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Your Questions About Forest Hills Queens

January 4, 2013

Carol asks…

Good strawberry picking near queens or manhattan?

My husband and I are in our late twenties and would like to go strawberry picking but most of the places are so far. Any recommendations? We live in forest hills, queens 11375 (manhattan is 20 mins away)

Administrator answers:

The closest your going to get is outter longisland or New Jersey

Sandy asks…

Moving back to New York, any advice on where in Queens & Brooklyn we should go?

Places we like: Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Elmhurst, Forest Hills, Queens Village, Maspeth, Ridgewood, Astoria.

Administrator answers:

Forest hills is it right now. Cheap rents but quality places, son! Wiggity

Joseph asks…

does anyone know any clinics near forest hills?

does anyone know any nearby clinics at forest hills or queens for checkin up on pregnancy and STDs?

Administrator answers:


Wrong place sweetie

Yahoo has yellow pages for that

Mary asks…

Can someone give my driving directions to Forest Hill Park in Queens?

I need a website… the baseball field in Forest Hill Park

Administrator answers:

Go to map quest

Linda asks…

my truck towed from Queens Blvs New York!!! Where was it towed from Forest Hills and what company?! Help.?

I need my documents for tomorrow 8 a.m. in court!!! Where can i find it!!!???

Administrator answers:

If you mean that your truck was towed for illegal parking etc id call the local police bec they should know where it ended up or who you need to call to find out exactly .

Lizzie asks…

Forest Hills High school?

I wanna know how is forest hills HS in queens,nyc ?? is it hard? how are the teachers and students there? also, in freshman year, do you get a lot of work? please tell me how everything is with tons of detail!! ill give tons of points if you do. and does anyone know what time does your schedule start in freshman year? what’s the ups and downs of this school? i wanna know everything , please! thank you soo much <33

Administrator answers:

Hey there Vanessa. I’m currently going to be a Sophomore next year and let me tell you this school is great. Freshman year isn’t all that bad, just make sure to work hard and you’ll easily be able to retain a 90+ average. Don’t slack off, colleges look at all your 4 years of high school. In my opinion, 8th grade was hell compared to my freshman year (Then again, some people say freshman year is tough for them but that’s because they didn’t get pushed hard in middle school). Anyways for your questions. Yes, you get a lot of work especially if you’re in honors classes but it’s not that bad, although it depends on your teacher. Just don’t doze off. Usually, freshmans start third or fourth period (I started fourth) which is 9:00 A.M for third period and 9:45 for fourth period. The positive side about this school is that there’s only so many things to do in it, and trust me most of the people that go there are nice (Not all, though) so you’ll make a lot of friends. The teachers are really nice, they’re not strict or anything but they do have an excellent teaching method. We’re not a nationally ranked high school for nothing. :) Anyways, the negative side is that it’ll be really tough trying to adjust. You’ll have a hectic schedule, moving from class to class in like 2 minutes, and it’ll be tough making friends at first (It’s normal, everyone including myself has trouble with that). I don’t know what else to tell ya, just be ready for next year if you decide to go there.

Ken asks…

what channel is nbc olympic soccer channel in queens, nyc?

My dad wants to watch that channel. Can anyone please let me know? We are located in forest hills, queens, nyc. thanks

Administrator answers:

Go to, They have all the schedules of all the sports. If you can’t find your affilate, try Click on “WHAT’S ON TV”, then “TV LISTINGS”, then “EDIT LOCATION”. Hope this helps.

Chris asks…

Any one live in queens??

I wanna get my nails done i want tips im paying for my friend
i only have 48 dollars does any1 no a inexpensive nail salon in forest hills queens where i can get tips??

Administrator answers:

I live with queens – does that count ?

Sandra asks…

Cheap furniture/mattress in Queens?

Where can I get cheap furniture, mattress in Queens, Forest Hills?

Administrator answers:

Walmart or check on craigslist

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