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Your Questions About Forest Hills Queens

December 11, 2012

Susan asks…

Is Forest Hills a good or bad neighborhood in Queens?

I have to go there and need to know.

Administrator answers:

Forest Hills is a good neighborhood. Forest Hills Gardens is an upper middle class neighborhood with $1M+ homes.

Thomas asks…

Know of a good handyman in Forest Hills/Kew Gardens, Queens?

Just looking for someone to install some blinds for me. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Go on they have a lot.

Jenny asks…

anyone here from forest hills high school in queens nyc?

me, im a freshmen! you?

Administrator answers:

No , but that’s the school l want to transfer too! Is it good? And is it worth going to? And which program is good? L was thinking about law and humanities.
It’s cool to finally see a question about this school and someone who actually goes there! =] lm curious because l really want to go there, my current high school sucks =/

Sharon asks…

Forest hills high school in queens?

Is that a good school? Are there lots of fights in that school?

Administrator answers:

My sister is a freshmen at Forest Hills HS though it is a bit overcrowded the staff is very dedicated and caring to every student they make sure that you complete every H.W. Assignment and in class assignments, in every classroom there is a smart board and new textbooks, the school is very ethnically diverse, there isnt a social hierarchy, the school is in a good neighborhood, though there is a long walk up and down 67th ave, the school is also huge, nd offers many programs such as medical and law professions, and they also placed 1st in the city sci. Fair, and 3rd in the state, so overall FHHS is a great school that actually prepares you very well for college

David asks…

astoria or forest hills(both in queens)?

which neighborhood do you consider better to live in and why?

Administrator answers:

I’ve lived in Forest Hills and honestly I’d prefer Astoria. Yes FH has upscale shopping, architecture yada yada yada, but it has no soul, no culture. It’s not as community oriented as Astoria.

Astoria is more diverse and full of mom and pop shops where the shop keepers know you by your first name and after a while know what you’re going to buy before you buy it. There are also many familiar franchises there if you’re into that. The restaurant staff in many places treat you like family because they’re actually family owned and they have no qualms about pushing 6 or 7 tables together when you bring in all your friends from work for dinner (as I often do).

On many blocks in Astoria you can have a greek, italian, czech, chinese, french or latin meal, grab a coffee at Starbucks and go hear some live music all in the same block.

You can find grocery stores that cater to those cultures as well, some of which are as upscale as any you’ll find in Manhattan and Astoria is closer to Manhattan than FH. So if you need to get into the city really quickly, 6 or 7 bucks in a cab will get you there (on a good traffic day) OR you can just walk across the Queensboro Bridge depending on where you are in Astoria.

When I was in FH, Queens Boulevard always gave me the creeps…I suppose because so many of the elderly residents who had to cross that large expanse of street got hit (sometimes killed) by cars that ALWAYS go too fast on it.

Donna asks…

Type of trees in Forest Hills Gardens, New york?

Does anybody know the name of tree that is planted along the tree-lined street in Forest Hills Gardens neighborhood of Queens, New York?
I heard from some source that is maple. Can anybody confirm this info?
If it is oak, then what type?

Administrator answers:

A lot of them are oak trees.. I know because I’ve seen plenty of acorns fall from them.

Ken asks…

What are the boundaries of Forest Hills Gardens?

I know that the area is south of Queens Blvd and around 71st ave but what are the boundaries north, east, and west?

I really want to know where does Forest Hills Gardens end and the regular Forest Hills begin? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

The boundary for Forest Hills Gardens is:

- the LIRR tracks on the north side.

- Union Turnpike on the east side.

- 69th Avenue to the west.

- Various streets to the south such as Dartmouth Street, Herricks Avenue and Kessel Street.

The boundaries to the south are less clear, but you can tell when you are in the Gardens when you see dark green-colored street signs and warning signs not to park on the streets. (The streets are privately-owned and parking is allowed only by permit, and it’s strictly enforced.)

It’s a tiny area compared to the rest of Forest Hills.

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