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Your Questions About Forest Hills Queens Apartments

June 14, 2012

Chris asks…

Is forest hills, ny a safe place.?

I found an apartment in forest hills and was just wondering about the area of forest hills, in queens
the actual address is 67 Rd & Austin St, Forest Hills, NY

Administrator answers:

I think so. And I’m a good judge of safety because I’ve lived in a variety of places. I just got an apartment in that neighborhood too. I visited Forest Hills quite a few times when I was apartment hunting. It’s clean, beautiful, diverse, and aesthetically appealing. Austin Street has plenty of restaurants, shopping,stores, etc. Everyone has told me great things about that area and for me it will definitely be a step up.

Thomas asks…

How much do realtors/brokers charge to show apartments in Queens, NY?

I want to use a broker to find me an an apartment in kew gardens/forest hills. I’m looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom no more than $1600 a month. Does anyone know how much a broker will charge me?

Administrator answers:

It won’t cost you anything. The broker is paid by the renting party. They pay him to find renters. Your side is free.pp

Mark asks…

How is the parking situation in Queens NY?

I am thinking of renting in Queens (specifically Kew gardens, Forest Hills, or Woodside) and I work in Freeport on Long Island so I need to drive(the LIRR is too expensive)

Will actually be able to park in those areas or will I spend my nights driving blocks away from my apartment to find a space?

Administrator answers:

Parking anywhere in Queens can be tricky…especially with alternate side of the street parking rules. You will most likely have to pay for parking in a garage.

Why not just move some place in Nassau?

William asks…

What is street parking like in the following Queens neighborhoods?

Rego Park?

Kew Gardens?

Forest Hills?




Is it extremely difficult or manageable in general? Talking about areas that have plenty of apartments.

Administrator answers:

The areas that you list in general do have a limited amount of free on street parking, but are usually subject to alternate side parking rules where on certain days one side of the street or the other will have a short term parking ban.

The particular areas that I know in these neighborhoods that have a lot of apartments do have tight parking as nearly everyone drives.

Daniel asks…

How safe is Kew Gardens, Queens, NY?

I’m a single female looking to move to an apartment complex in Kew Gardens, Queens, EAST of Queens Blvd., SOUTH of the LIE that’s about a 1/2 mile from the subway. It seems safe during the day, but is it safe walking alone at night? Is the area closer to the LIRR (on the west side of the blvd.) any safer? How about Rego Park or Forest Hills in comparison?

Administrator answers:

Kew Gardens and Forest Hills are very nice, but it’s never 100% safe in any area in NY, especially at night.

Jenny asks…

LOOKING FOR: Apartment near St. John’s University – Law School – Kew Gardens? Flushing? Forest Hills?

My wife and I might be headed to Queens and we are curious as to what neighborhoods are in commuting distance to St. John’s University. We are selling our cars and would be relying on public transportation. Close to subway a MUST as I will most likely be working in Manhattan. Any information would be great!
PART II: Any local brokerage companies? I am sick of craigslist and the voice and would be willing to pay a brokerage fee for the right place. THANKS!

Administrator answers:

Cool I live within 5 minutes of St.Johns…If you have money to spend, I suggest looking around Holliswood/Jamaica Estates . Super close to St.Johns,beautiful neighborhoods with lots of public transportation all over the place and very close to the F train which goes all over Manhattan. Other than that, the places you named, Flushing, Forest Hills etc. Are nice places to look as well but more congested.

Sandra asks…

Apartment Hunting In Queens, NY?

I currently attend St. John’s University and I would like to live off campus next semester. However, I would like to live in nearby neighborhoods like Fresh Meadows, Flushing, Forest Hills, Bayside and even Jamaica Estates. Nonetheless, I have tried searching on craigslist and other local news papers and they usually require to be under a lease, on a building or a basement . I prefer not to be under a lease, an apartment building nor a basement.

Are there any other ways to search for a good apartment that are not under a lease and that doesn’t require to live on an apartment building or a basement? Town houses, studios, lofts and apartments on private houses are preferred.

Thank you in advance!

Administrator answers:

Well I found 11,697 listings in Queens using

You could whittle that down alot by getting more specific about what exactly you are needing, then find out which ones do not require a lease.

James asks…

How much rent can i afford?

I’m looking to move out. I live in New York, and i’m looking to rent somewhere around Forest Hills Queens. I make 43k annually, and i work in manhattan. I only have 1 debt which is my student loans ($125 a month) and my metrocard is taken out pretax. Some other revolving expenses i have is cellphone (about $100) and gym membership (about $60) a month. I estimate that i take in about $2300 in cash a month.

So can i afford a apartment if it was say $1050 a month?

Administrator answers:

Yep, you make more dough than i do a month. Just keep yo bills low and ride the bus a lot.

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