights) you may find that using the subway may not be that bad (take the E, F, G, R, V to Roosevelt Av, go upstairs for a Manhattan bound #7 train, get off at Queensboro Plaza, go upstairs for an Astoria bound N or W train – I know it seems like a lot but it is probably faster. Also the G, R and V stop at Steinway St which is in Astoria.)

Richard asks…

What is my chance of getting into Forest Hills High School, Queens?

I put Forest Hills High School on my application as 1st.
My overall average last year in 7th grade was a 96.0%
My attendance is 100% with 1 lateness.
3709 apply to this program and only 136 gets accepted.

Do you think I’ll probably definitely get in?

Administrator answers:

I go to hills
Trust me you will get in

I got an 85 average with 2 absences
from 7th grade

I went to Sage for middle school
I dont know if you attend Sage,Halsey etc


Laura asks…

Why do the kosher restaurants on Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills have no windows?

I moved to Forest Hills a few months ago, near the 67th Ave stop. There are tons of kosher restaurants here (unsurprisingly), and many of them have huge, heavy wooden doors and no windows. Others keep the blinds or curtains shut. Why?

Administrator answers:

Maybe Orthodox Jewish custom of separation?

They might appreciate your interest if you ask the clerks.

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