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Your Questions About Forest Hills Queens Ny

June 15, 2012

Laura asks…

Can anyone recommend a Realtor in Forest Hills, NY (Queens)??

I am insterested in buying property in Forest Hills. I’ve found many realtors online but I would like someone with good recommendations. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Victoria Shama
(718) 217-0123
(718) 217-4084
Good Luck

Steven asks…

Factory Outler Coach near Forest Hills, Queens , NY?

I am looking for Coach and other major brands outlet stores in queens area. I heard there is one in white plains….does any one have the address on the nearest ones?

Thank you

Administrator answers:

There is one at Woodbury Common

More at

David asks…

I have an interview in Forest Hills (Queens) NY….?

Im trying to figure out the best way to get there from Reading, Pa. Would I be better off driving the over 2.5 hours (or more) or maybe drive to Trenton, do the NJ Transit to Penn Station and from there to Forest Hills?
It’s definitely worth it to me, considering the status of my current job. I have a friend who has a crashpad near there, so WHEN I get the job, it will be more convenient for me just to stay there on the days I work and then commute home, depending on how close this place is to work and to any grocery store, I could just leave my car in Trenton as well. Thanks for the advice. I was leaning that way….

Administrator answers:

Driving all the way would probably leave you somewhat less than “fresh” for the interview.

Driving to Trenton and taking NJ Transit to NY Penn Station and then the subway (uptown E train – letter in blue circle) to 71st Avenue-Forest Hills would be a more appealing as it would give you a chance to unwind from the drive to Trenton and allow you to better mentally prepare.

Just as a matter of info – the NJ Transit fare is $15.50 one-way (round trip would be 2 one-way fares). The NYC Subway fare is $2.50 for a single ride ticket (from a MetroCard Vending Machine) or $2.25 if you buy a MetroCard for $4.50 (that will cover the round trip cost) from the machine (cash/credit/debit) or an attended booth (cash only).

Trip time on NJT is about 1 hour 30 minutes. The subway about 35 minutes (waiting time is not included).

It must be some job for you to want to come all that way for the interview. I wish you all the luck in your endeavor.

As an alternative (although more expensive but less driving [35 miles]) is going to Downingtown, PA and getting Amtrak’s Keystone service to NY Penn Station and then getting the subway as mentioned above).
There are weekday Amtrak trains from Downingtown at 6:30 AM, 7:37 AM, 10:01 AM, 12:02 PM, 1:01 PM and later trains. The Amtrak trip would take about 2 hours, 25 minutes and cost $50.00 and UP for a reserved coach seat (cost will vary depending on time of day and train).

Http:// (on this page enter “DOW” (for Downingtown) in the ‘FROM” box and “NYP” (for NY Penn station) in the “TO” box. Change the date as needed but leave the time as ‘Anytime” or put an early time so you can see all the trains available for the day (and the cost. Do the opposite for the return home.

Ken asks…

My Son’s 1 year Birthday party. Any ideas in Forest Hills NY?

I live in forest hills ny. My son is turning 1 in August and I would love to throw him a party. My sister had her daughters in Gymboree this year and I didnt want to do the same thing since they are so close in Age. I love the idea of a Gymboree type place, but I cant seem to find anything. My son LOVES music also, he goes nuts for it. does anyone know any places?????? in our around or close to Forest Hills Queens NY

Administrator answers:

Hi! It sounds like you are ready for a great celebration. I no NOTHING of party ops in New York, but I’ll tell you what we did for our little guy’s first.

We had a potluck at home. Not exciting in a competitive party-making way, but memorable for many reasons. We set up a pirate theme, putting kid in pirate get-up (including stick-on moustaches), had cupcakes with pirate treasure on on them – one big cupcake with pirate ship, and invited all the people who were supportive thru the pregnancy and his first year.

In addition to celebrating a full first year of life, we were able to open some good wine and thank the people who made our lives better and saner thru the love and humor they offered (and especially the ones that came by to do dishes).

We have fantastic and funny photos of kid with so many friends and family members. Others’ kids ran about, played, sang and enjoyed the treats.

I’m looking forward to when he’s older and has real opinions about what he wants events-wise. This first one, though, was as much about love as it was about a full year of survival.

Good luck to you!

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